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On Loving Something So Much You Could Burst

In today’s big news: Twin Peaks returns to our screens this evening, after a much-anticipated wait of 26 years (ok, to clarify – the US screening is this evening, with a simulcast at 2am UK time). In case you’re a casual reader of this blog, or I haven’t cornered you in the street to shout about how excited I am at this news I’ll let you into a little secret; I adore Twin Peaks with every fibre of my being.

Me and Tom were a little late to the party, having only begun watching it a few years ago when it became available on Netflix. We devoured it in a little under two weeks, watching episode after episode religiously after we came home from work til the wee small hours in the morning.

Over this weekend the hype surrounding the new series has reached a fever pitch, so much so that I have been working myself into a frenzy watching teasers, trailers and every other snippet of video I can get my grubby little mitts on.

All this outpouring of gut-wrenching, visceral, heartburning excitement this weekend has thrown something into sharp focus for me. Tom has been critical of my ‘overhyping’ of the new series, which he is convinced will lead to disappointment. I can’t tell you how sad it is to have your hopes and dreams crushed in one fell swoop. I’ve been guilty of taking the piss out of things which people have been heavily invested in in the past, but never really knew how it felt first hand.

Basically, what I’m trying to get at here is – don’t shit all over something that someone adores.

It could be anything – collecting garden gnomes, season 2 of the Wire, keeping those little pots of jam from breakfast buffets, even Enya – if that brings someone joy then check yourself before you start tearing it to pieces. You’re entitled to an opinion, of course, but tailor your language so those cuts don’t run too deeply.

Anyway, I’m off to get completely more hyped and probably get absolutely no sleep before debating whether to stay up til 2am to watch Twin Peaks at the same time as those folks across the pond. Hmm… we shall see.

I’m going into hibernation until I’ve watched the first four episodes, so might be a tad quiet on the social media front – see you on the other side.

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Summer Goth

Oh look! An outfit post. It’s been a while since I done one o’ them.

I don’t take naturally to the summer months. It baffles me when people celebrate the return of hot weather – I am in my element on a cold, bright day. I panic when the weather gets warmer because I am incredibly uncomfortable in any form of summer fashion; it’s taken me years to try and find something I’m happy wearing in the summer (and it’s usually jeans and a shirt). Once a goth, always a goth, eh?

This is how I deal with this kind of weather #onceagothalwaysagoth #isitwinteryet

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Having said that, I got this new brightly-coloured dress in the post the other day all the way from MEXICO. I am completely in love with it; seeing as this embroidered flower thing is *all the rage* these days, I wanted to pay homage to where this trend might have originated from, and so located myself a proper puebla dress from a lovely lady in Durango.

lily doughball puebla embroidered dress
flower embroidered mexican dress

My good pal Lyzi took these snaps when we were pottering around in Bath for the day on Friday. I’ve given up on looking cute in outfit photos and so have embraced the ‘I dunno’ kind of half arsed look which I seem to do so well (just like Lyzi and her little look over the shoulder), and also the standard cursory glance at my shoes. Y’know, to check they are still there. I feel these are my signature poses.

I’ve taken to wearing a lot of black recently; there is something to be said for the graceful melancholic elegance of an all-black outfit, and it’s been informing my recent fashion purchases more and more, as if my 15 year old goth psyche is slowly working its way back to the forefront of my brain. I noticed in Japan that people wore a lot of black and tended to look very made up from just a few simple pieces – wide leg trousers, a box cut top, a long coat of some sort, and depending on your age, either trainers or kitten heels.

This dress comes in a veritable rainbow of colours, of which orange was up there on my list, but I thought black just brought out my glowing pale skin that bit more, plus it makes those flowers POP.

lily doughball bristol fashion blogger
mexican puebla dress and leather handbag

Dress: Etsy // Jacket: Urban Outfitters (similar here) // Shoes: H&M (or there are some dreamy ones from Boden here) // Handbag: HANDMADE!!
I am still obsessed with my handbag which I MADE – did I mention I made it? I made this bag. Me. Made it. With my hands. It has been my go-to every day handbag since the workshop with Leather Needle Thread back in February, and I have since made another to add to the growing collection.

Plus my little barnet is slowly but surely growing out from its shaven glory a few months previous. This is 6 months of growth from a grade 2, and to be perfectly honest there have been times this past week where I’ve considered shaving it all off again. I’m pretty confused about what to do with it next, so if you’ve got any suggestions, I’m all ears.

This dress is most certaintly earning its keep, as it has been out no less than three times this past weekend, and am sure will be a staple for me to survive another dreaded English summer… *shudder*.

This post contains affiliate links. Photos by the lovely Lyzi.