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That Time I Was in a Music Video

I was thinking the other day about how I rarely talk about one of my favourite pastimes on this here blog, which is unusual considering that this supposed to be an online diary of sorts; an extension of my life. I think it’s hard sometimes to get caught up in the auld ‘what I want to post’ vs ‘what I should be posting’, ie. getting paranoid that I’m not posting enough flatlays of rose gold sunglasses next to immaculate lattes on a marble background. Should I be posting things like that? Should I ease up on the pizza photos on Instagram and instead curate my grid so all the colours match?

I don’t mean for that to sound catty. I am in awe of what other people do but sometimes its hard to not compare yourself to others and try to emulate exactly what they are doing. What I’m trying to get at is that I’m not really what you would describe as a ‘typical’ blogger. That is, my interests extend into the realm of the slightly off kilter, and I’m not very good at keeping to a regular posting schedule.

I digress.

What I am reeeeally trying to get at is that I never talk about morris dancing on le blog, and it’s been taking over my life slowly but surely over the last 6 months. In case you missed it, I’ve been hopping with Boss Morris since last November, and it’s been more fun that I possibly could have imagined, and more than you can shake a hazel stick at. Boss aren’t your typical morris side; we’re an all-female ensemble (other than our ace accordion player Mark) made up of artists and makers from Stroud, and there’s a fair amount more neon colours and face paint than average morris-ers.

(You might be thinking ‘but you don’t live in Stroud, Lily’, and you would be correct. I drive there every week for practice. DON’T LET ANYTHING COME BETWEEN YOU AND YOUR DREAMS.)

Keepin it real with the @boss.morris gyaldem in auld Chelters this evening ūüíÉ #freeupmyinsta

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A few months ago Boss had the excellent opportunity of hopping in the new Sweet Baboo vid for his song ‘Pink Rainbow’, which was being directed by the ace Bristol-based Hankin Films. It was a bit of a surreal afternoon of arsing about in front of a green screen in a tiny room, eating houmous and generally having a laugh. Plus it meant I got to meet Sweet Babs himself, who I have been a bit of a fan of for a good few years.

Anyway, the video was released about a week ago and you can have a peek below.

bristol university botanic gardens
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Bristol’s Best Bits: Bristol University Botanic Gardens

As I write this, I am watching the grey sky and rain trickle down the windows, and am wondering where all that summer weather went to.  A couple of months ago now, just as the spring weather was starting to blossom, myself and Lyzi of Being Little fame took a trip up Clifton way to pay the Bristol University Botanic Gardens a visit.

This place is truly heaven for horticulturalists, or anyone who likes standing in a room full of succulents to take photos for Instagram. It’s versatile that way. Read More

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On Loving Something So Much You Could Burst

In today’s big news: Twin Peaks returns to our screens this evening, after a much-anticipated wait of 26 years (ok, to clarify – the US screening is this evening, with a simulcast at 2am UK time). In case you’re a casual reader of this blog, or I haven’t cornered you in the street to shout about how excited I am at this news I’ll let you into a little secret; I adore Twin Peaks with every fibre of my being.

Me and Tom were a little late to the party, having only begun watching it a few years ago when it became available on Netflix. We devoured it in a little under two weeks, watching episode after episode religiously after we came home from work til the wee small hours in the morning.

Over this weekend the hype surrounding the new series has reached a fever pitch, so much so that I have been working myself into a frenzy watching teasers, trailers and every other snippet of video I can get my grubby little mitts on.

All this outpouring of gut-wrenching, visceral, heartburning excitement this weekend has thrown something into sharp focus for me. Tom has been critical of my ‘overhyping’ of the new series, which he is convinced will lead to disappointment. I can’t tell you how sad it is to have your hopes and dreams crushed in one fell swoop. I’ve been guilty of taking the piss out of things which people have been heavily invested in in the past, but never really knew how it felt first hand.

Basically, what I’m trying to get at here is – don’t shit all over something that someone adores.

It could be anything – collecting garden gnomes, season 2 of the Wire, keeping those little pots of jam from breakfast buffets, even Enya – if that brings someone joy then check yourself before you start tearing it to pieces. You’re entitled to an opinion, of course, but tailor your language so those cuts don’t run too deeply.

Anyway, I’m off to get completely more hyped and probably get absolutely no sleep before debating whether to stay up til 2am to watch Twin Peaks at the same time as those folks across the pond. Hmm… we shall see.

I’m going into hibernation until I’ve watched the first four episodes, so might be a tad quiet on the social media front – see you on the other side.