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Oscars Party with Showcase

I have always adored awards season. I studied film at school and later for a year at university, and have always been obsessed with cinema.

As we’re all aware, last night marked the glitziest evening in the awards calendar – the 89th Annual Academy Awards. For the most part of today, I was attempting (and ultimately, failing) to avoid the results of last night’s glittering awards bash, which occurred at the crack of dawn UK-time this morning, and whose results have been strewn across Twitter all day in the form of memes, articles and “OMG! You will never guess what happened!”

What I find most interesting about the Oscars is the heritage of the occasion; the evening is heavy with the history of Hollywood, celebrating the previous illustrious careers of talented women and men which have been entertaining us all for almost a century. I can just imagine sitting in that room and picturing all of the people who have walked up to the podium to collect their awards.


To celebrate my love of the awards, and cinema in general, the lovely folks at Showcase cinemas gifted me a box of treats to stage my own one-man Oscars party whilst watching the highlights this evening.


To get me into the party spirit, Showcase sent me a box of treats, filled to the brim with everything I need for my own Oscars party. The box even cheered as I opened the lid, which scared the life out of me and Tom. There was also a mask of Meryl Streep which he is terrified of, which of course I have been donning at every opportunity to frighten him. I am an awful girlfriend.

I’m also going to be listening to that soundtrack of La La Land on repeat at every waking moment. I went to see it the first day it opened and completely adored it; I know there has been a bit of a backlash against it recently, but I am a sucker for musicals and I loved how it paid homage those great films of the Golden Age of Hollywood.


The best part about my little party package was my very own Oscar! I like to think that I won it for something cool like costume design, or cinematography, or even make-up or special effects. Those ‘little’ awards right at the end as people trail off to the after-party are always my favourite.

This evening, I’ll be tucking into sweets and treats, drinking champagne and clutching my ‘Oscar’ while watching the highlights on Sky Living at 8pm. I’ll also be tweeting along, playing Oscars Bingo, which you can get stuck into as well. Pop over to my Twitter to follow along and join in too.

This post was in collaboration with Showcase Cinemas.

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