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The Search for the Perfect Artwork

Affordable Art Fair Bristol 2015
Affordable Art Fair Bristol 2015

If you’re a keen reader and have been following my Bristol’s Best Bits series, you’ll know all about the Affordable Art Fair – an annual event which returned to Brunel’s Old Station the weekend before last, offering the chance for the people of Bristol to snap up original pieces of artwork for a very reasonable price.

As I’d never been before, I was offered the chance to experience the fair as a first-timer, and pick out a few pieces to take home for myself. Thomas volunteered to come along with me to choose something to fill a sizeable wall space I had earmarked in the kitchen. Turns out we have very differing¬†tastes in art!

Lucie Sheridan Affordable Art Fair Bristol 2015
Lucie Sheridan Affordable Art Fair Bristol 2015
Affordable Art Fair Bristol 2015

I was a bit ashamed that I’d never been along before, to be honest. The event takes place every year and has been going from strength to strength since starting in London in 1999. As well as galleries exhibiting artworks there is an Education Space offering workshops to adults and kids alike, as well as a working Artist in Residence. It’s absolutely vast, and there is so much inspiring work on display it’s really hard to limit yourself to a budget!

Turns out, Tom is a fan of abstract art, which I’m not mad keen on. It’s not that I dislike it, but I think it’s something about being a photographer which hard-wires your brain into finding realism in everything you look at, including your taste in art. One thing we can agree on, however, is illustration, and so I picked up a couple of prints from Lucie Sheridan (the artist behind #RubbishPortraits) and a couple from the Bristol-based artists behind Peskimo.

Peskimo and Lucie Sheridan prints from Affordable Art Fair Bristol 2015

How adorable are they?! I think the two tea prints are going to go in the kitchen, and the sun and moons I might put in the living room. Ahh, my home is filling up with lovely things!

While the fair won’t be visiting Bristol for another year, you lucky London folk can catch the Affordable Art Fair Battersea on 22nd-25th October.

I made a little video about my day out, take a peek here, and if you feel like it why not subscribe to my YouTube channel? There’ll be plenty more videos where this one came from, that’s for sure!

I was given a budget towards the cost of the artwork but all content, words and opinions are my own. A massive thanks to the Affordable Art Fair for inviting me along to document my day.

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