DIY: Easy Handmade Christmas Gift Ideas

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

Seriously, everywhere I look there are Starbucks red cups, chunky knits, festive lights switch-ons, and a bitter foggy mist in the air. Christmas is only just over a month away (AAAAAAHHHH!) and if, like me, you haven’t started your Christmas shopping yet, then its time to raid those craft drawers, dig out those Sharpies, and get Christmas craftin’.

I’ve been compiling a list of easy-peasy festive DIYs that I know anyone would be happy to unwrap on Christmas morning. Not only do these save you pennies, it’s nice to give something handmade, plus you’re bound to have loads of fun making them.

1. Zip Pouch Tutorial
First up is this rather adorable looking ‘zipper pouch’ – super easy to make, with only a few supplies needed. Either fill with Christmas treats like chocolate coins, or make a mini travel kit with a face spray, lip balm, pocket mirror and hand gel. Find the instructions here.

2. Jumper Mittens
sweater mittens
Utilise those old raggedy pullovers and turn them into jazzy mittens! Only takes a few minutes – you can knock up a pair for your whole family (even your cat?). Instructions can be found here.

3. Pom Pom Tassel Bookmarks
diy pom pom bookmarks
How cute are these?! If you can make a mean pom pom you can whip a couple of these up in no time. Get the tutorial here (ps – it’s in Finnish, but the pictures are more than enough to show you what to do).

4. Homemade Soap
diy soap
I want to know how much the fancy soap shops make at Christmastime. Save yourself a packet by making your own – invest in a good quality base and add whatever you like. Here’s a nice recipe for grapefruit and poppy seed.

5. Notebook Tote Bag
So cute and clever! All it takes to turn a boring old tote bag into a portable notebook book bag are a couple of rolls of thread and a sewing machine. Get the instructions here.

6. Pocket hand warmers
It’s getting a bit nippy outside, so warm your mitts with these easy-peasy DIY hand warmers, using only material scraps and rice. Pop them in your jumper mittens for maximum toastiness! Instructions here.

7. Sharpie + Mug = ultimate DIY
Sharpie mug
Of course, if you’re looking for the ultimate in easy DIYs, then all you need is a plain mug and a sharpie. These bad boys have been all over Pinterest for a while now; make it festive by adding a personal message and tying up in some nice cellophane with some hot chocolate and a bag of mini marshmallows. Get the instructions here, with some useful tips here.

So there you go! Super easy tutorials for a DIY Christmas. Have you got any favourite winter projects? Let me know!

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  1. Those are some great ideas you’ve found – I wouldn’t mind making those jumper mittens and those hand warmers for myself actually!

    • I’m def making the hand warmers this evening! I can’t decide which jumper to sacrifice to make the mittens though … x

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