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Bristol’s Best Bits: Clay Workshop at Studio Upstairs

As I have mentioned previously countless times on this blog, I adore learning new things. I could happily wake up and learn a new skill every single day if it were at all possible; this weekend I tried my hand at spoon whittling at End of the Road festival, and the week before I had the chance to get stuck into a clay workshop at Studio Upstairs, as they are the charity partner for this year’s Affordable Art Fair, taking place in the city this weekend. Read More

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The SBA Arts Trail 2017

Happy weekend, folks. Hope the sunny-ish weather and is treating you well, I am tucked up in bed already with a mug of strong sugary tea, listening to 6 Music and wistfully staring out of the window, attempting to catch up on some blogging and resting my weary bones after a busy day with lovely Lyzi yesterday. Such a nana, eh?

I’ve just enough time in between my rest to let you know about this year’s Southbank Arts Trail (aka the SBA Arts Trail), which will be taking over the south of the city next weekend – 13th and 14th May 2017. Read More

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Bristol’s Best Bits: Affordable Art Fair

Just as I’m looking for new art to adorn my walls, I receive an email telling me the Affordable Art Fair is returning to Bristol! HOORAY!

Rostra Gallery, Clare Halifax, Bristol Zoo

This regular fixture on the Bristol scene is returning to Passenger Shed this weekend (18-20 September), and gives punters the chance to purchase one off and limited pieces of original artwork from as little as £50, up to £5000. With over 50 galleries showing a mixture of contemporary paintings, prints, sculpture and photography, the work is a diverse showcase from local artists as well as those further afield.

Cameron Contemporary Art, Faye Anderson, Contented
The Gallery at Sculpture by the Lakes, Stephanie Revvenaugh, Elegant Repose
CFAG, Graeme Wilcox, Cyclist

I think it’s brilliant that there’s an opportunity in our city to support local artists by viewing and buying their work, plus it gives you something different to hang in that blank space rather than those same old IKEA Ribba frames (totally guilty of this!). Pop down til 8pm on Friday and peruse the works with a complimentary drink in your hand. Not too shabby!

The Affordable Art Fair runs from 18th-20th September at Brunel’s Old Station, find out more here.

This post was in collaboration with the Affordable Art Fair (obvs) but all opinions are my own – I just really like art.

Image credits:
– Clare Halifax, ‘Bristol Zoo’
– Faye Anderson, ‘Contented’
– Stephanie Revvenaugh, ‘Elegant Repose’
– Graeme Wilcox, ‘Cyclist’

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A Little Bedroom Makeover with Minted

Since I moved to Bristol 6 years ago, I’ve moved house 8 times. 8 TIMES!!! Just let that sink in for a moment. I’ve called BS1, BS2, BS3, BS6 and BS7 home, and am now happily settled back in BS3 (which, FYI, is the best postcode 😉 ).

We’ve been in our little terraced house for just over a year now, but it’s only in the last couple of months that I feel like it’s finally starting to come together and feel more like the home that we both want it to be. Since becoming slightly obsessed with the notion of KonMari – a craze which is sweeping Pinterest like wildfire – I’ve been itching to downsize and sling anything which doesn’t ‘spark joy’.

All this clearing out is definitely long overdue, and it gives a new perspective to spaces that you’ve never really noticed before. One example is the fireplace in our bedroom, which used to be a bit of a dumping ground for all the bits and bobs we never really knew what to do with. Since tidying it all up, it certainly looks a lot neater, but it was definitely missing something.

empty looking fireplace


I’d put up my little embroidery that I did last year and the weird alien creature that I’d bought at End of the Road, but somehow it just looked really plain and boring. I needed to get something up on the walls, STAT.

Etsy is usually my go-to for quirky art prints to jazz up boring walls, but I’m always on the lookout for more sources. Just as I was about to pick out some prints, an email drops in my inbox about Minted, an artists platform that offer not just art prints but wedding invites, adorable baby gifts and even fabric, all lovingly designed by artists around the world and crafted by Minted.

art prints for the home from minted
minted art print in packaging
art print from minted

I was given a small budget to pick out some prints to transform my little space above the fireplace in the bedroom. I went for three framed options and a loose art print, all roughly 7 x 5 inches, and was amazed when three huge boxes arrived at my door! My new pieces of art were securely snuggled into their cardboard homes, meaning they were in tip top condition after their journey across the pond.

One of the things I loved was that with each print there was a little certificate of authentication, indicating the number of prints of this particular artwork, and the backstory behind the work. I thought it was a nice little touch which adds a bit of personality behind the print.

fireplace gallery wall quirky art prints from minted

Ta daaaaa!

Ahh, it looks so much better. Despite my mediocre picture-hanging skills I finally managed to get them all up on the wall in some kind of arrangement, and even had room for my embroidery to get a proper home 🙂

quirky art prints for gallery wall
quirky art prints hipster glasses gallery wall
pretty flowers and quote

Picking out the prints was not easy, let me tell you. Minted is stuffed full with beautiful treasures, too much to narrow it down to just a few, and I found their navigation system a little hard to comprehend at first. In the end, however I narrowed it down to four – ‘Whole Milk‘, ‘Family Reunion – Aunt Ada‘, ‘Falling Stitches‘ and ‘Lookin Good‘, which I had the perfect frame for myself.

I’m proper chuffed with my new little space, and it puts a smile on my face as soon as I wake up in the morning. It makes such a difference with a small amount of input that I’m now on a mission to cover up all the blank walls in the house!

Have you tried Minted before? Any other recommendations for prints?

This post is in collaboration with Minted. I was given credit to choose the artwork in exchange for a review, but all words and opinion is my own.

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The Creative Initiative #1

The main purpose of starting this blog was as a motivation to be more creative. Working 9-5 plus a long commute means there’s little in the way of energy left at the end of the day, plus there’s always a slight fear of failure at starting a new project. Creativity and inspiration work in a kind of snowball effect, it just takes the initial leap of faith to get going.

Which is why I got excited when I was reading the ever lovely blog Being Little (written by fellow Bristolian Lyzi) and came across a scheme called The Creative Initiative – a blogger link up with a focus on creativity. The theme changes week by week, and during this week you have time to work on and submit your artwork in whatever format you choose, be it photography, sewing, pencils, paint – whatever you like!

The rules are:
• create something in your sketchbook based on this week’s prompt

• post about your artistic endeavor on your blog and link it up to this post

• comment on other bloggers’ posts – the prompts leave a lot of room to use your imagination and we should all support and encourage each other as we explore!

Miss Jessica holly in Bertie dexter dress

This week’s theme is an open submission, so I thought I would share with you one of the images from a shoot a did recently with a friend of mine – the superbly talented Miss Jessica Holly. It was nice to use the studio for personal work, and we are already planning another shoot, although it looks like it won’t be until the new year.

The theme for next week is ‘What did you do today?’ and I’m already full of ideas!

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