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A Peek at the New Lush Cribbs Causeway

Oh Lush. Who doesn’t love Lush?! Bloggers are forever swooning and fawning at their awesome seasonal collections, and rightly so, in my humble opinion. I remember saving up all my money as a kid to splurge it all at once in Lush, buying slabs of Fluffy Blue Clouds bubble bath and the biggest bits of Alkmaar soap that my little pennies could afford.

My habits haven’t changed much since then, and a few weeks ago, shortly before Christmas, myself and a handful of other lucky bloggers were invited up to have a sneaky peek at the brand new Lush Cribbs Causeway store. Read More

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Finding Balance with Yogandha

yogandha rollerball perfumes and bath oil

I haven’t written about anything beauty-related in a wee while, but expect that all to change, folks! I’ve just been introduced to a lovely little Irish brand called Yogandha, who make beautiful aromatherapy oils for unwinding and relaxing, particularly after yoga practice. I was lucky enough to test out some of their wares. Read More

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My Korres Obsession

korres skincare beauty blogger

After years of flitting from one skincare brand to the next, I finally feel that I’ve met my perfect match. I was first introduced to Korres at Blog Club back in July, at the Bath and Unwind HQ up on the Clifton Triangle. This Athens-based natural skincare brand is just the right blend of science-y tech and beautiful product design to tick all the right boxes for me, and I may have gone just a tad overboard with buying their brilliant products lately… Read More