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brunch at buttermilk and maple bristol
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A Buttermilk & Maple Brunch

Just like every good millennial, I love a good brunch. It’s probably the reason why I can’t afford to buy a house despite being in my late 20s; I’ve spent too much of my time frivolously wasting money on smashed avocado rather than saving for a deposit.

I digress. A couple of weekends ago, just as the autumn sunshine was being all beautiful (and not blustery AT ALL), I wandered down to Buttermilk & Maple by myself to sample their brunch offering.

exterior of buttermilk and maple bristol

You might remember me harping on about Buttermilk & Maple in this post about their negronis. While they are indeed top notch, it’s the brunch from these guys I hear so much about. I was eager to get my mitts on it so I could pass judgement for myself.

Buttermilk & Maple opens at 7am everyday. EVERY SINGLE DAY, even on Sundays. I thought that getting there at 10am would mean I’d be nicely settled with the mid Sunday morning crowd. I pictured a relaxed breakkie in an empty restaurant away from all the people. Heaven.

menu of buttermilk and maple bristol

It was mayhem, I tell ya! Let’s not forget that Buttermilk & Maple is attached to the Mercure hotel and slap bang in the centre, but I soon found a nice quiet little spot outside and settled down with my cuppa and weekend paper.

It was so bloody lovely to be sitting in the warm rays of the autumn sunshine peeking through the canopy of a nearby tree, sipping a pot of tea and watching people whizz by on bikes. Close your eyes and you’re on a cobbled street in Paris, until a very Bristolian cabbie turns up to pick someone up from the hotel.

view from buttermilk and maple bristol of welsh back

I decided to try the pastrami eggs benedict, cos a) I am well and truly back on the meat wagon at the moment, and b) it sounds amazingly interesting. Jalapeno hollandaise? Sign me UP!

pastrami eggs benedict buttermilk and maple

Every element of it was wonderful – massive slices of thick pastrami, perfectly poached eggs, thick and plentiful hollandaise with a sprinkling of nicely spicy jalapenos. The only thing which let it down slightly is that it seemed to go cold very quickly, but then again I was sitting outdoors.

Guess what? If you’d like to sample their brunch offering for yourself, those lovely folks have offered my readers a whopping 50% off brunch! Simply pop along in the week (Mon-Fri) and shout the word ‘Doughballs’ at the waiter. They should know what you’re on about.

Take a peek at the menu here. Happy brunching, folks.

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Waffles at The Ivy Brasserie, Clifton

I am a lady of very simple tastes. A low-maintenance kinda gal. I’m a believer that pizza > haute cuisine, pub > wine bar, and would be just as happy with a bag of chips and a trip to the cinema over a meal out on a date night.

So when an email popped into my inbox inviting me to the superbly swanky Ivy Brasserie in Clifton to sample their new waffle menu, I was a bit nervous. Would I be accepted there, in my battered old Reebok Classics and with my unrefined tastebuds? Turns out, the answer is an overwhelming yes, and it’s bloody great.

the ivy clifton

We’re not regulars to this part of town, it being on the direct opposite side of the city to where we live. But on a sunny Saturday morning we took our old grandad Mercedes for a trip north of the river to check it out.

The first hurdle we came across was the parking issue. The Ivy is situated in Clifton Village, a stone’s throw from the Clifton Club, on Caledonia Place. The majority of parking in this area is permit holder’s only, since every Bristolians fave (*SARCASM*) the RPZ came into effect. On the busy Saturday morning that we visited, all of the few ‘free’ spaces were being snapped up quickly, so we had to park a short walk away.

Having said that, there are good bus links up to Clifton Village, and it’s a 15-20 minute walk from Clifton Down station.

coffee at the ivy clifton
waffle menu at the ivy clifton

Once inside the absolutely stunning interior, we were seated in the beautiful conservatory, which was looking gorgeous in the mid morning sunshine. A delicious cup of strong black coffee was soon in hand, and we were left to decide what took our fancy off the menu. I was here to sample the new waffle menu, and being something of a waffle connoisseur I was extremely excited.

I have to admit though, that while the first waitress who served us was very pleasant, she was soon replaced with another chap who was a little overbearing. I’m usually not quick to complain about service (seems like a bit of a mean thing to do), but everything about his serving manner was quite odd – he kept making strange jokes about things we said that left the atmosphere feeling tense and uncomfortable. I should have said something at the time but wouldn’t really have known how to frame it; he wasn’t being unpleasant, in fact it was quite the opposite, but it was a strange waiting style which was a bit offputting.

eggs benedict at the ivy clifton
waffles at the ivy clifton

It wasn’t long before the food arrived and we could get stuck in. Tom had eggs florentine with avocado, which came with a strangely long silver goblet of chips on the side, which surprisingly he was unable to finish, even with his usually healthy appetite. The verdict was a resounding thumbs up from the boy, but maybe ask to swap the chips if you can’t do double carbs.

The waffle menu is a very clever and exciting thing – you pick and choose the elements of your breakkie, so you can waffle to your heart’s content and have full control over the flavours. I chose a bit of an odd combination of cinnamon waffle topped with raspberries, pistachio ice cream, honey comb and chocolate sauce. It was a delight. The waffle was super light and crisp, and the chocolate sauce came warm in a fancy little silver jug so you could choose how much you wanted to drench your ice cream in it. I’d probably lay off the honeycomb if you have any fillings though, they were jawbreakingly crunchy.

build your own waffles at the ivy clifton

Tom’s verdict on the waffles – “too sweet”. I think if you’re a big fan like me then this build-your-own menu is a dream come true, but in addition The Ivy have a comprehensive brunch menu sure to please anyone wanting to while away the morning dining in style.

I was invited to The Ivy Brasserie Clifton for the purpose of this review but all words and opinions are my own.

arla breakfast tacos recipe
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Breakfast Tacos

This post is in association with Arla’s Choose Goodness campaign. With just a few minutes to spare you can start your morning right with a proper breakfast – just like these breakfast tacos!

breakfast tacos

TACOS! I. Love. Tacos. You will all be aware by now how much my heart yearns for Mexican inspired food at most hours of the day. As well as cooking it almost every week at home, we even took a detour on the metro when we were in Japan to stop off at Taco Bell. I am so sorry, Japan.

Most weekend mornings in the kitchen at casa del Doughballs is spent making some variation of the following recipe. There is nothing better than beginning the day with a belly full of tacos, amirite? Read More

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Start Your Day The Savoury Porridge Way

This post is in association with Arla. Read on for a deliciously unusual breakfast recipe!

savoury porridge breakfast recipe

I know what you are thinking. Savoury… porridge? Surely of all the things that you’d want to make savoury, porridge would be towards the bottom of the list. Over the years we’ve become accustomed to taking a little bit of savoury with our sweet – salted caramel, bacon and maple syrup, peanut butter and jam – but porridge? That might be a step too far.

savory oatmeal with a fried egg recipe
savoury porridge with fried egg

Most people of my age will remember fondly of being fed a steamy bowl of Ready Brek on a cold winter’s morning before being bundled off to school. My tastebuds have refined slightly since then, and I’ve taken to adding seeds, nuts and fruit atop my oatmeal these days (and maybe a sneaky blob of jam, just like the old days). But I’ve drawn inspiration from that Southern American breakfast staple, grits, to bring you a version of the classic porridge breakfast with a bit of a twist.

A bowl of steamy, creamy porridge is the perfect set up for a busy day. Oats are, I’m convinced, constructed of pure magic – they are packed full of fibre and studies have found they can help keep the heart healthy. Alongside Arla, I’ve been finding little ways to Choose Goodness in the morning in as little as 10 minutes, so you’re all ready to start a busy day.

ingredients for savoury porridge recipe

Savoury Porridge with a Crispy Fried Egg

You will need:
40g jumbo porridge oats
300ml Arla Best of Both Milk
1 egg
Spring onions
Cheese (optional)
Oil (olive or vegetable, it’s your choice)

If you’re one of those folks who is in a hurry most mornings, then go ahead and make your porridge in the microwave, I won’t judge ya. Just mix the oats and milk together and pop it in the microwave for 2-3 minutes, making sure you check on it to give it a stir.

If you’re a porridge connoisseur, then get a small saucepan out, pop your oats and milk and set over a medium to low heat. Stir regularly so the oats don’t stick to the pan, until lovely and thick.

Season your porridge with a good pinch of salt (YES, salt! I found it very weird to not be adding sugar at this point, but trust me).

While the porridge is cooking, heat a tablespoon of oil in a small frying pan and fry your egg until it’s crispy around the edges. Lovely.

Chop a couple of spring onions and grate some cheese for sprinkling on top. This is entirely optional, but cheese and onion has a wonderful power to transform something to SUPER savoury. You could even mix the cheese and onion in to the porridge to make it cheesy, gooey and extra tasty.

savoury porridge with a fried egg

Et voila! Try mixing up your bowl of breakfast porridge – I guarantee you will not be disappointed!

This post is in association with Arla.

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30 Ways to Goodness: Chocolate Chia Seed Pudding

Chia seeds have been up there on my list of foods-that-I-have-been-too-suspicious-to-try for a while now. I’d heard whispers of their wonderful ability to create beautiful puddings with their miraculous gelatine-like powers in several vegan circles I used to operate in, but had always been to afraid to try it for myself. That was until the folks at Blue Diamond got in touch with their ‘30 Ways to Goodness‘ campaign, to challenge me to try something new with their delicious almond milks. Read More

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Bristol’s Best Bits: Bakers & Co., Gloucester Road

You GUYS. I think I just found the best brunch in Bristol.

bakers and co gloucester road bristol

On Saturday morning the boy and I were up bright and early, and found ourselves with bellies rumbling with nowt to eat in the house. It being a weekend and all, my breakfast mode was firmly switched to eggs (as it always is), and I had a hankering for eggs of the fried variety.

Tom had recently regaled tales of a magical place on Gloucester Road called Bakers and Co., who serve up some stunning breakfast creations, so off we popped to where we do not normally venture… the other side of the river.

bakers and co menu gloucester road bristol

Bakers and Co is a cheery looking little place with a bright yellow canopy that you can’t miss – it’s opposite the Bristol Flyer, about halfway up Gloucester Road. I love coming up this end of town from time to time; we lived up this neck of the woods as students, and it always brings it all back.

Despite it only being just after 10 (told you we were up early 😉 ) the place looked like it was filling up pretty quickly, so we got a wriggle on and made our way inside.

inside bakers and co gloucester road bristol
inside bakers and co bristol

Inside, it’s bright and airy, with chairs and tables carefully placed for a casual meet up with friends. Ya know, when you’re all tuckered out from charity shopping on Glos Rd you can put your feet up for an artisan coffee. We took a spot in the ‘couples corridor’ (this isn’t it’s proper name, but it’s made up of tables for two, so I’ll be referring to it as this from now on), and began to peruse the menu.

dirty chai latte, fresh orange juice and bacon french toast, bakers and co bristol
custard toast with bacon, brunch at bakers and co bristol
huevos rancheros for breakfast at bakers and co bristol

We took absolutely ages to decide what to eat. For me, despite my hankering for eggs, it was a difficult choice between that, their homemade coconut and white chocolate granola or avocado on toast. In the end I gave in to my egg temptation and went for the huevos rancheros, because I cannot resist owt Mexican, with a dirty chai latte (that would be a chai latte with a shot of coffee) on the side.

Tom went for ‘custard toast’ with crispy bacon, soft cheese, almonds and maple syrup, with freshly squeezed orange juice. We do know how to brunch, after all.

It was incredible. My plate of eggs was massive – a bed of slow cooked pinto beans with two runny fried eggs on top, with piles of sweet tomato and cool cucumber salsas, and proper rough tortillas on the side. It’s quite hard to convey all the different amazing tastes on one plate.

Tom’s was equally as good – a gooey slab of custard french toast with crispy bacon and a huge blob of cream cheese, decorated with a squiggle of maple syrup and a sprinkle of toasted almonds. There’s nothing quite as delicious as the combination of bacon and maple syrup, and when you add cream cheese to the mix… well. I don’t think I could have eaten the whole plate, mind, after only a couple of forkfuls it was just a little bit too indulgent for me. I reckon it would be a good hangover cure, though. That and one of their heavenly dirty chai creations.

It was so good that I was practically begging Tom to go back the very next day before we ventured off back home, just so I could finally try that coconut granola. Their menu apparently changes every week, and you can influence it by scribbling your ideas on one of their comments cards – yes, they actually read them!

I really don’t think I can stay away for another week, to be honest, so keep your eyes peeled on my Instagram feed for more snaps of delicious brunch adventures.

(All these images are taken by me, except the first one, which I pinched off my good friends at Time Out Bristol – contact for removal)

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Sweet Mother of Carbohydrates – Work Charity Brunch

Well, hasn’t this been a right old food filled week so far? Hot off the heels of my Yo! Sushi date on Monday, yesterday morning I contributed to a charity brunch event at work, to help raise money for very worthy cause, Street Child.








The idea was to fill the tables with breakfast and lunch-type foods, which people could pick at throughout the morning, and leave a small donation. I brought along ham and cheese croissants, plus a mountain of carbs in various forms – mini pancakes, waffles and crumpets, plus that good old favourite brekkie staple, peanut butter. I’ve been trying to avoid too much dairy recently, and have found a whole load of tasty milk alternatives, and so brought along some almond milk to try and convert the masses. No one drank it. Sad face.

The whole shebang was supposed to be a casual 9-11 come-along-and-nibble-what-you-fancy affair, but people began lingering shortly before 9, and so in our kindness we opened it 10 mins early, only for the whole thing to be ravaged by half past. The moment word spread that there was a pile of scones and a whole pound of clotted cream in the upstairs kitchen, people were understandably flocking in droves.

Still, we managed to raise over a hundred quid for a very worthy cause. I think the breakfast/brunch idea is excellent for a small workplace to raise some dollar for charity, although I wasn’t expecting it to be quite so popular! Would you try one at your work?