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arla breakfast tacos recipe
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Breakfast Tacos

This post is in association with Arla’s Choose Goodness campaign. With just a few minutes to spare you can start your morning right with a proper breakfast – just like these breakfast tacos!

breakfast tacos

TACOS! I. Love. Tacos. You will all be aware by now how much my heart yearns for Mexican inspired food at most hours of the day. As well as cooking it almost every week at home, we even took a detour on the metro when we were in Japan to stop off at Taco Bell. I am so sorry, Japan.

Most weekend mornings in the kitchen at casa del Doughballs is spent making some variation of the following recipe. There is nothing better than beginning the day with a belly full of tacos, amirite? Read More

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Start Your Day The Savoury Porridge Way

This post is in association with Arla. Read on for a deliciously unusual breakfast recipe!

savoury porridge breakfast recipe

I know what you are thinking. Savoury… porridge? Surely of all the things that you’d want to make savoury, porridge would be towards the bottom of the list. Over the years we’ve become accustomed to taking a little bit of savoury with our sweet – salted caramel, bacon and maple syrup, peanut butter and jam – but porridge? That might be a step too far.

savory oatmeal with a fried egg recipe
savoury porridge with fried egg

Most people of my age will remember fondly of being fed a steamy bowl of Ready Brek on a cold winter’s morning before being bundled off to school. My tastebuds have refined slightly since then, and I’ve taken to adding seeds, nuts and fruit atop my oatmeal these days (and maybe a sneaky blob of jam, just like the old days). But I’ve drawn inspiration from that Southern American breakfast staple, grits, to bring you a version of the classic porridge breakfast with a bit of a twist.

A bowl of steamy, creamy porridge is the perfect set up for a busy day. Oats are, I’m convinced, constructed of pure magic – they are packed full of fibre and studies have found they can help keep the heart healthy. Alongside Arla, I’ve been finding little ways to Choose Goodness in the morning in as little as 10 minutes, so you’re all ready to start a busy day.

ingredients for savoury porridge recipe

Savoury Porridge with a Crispy Fried Egg

You will need:
40g jumbo porridge oats
300ml Arla Best of Both Milk
1 egg
Spring onions
Cheese (optional)
Oil (olive or vegetable, it’s your choice)

If you’re one of those folks who is in a hurry most mornings, then go ahead and make your porridge in the microwave, I won’t judge ya. Just mix the oats and milk together and pop it in the microwave for 2-3 minutes, making sure you check on it to give it a stir.

If you’re a porridge connoisseur, then get a small saucepan out, pop your oats and milk and set over a medium to low heat. Stir regularly so the oats don’t stick to the pan, until lovely and thick.

Season your porridge with a good pinch of salt (YES, salt! I found it very weird to not be adding sugar at this point, but trust me).

While the porridge is cooking, heat a tablespoon of oil in a small frying pan and fry your egg until it’s crispy around the edges. Lovely.

Chop a couple of spring onions and grate some cheese for sprinkling on top. This is entirely optional, but cheese and onion has a wonderful power to transform something to SUPER savoury. You could even mix the cheese and onion in to the porridge to make it cheesy, gooey and extra tasty.

savoury porridge with a fried egg

Et voila! Try mixing up your bowl of breakfast porridge – I guarantee you will not be disappointed!

This post is in association with Arla.