Birthday Wishlist!

Birthdays, HOORAAAAAY!

At the beginning of next month I will hit the big old 2-5, and to mark the occasion of turning a quarter of a century I have very handily compiled a collection of items which I’ve had my eye on for a while, and although I probably don’t deserve any presents, I would be very grateful to receive these as gifts (*nudge nudge wink wink* family!).

Lily Doughball UK Lifestyle Blog Birthday Wishlist
The Night’s All Right Patch – Explorer’s Press
Monstera Notebook – Eastern Biological
Nadia Trousers – Monki
Casio Watch Rose Gold – Watchshop
Pearl Jelly Shoes – Sunjellies
Polka Dot Pleat Skirt Dress – The Whitepepper
Single Ladies Print – Draw Me a Song on Etsy

Clothes! I recently completely gutted my wardrobe, and have narrowed it down to a chest of drawers and a small rail. I love how freeing it feels to know exactly what you have to wear, but it still doesn’t make it easier to get dressed in the morning! Narrowing things down has brought up a couple of gaps which need to be filled – namely, summery trousers like these beauts from Monki, and floaty but smart dresses, like this polka dot number from The Whitepepper. In my quest to dress as weirdly as possible (one of my resolutions), I’ve been obsessing over these two, plus Lazy Oaf and Pull & Bear. If you know of any others which are similar, let me know!

A good summer staple wardrobe also needs some shiny new accessories, like this Casio watch in rose gold, the cheapest of which I’ve found at Watchshop for a mere £29 (compared to AA, where they were flogging them for £47!). My trusty ASOS jellies also died a death at Glastonbury last year, and so I’ve had my eye on these beautiful Sunjellies for a while now, the summeriest of which are this gorgeous shimmery pearly colour (they’ve got some awesome bags, too – check them out!). I also broke out my denim jacket a couple of weeks ago, and would love to adorn it with this awesome patch from Toronto-based Explorer’s Press, whose shop is packed full of fantastic treasures.

I’ve probably got enough notebooks in the house, but I could make room for this leaf print beauty. Eastern Biological are one of those shops which you cannot stop looking at once you’ve discovered them – I just want to fill my whole house with their animals and trinkets.
Lastly, No birthday would be complete without some Beyonce, and I’ve got just the spot for this awesome poster by Draw Me a Song on Etsy! I can picture it filling the space above the fireplace in our bedroom, showcasing our loyalty to Queen Bey.

Birthdays are the best <3

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  1. The Single Ladies poster is possibly the best thing in the world ever – I seriously hope you find this in your pile of birthday prezzies 🙂 x

    • Isn’t it just?! Me tooo! <3 I shall report back with visual evidence if it does happen x

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