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Happy Birthday, Deliveroo Bristol!

tuck tuk bristol korean sushi

It’s no secret that us Bristolians are big foodies. With such excellent choice available in the city, who could blame us? Not helping my waistline or my bank balance very much is the fantastic Deliveroo Bristol, whose praises I have been singing from the rooftops recently. Their Roos can regularly be spotted zipping through the centre of town, their huge backpacks filled to the brim with tasty treats on their way to hungry bellies.

Deliveroo had reason to celebrate recently – it was their first Bristol birthday a couple of weeks back, and to help with the celebrations, myself and the boy settled in, popped a bit of Twin Peaks on the telly and ordered an obscene amount of food from the brilliant Tuck Tuk. [Read more]


Tokyo Style / Cul-de-Sac Chic

lily doughball bristol fashion blog tokyo style

It’s nearly been two whole months since I came back from Tokyo… sigh. I’ve been far too distracted by the toils of modern life to even think about looking back at the thousands of photos I took over there, let alone assimilating them into some kind of photo diary I can publish on here for your perusal.

One slice of Japan I have been reliving on a daily basis, however, are these exceptionally comfy baggy pants I picked up whilst I was out there, which have been getting a wearing nearly on the daily. I took them for a spin on a grey Sunday down Tom’s parents cul-de-sac. Fashion! [Read more]


Bristol’s Best Bits: The Plumed Serpent Cantina

mathilda's chilli bar bristol

Mexican food, oh how I love thee. It is, without a shadow of a doubt, my favourite food in the whole wide world. It is an often overlooked cuisine in favour of its fancier counterparts, but there really is nothing better than getting stuck in to a stack of quesadillas or a bowl of fresh guacamole, in my humble opinion.

My quest for the best Mexican food in Bristol has brought me to a name which I had heard a great deal about on social media, but had yet to try for myself, despite numerous pop-ups here, there, and everywhere in the city over the past year or so. The Plumed Serpent Cantina took over Mathilda’s chilli bar a little over a month ago, and myself and the boy popped down on their opening night to eagerly see what they were all about. [Read more]