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Bristol’s Best Bits: Cannoli & Gun – Pulp Fiction at Chomp Grill

Longest blog title *ever*.

Cannoli and Gun Bristol - Pulp Fiction at Chomp grill

Food, film, fun… YAY! Since the inaugural screening of Inglourious Basterds at The Stock Exchange Bakery I was lucky to be a part of back in May, I’ve been hungry for another slice of Cannoli and Gun action. I was particularly hungry for this instalment – a screening of another Tarantino classic at the hot new establishment Chomp Grill, who can now boast the best burger in Bristol. Gimme!

chomp grill st nicks market bristol
Chomp Grill St NIcholas St Bristol

I’d heard nothing but good things about Chomp. Tucked away at the Mothers Ruin end of hip-and-happening St Nicholas St, it joins a prestigious line up of awesome Bristol eating and drinking establishments along this road – Bagel Boy, Playhouse Coffee Co, Stock Exchange Bakery and Brew Bristol to name but a few. With our tummies rumbling, we made our way inside.

Beef Beer Bourbon - Chomp grill Bristol
Steak menu at Chomp grill Bristol
Big Kahuna Burger special at Chomp Grill Bristol

Chomp’s motto – Beef, Beer, Bourbon – is emblazoned everywhere, and is centrepoint to everything that they do. I like a place that keeps things simple; in case you hadn’t guessed, Chomp sell beef of the excellent quality steak and cheeseburger kind, beer of the local craft ale kind, and bourbon of the top notch delicious kind. Wiper and True brew their house ale, and when I was given a shot of bourbon with my $5 shake (this was a Pulp Fiction themed evening, after all) the waiter took great pains to tell me that this wasn’t a ‘house’ spirit – they select only the finest quality whiskeys.

$5 shakes at Chomp Grill Cannoli and Gun Bristol

$5 shake in hand, we settled down in our seats for the film. I admit it had probably been about 7 years since I’d seen Pulp Fiction, and it turns out I’d forgotten most of it, except the famous parts… obvs. There were already quotes abound, and the film had yet to begin properly. It was brilliant revisiting a film and experiencing it along with a room full of others, especially when our much-anticipated burger and fries began to arrive during the famous ‘Big Kahuna burger’ scene!

I really did try and get a picture of the food, but it was super duper dark in there, and any photos I would have taken wouldn’t have done this thing of beauty justice. I opted for a straight up burger, but Tom went for the special Big Kahuna – decked out with bacon, pineapple and hot sauce. Any words that I write about our experience would simply not do it justice, so I suggest you go down there IMMEDIATELY and try for yourself.

Yes, they really do deserve their best burger in Bristol title.

Cannoli & Gun is a regular fixture on the Bristol foodie scene, and if you like your films with a slice of themed nosh on the side, then I really can’t recommend attending enough. The next event is on the 23rd of this month at City Deli – When Harry Met Sally with NY deli sandwiches, not forgetting a slice of pecan pie!

Find out more about Cannoli & Gun here.

Until next time, my friends.


  1. I did not know cannoli and gun was a thing, but I have to say I am very excited about it 🙂 WHMS could be a possible but I might have to make Aladdin and Mezze my birthday treat! I love the bits I learn about Bristol on your blog. x

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