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Dreamy Negronis at Buttermilk & Maple

A few months ago, Mr Jeremy Corbyn was in our city, visiting our mayor, Marvin Rees. I’m a big fan of auld Jezza, but their choice of breakfast hangout intrigued me more than their actual encounter. Where is this Buttermilk & Maple place?, I thought to myself, and why have I not been yet?

Well, dear reader, that was remedied the week before last when I was invited along to see what all the fuss was about.

Buttermilk & Maple is brought to you by the same folks behind Absurd Bird, the London-based Splendid Restaurant Group. First off, I love the name. My greedy bot gets all gooey at the mention of the words ‘buttermilk’ and ‘maple’, conjuring up images of sky-high stacks of pancakes adorned with bacon and maple syrup. B&M (eep, maybe we shouldn’t abbreviate their name for fear of confusion with everyone’s favourite discount chain store) offer not just a classic brunch menu to tickle any millenial’s fancy, but also one of the nicest negronis I have had to date.

Dreamy negronis at @buttermilkmaple last night 🙌🥃 . This is the only way you can get me to drink gin!

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I’ve had a tricky history with gin. I don’t like it, as a rule of thumb, because it tastes awful. Like dubstep, everyone is pretending that gin is good. What I discovered recently is that cheap gin tastes much the same as any other cheap spirits (crap), and I’m not a massive fan of the taste of tonic, either. I plumped for testing out a negroni, after hearing all the furore by Bristol food bloggers on Twitter, and of course my love for another short favourite, a good ol’ Old Fashioned.

This one was particularly delicious because of the barman’s heavy handed use of bitters, which I love the taste of. I think it must be a sign of getting old – switching out the sweetness of a spiced rum and lemonade for the punishing bitterness of a negroni, or when I’m pretending to be an Italian by supping an Aperol Spritz.

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Sitting underneath the Mercure on Welsh Back, slap bang in the centre of the city, Buttermilk & Maple is ideally placed for anyone staying at the hotel, or is looking for a quieter respite from all of the other rowdier bars along this stretch. They offer a fabulous-sounding brunch menu too, with those classics such as avo toast and bacon pancakes, which are already getting rave reviews.

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I can’t say anything major about the food, having only sampled small bites on this occasion, but what I had was nice enough, and would satisfy those looking for a pretty standard brunch menu, or a decent burger in a nice bar setting. I know a few people who live in the centre and praise this as their new go-to pancake destination for when they’re feeling a little worse for wear.

Myself? I mean, I’d rather seek out brunch favourites Ceres or Bakers & Co., but you certainly can’t beat Buttermilk & Maple’s dreamy negronis.

I was invited along to the launch for the purpose of this post but all words and opinions are my own.

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