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Last Saturday marked an adventure down to King Street; a visit to blog club, brainchild of Hayley, blogger at Ceriselle and founder of Bonjour Blogger, and very kindly hosted by VAN.


VAN (Viral Ad Network) is situated directly next door to the Old Vic, but despite having passed it probably hundreds of times I couldn’t predict where it might be, and it seemed to spring out of nowhere on my approach, much like the Leaky Cauldron, or some other magical apparating pub.
Anywho, once safely inside I was introduced to fellow bloggers and host ladies from VAN, including some familiar faces – SJ of Ship Shape, Jo and Victoria from She & Hem and Josephine of Style by Josephine – plus new faces Sophie, Sammy and Chrissy from VAN, and Laura of A Daisy Chain Dream.



Ahh blogging bliss! Of course there was cake – these treats being made by Hayley and Josephine – and much drinking of tea, and a in depth chat of the various ins-and-outs of blogging, and what we would like to see at Blog Club in the future. The emphasis was very much on the network of fabulous bloggers we have in Bristol, and creating a real community where we could all pitch in and help each other out, sharing skills and expertise.
All in all it was a very valuable few hours, and I left Blog Club feeling pretty motivated about the growth of my own corner of the Internet, and very much looking forward to the next one!


All that remains is to thank Hayley for organising it all, VAN for hosting, and Josephine for those amazing macarons!
I feel pretty lucky to have met such awesome people through blogging, and am excited about what the future of Blog Club and the rest of 2014 will bring.

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13 comments on “Blog Club

  1. Just a little note to say it was great to meet you 🙂

  2. What a great idea!

  3. littleappletreeblog

    What a fabulous idea! Was it invite-only? I didn’t see anything about it anywhere. Glad you had a great (and useful) time, though!

  4. This sounds great. I want to join in! Plus, the cakes and macarons look amazing!

  5. Awesome! Was great meeting you! Thanks for the write-up 🙂

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  7. Yeah awesome day, can’t wait for the next 🙂

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