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The Great Boohoo Bake Off

It’s back! The Great British Bake Off returned in all its gluttonous glory last Wednesday, and is set to grace our screens for another week this evening – this week it’s biscuit week. To mark this momentous occassion, I’ve teamed up with to do some baking for the Great Boohoo Bake Off!

baking supplies for the great boohoo bake off

I was sent a box of goodies(*) to rustle up a recipe of my choice to show off my baking skills, and with it being biscuit week this week, I thought what better way to demonstrate my prowess with a piping bag than by whipping up some Nordic-inspired lemon and cardamom cookies?

lemon and cardamom emoji cookies on cute plate
emoji cookies for great british bake off

Lemon and Cardamom Cookies recipe
(adapted from here)

You will need:
– 225g softened butter
– 250g plain flour (plus a bit for dusting)
– 150g caster sugar (I used a mix of caster and granulated and it didn’t matter too much!)
– 85g ground almonds (I whizzed up some flaked almonds in a processor)
– 10-20 cardamom pods, seeds removed and crushed
– Zest of one lemon

Preheat your oven to 190C (175C fan).

Cream the butter and sugar together until light and fluffy. You can use an electric whisk if you like, but I used good ol’ fashioned elbow grease!

Add the lemon zest and cardamom and give it a quick mix.

Tip in the ground almonds and flour and mix until it forms a dough.

Break off walnut sized chunks and pop onto greased lined baking sheets.

Press down on each cookie slightly, or if you have a cookie stamp, use this to make pretty patterns in the dough!

Bake each batch seperately for 12-14 mins, until golden brown.

Transfer to a wire rack to cool, and try not to munch them down until they are cooled completely!

great boohoo bake off cookies

I made use of the little piping bags in my baking kit to attempt to pipe some Nordic patterns on my cookies, but it didn’t quite go as planned. I therefore defaulted back to my primary form of communication – emoji! I only managed two successful attempts but I’m pretty impressed with myself, tbh.

boohoo striped dress outfit post
striped dress denim jacket style
striped dress denim jacket
moxham necklace shore projects watch
Dress – Boohoo (*) // Jacket – H&M (old) // Shoes – Sunjellies // Watch – Shore Projects // Necklace – Moxham

Boohoo were also kind enough to send me this beautiful garment for my troubles, from their awesome selection of summer dresses. I always choose striped patterns over anything else – they’re so easy to dress up or down, and this is definitely one of those day-to-night type dresses that can be styled however you like, whether under a scruffy denim jacket or with a nice pair of heels and a clutch bag. It’s super comfy too, but my only problem is its marvellous ability to accentuate my little pot belly. I need to eat less biscuits, I think!

lily doughball with GBBO biscuits
lily doughball biscuit fail
(in this one they were all about to topple off the plate)

Massive thanks to Boohoo for inviting me to take part in their Great Boohoo Bake Off, and to Tala for the awesome baking supplies. I’ll be settling down in front of the telly with a cuppa and a biccy to watch the Bake Off this evening, how about you?

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DIY Glitter Donuts

diy glitter donuts | Lily Doughball UK Lifestyle Blog

If there are two words which need to go side by side, it’s the words glitter and donut. I haven’t done much baking recently, mainly because my weekends and evenings have been choc-a-block, but last Sunday I decided to treat myself and indulge in making some proper sparkly treats!

I was very kindly sent some bits from Mein Cupcake to help me on my quest for sugary indulgence, which included this awesome donut pan(*), a cooling rack(*), edible glitter(*) (obvs), and some adorable doilies(*) to make everything look just that little bit more twee. This German baking emporium is a treasure trove packed with amazing baking supplies – absolutely everything you could imagine!

(Also – is it doughnut or donut? I’ll be calling them donut throughout this, so if you’re a fan of the alternative spelling, you’d better abandon ship at this point).

Making donuts with a donut pan
Homemade donuts in donut pan

I can’t take credit for the recipe I used, I’m not that much of a cake magician. The following recipe was adapted from a recipe from this lovely blog:

To make 12 little donuts, you will need:

– 4 oz plain flour
– 1/2 tsp vanilla extract
– 3 oz caster sugar
– 1 tsp melted butter or vegetable oil
– 1 tsp baking powder
– 3 fl oz full fat milk
– 1 large free-range egg
– pinch salt

Oil your donut pan first with a drop or two of oil, and make sure they are well oiled – the first time around I had a bit of a donut fail, as they got stuck to the pan. Oil them well! Preheat your oven to 160 degrees C.

Sift the flour, sugar, baking powder and salt into a large bowl.

Meanwhile, whisk the egg with the milk, oil and vanilla extract in a jug.

Make a well in the middle of the flour and pour in the wet ingredients. Using a whisk, mix them together well.

Spoon the batter into the donut pan, filling about half way up.

[At this point I added a tablespoon of cocoa powder to half of the mix to make chocolate donuts. I’d recommend adding a dash more milk because it can be a bit dry otherwise]

Bake for 15 minutes. Once baked, leave in the pan to cool, then run a knife around to free them from the pan.

Cool on a wire rack and decorate. Then consume ūüôā

homemade baked donuts on cooling rack

Of course, no reputable donut would be complete without a generous coating of yet more sugar! This isn’t anything fancy – just plain old icing jazzed up with some pink food colouring.

iced pink ring donuts
glazed glitter donuts


This edible glitter is genius – it’s so tiny and sparkly, and it doesn’t taste gritty or anything when you eat it. It comes in loads of different colours, and I’m already plotting the biggest, glitziest birthday cake imaginable.

glitter donuts
glitter pastel donuts
glitter donuts being taken :O

I can tell you that these did NOT last very long in our household. Thomas took a particular interest in the chocolate ones and had snaffled a couple even before I had a chance to take these pics. Also, how cute are these doilies?! I’m going to be presenting everything this summer on a doily.

This recipe made just the right amount for 12 diddly donuts, perfect for a little sweet treat with a cup of tea.

Why not rustle some up for tea this evening?
Hope you all have a lovely bank holiday weekend!

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Cinnamon Rolls!

Autumn = cinnamon.

I mean, let’s face it, the smell of cinnamon is just reminiscent of crisp cold mornings waking up with mugs of cinnamon coffee, or grey miserable English days sitting in a coffee shop with a vat of hot chocolate topped with a mountain of cream and dusted with cinnamon and nutmeg. Or is that just me?

I had my first Pumpkin Spice Latte of the year over the weekend and it has just put me in autumn-hyperdrive; I am furiously craving anything warm and spicy which puts me in the mood for winter. I have been meaning to make cinnamon rolls for probably about two years now, and seeing as I had nothing better to do last night I gave it a go!

homemade cinnamon rolls

cinnamon roll with maple glaze

homemade cinnamon roll

Now there are many, many recipes on the internet for cinnamon rolls. Some use yeast, some don’t use yeast, some use buttermilk, others use eggs to enrich the dough. I found this very basic recipe from Food Network UK, which appealed to me because it didn’t have a list of ingredients as long as your arm.

There were a few amendments which I made – firstly, I didn’t use all the butter it stated for the filling, and it was practically¬†swimming¬†in pools of butter when I pulled it out of the oven. It would have definitely overflowed if I had used it all. Same thing goes for the cinnamon and sugar filling, but now I have leftovers for my cinnamon coffee!

Also, before rolling and baking, I did a little ‘massage’ on the butter and sugar to meld it all together, a little trick I learned from Man v Food, where he visited a diner which made the¬†largest cinnamon rolls known to man. This makes it a lot easier to roll up ready to cut.

Lastly, this recipe doesn’t mention any salt whatsoever. I used unsalted butter for the filling and there was something not quite ‘right’ about them – they were almost too sweet! If you don’t use salted butter for the inside (which you probably should) then add some salt to the dough.

All in all, I will most definitely be making these again. Now that I have begun hibernating for winter I think this will be my staple diet food.

Have you done any baking recently?

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