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The Best Kilo Sale in Bristol

I’m very sad writing this post, because to be perfectly honest I am still in denial about the whole thing. Tomorrow marks the very last kilo sale at Bristol Textile Recyclers. The kilo sale which, in my humble opinion, happens to be the best in Bristol.

Based in their warehouse in St Philips, they open their doors once a month to sell surplus clothing for just £6 a kilo. I know what you’re thinking, this must be all the knock off stuff no one wants, right? WRONG. Since being in attendance from the very beginning, I have discovered some absolute gems, most of which are wardrobe staples.

The last rummage I had turned out a pristine sheepskin coat, a beautifully fugly pencil skirt, a pure wool jumper and a pair of hardly-worn desert boots. You can quite literally buy a whole new wardrobe for less than £30. I would estimate that probably 60% of my clothing is vintage or second hand, and I like to think I’m doing my bit for the planet by buying from places like this instead of the high street.

I’m not entirely sure if I’ll be able to make it down tomorrow, so you MUST go in my stead, friends! I am pure gutted that Bristol Textile Recyclers won’t be running these any more for the forseeable future; now I’m not entirely sure where to recommend people for vintage in Bristol.

The event is being run from 9am til 5pm at their warehouse on Victoria Terrace, St Philips, Bristol, BS2 0TD. It is a working warehouse, so don’t expect owt fancy, but there is a kitchen area where you can help yourself to tea and coffee and have a chat with other vintage-lovers.

So grab a bag, dive headfirst and have a good ol’ rummage in those bins! If you get a gem please show it off – tweet me @lilydoughball.

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