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Birthday Wishlist


It’s my birthday on Monday! Hoorayyyy! Yep, in just a few short days I will be turning the ripe old age of 26, and will be hurtling my way toward my late twenties… *gulp*. In honour of getting a little bit older and potentially a bit wiser, I’ve compiled a few bits and pieces which I’ve been eyeing up over the last few months, which I’m more than likely going to treat myself to this weekend (it’s mainly clothes and Etsy finds, to be perfectly honest). Read More

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Birthday Wishlist!

Birthdays, HOORAAAAAY!

At the beginning of next month I will hit the big old 2-5, and to mark the occasion of turning a quarter of a century I have very handily compiled a collection of items which I’ve had my eye on for a while, and although I probably don’t deserve any presents, I would be very grateful to receive these as gifts (*nudge nudge wink wink* family!).

Lily Doughball UK Lifestyle Blog Birthday Wishlist
The Night’s All Right Patch – Explorer’s Press
Monstera Notebook – Eastern Biological
Nadia Trousers – Monki
Casio Watch Rose Gold – Watchshop
Pearl Jelly Shoes – Sunjellies
Polka Dot Pleat Skirt Dress – The Whitepepper
Single Ladies Print – Draw Me a Song on Etsy

Clothes! I recently completely gutted my wardrobe, and have narrowed it down to a chest of drawers and a small rail. I love how freeing it feels to know exactly what you have to wear, but it still doesn’t make it easier to get dressed in the morning! Narrowing things down has brought up a couple of gaps which need to be filled – namely, summery trousers like these beauts from Monki, and floaty but smart dresses, like this polka dot number from The Whitepepper. In my quest to dress as weirdly as possible (one of my resolutions), I’ve been obsessing over these two, plus Lazy Oaf and Pull & Bear. If you know of any others which are similar, let me know!

A good summer staple wardrobe also needs some shiny new accessories, like this Casio watch in rose gold, the cheapest of which I’ve found at Watchshop for a mere £29 (compared to AA, where they were flogging them for £47!). My trusty ASOS jellies also died a death at Glastonbury last year, and so I’ve had my eye on these beautiful Sunjellies for a while now, the summeriest of which are this gorgeous shimmery pearly colour (they’ve got some awesome bags, too – check them out!). I also broke out my denim jacket a couple of weeks ago, and would love to adorn it with this awesome patch from Toronto-based Explorer’s Press, whose shop is packed full of fantastic treasures.

I’ve probably got enough notebooks in the house, but I could make room for this leaf print beauty. Eastern Biological are one of those shops which you cannot stop looking at once you’ve discovered them – I just want to fill my whole house with their animals and trinkets.
Lastly, No birthday would be complete without some Beyonce, and I’ve got just the spot for this awesome poster by Draw Me a Song on Etsy! I can picture it filling the space above the fireplace in our bedroom, showcasing our loyalty to Queen Bey.

Birthdays are the best <3

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Christmas Wishlist!

Christmas Wishlist | Lily Doughball Bristol Lifestyle Blog

Ok, so I’m beginning to get just a teeny tiny bit excited about Christmas now – today we spent the day Christmas shopping, and I’ve bought our first bottle of Baileys, which is the official sign for the festive season beginning.

With that in mind, and the fact that the big day is only 32 DAYS AWAY, I’ve made a shortlist of beautiful treasures that I hope Father Christmas will be popping in my stocking this year.

1. Twin Peaks Colouring Book
2. AllSaints ‘Hawks’ Leather Jacket
3. Bill Murray T-Shirt
4. Dr Martens Joyce Brogues
5. imo ‘Sunrise’ Camera Strap
6. Lush Rosie Gift Set

The first item on my list needs no introduction, nor explanation. It’s a Twin Peaks colouring book, from one of my favourite illustrators on Etsy. It’s a Twin. Peaks. COLOURING. BOOK. It’s like someone has read my mind and smushed my two favourite things together. Just remember to get me some crayons, too, Santa.

With this next item I am totally dreaming. I can most definitely not afford it, that’s for sure, but I’ve been searching for the perfect leather biker jacket for some time now and this ticks all the boxes. It’s from AllSaints new collection, which is all absolutely stunning, but this one definitely stood out for me for its classic style but little details like the texture on the shoulders.

If somehow that beautiful jacket ends up under the tree this year, I reckon this Bill Murray T-Shirt would go rather nicely with it. I imagine having Bill Murray emblazoned across your entire upper body has the same effect as wearing a poncho – we all know it’s impossible to be unhappy in that situation.

My Dr Martens collection definitely needs expanding. These beautiful brogues caught my eye because they kind of resemble Audrey’s (from Twin Peaks, obvs), plus I can just picture them jazzing up a cute floral dress or even teamed with a nice pair of jeans (Pssst – don’t forget, you can get 15% off until the 30th at the Bristol store – 16 Broadmead, Bristol BS1 6HH. More details here).

I really hate having the strap attached to my camera – it’s ugly, awkward, and I can’t help feeling that I’m ever-so-slightly gloating having ‘CANON’ emblazoned around my neck. The thing is, I am very afraid of smashing it. I think this adorable camera strap from ‘imo’ on Etsy might make me less reluctant to properly look after my belongings.

You can’t have Christmas without a bit of Lush, or I certainly can’t anyway. I can’t think of a more perfect gift set from Lush this year – this Rosie set not only has the best Lush product of all time, Rose Jam shower gel, it also has its namesake bubbleroon bubble bar and Ro’s Argan with the same amazing smell, plus a whole host of other rosy-scented goodies. Yes please!

What treats are on your Christmas list this year?

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Damn Fine Coffee

I’ve had an obsession of late.

There’s always a list as long as my arm of TV shows that myself and Tom have been meaning to watch, and top of it for a long time was Twin Peaks. After the New Year I had the rest of the week off, and so instead of doing anything useful like jobs around the house, we decided to dedicate our free time to watching it.

For the uninitiated, Twin Peaks is a TV series which ran from the year of my birth (or to be more specific, the best year ever, 1990) until the middle of 1991, and centres around a murder which takes place in a small town in the US, and an eccentric FBI agent who comes to investigate the situation. If you haven’t done so already, I urge you to watch at least the first season, and try not to be hooked. There’s something about the characters which make it so interesting – the mix of people in the show make it easy for the tone to shift from menacing to surreal to downright hilarious. Plus it just looks so cool – nothing about the show looks dated at all, and it’s over 20 years old.

The best of these characters is of course Special Agent Dale Cooper. He’s a bit of an oddbod, but is the coolest amongst them for his sharp FBI suit and tie, his trademark thumbs up, and his obsession with pie, donuts and an overwhelming adoration of coffee. (Plus, he’s played by the guy from the Flintstones! That was totally my favourite movie as a kid). He has a dictaphone into which he dictates his life, his theories and his findings, to a mysterious person named Diane.

kate rowland illustration


How awesome is it?! It’s made by the super talented Kate Rowland, whose Etsy store I discovered some months ago, when I bought these little wooden heart earrings. She takes most of her inspiration from cult TV shows such as Twin Peaks amongst others, and her shop contains tons of goodies to make a nerdy fangirls heart skip a beat. Such as these beauties – Enid from Ghost World, The Nights Watch from Game of Thrones, and who doesn’t obsess over Breaking Bad?

kate rowland illustration

1 // 2 // 3

My own little brooch arrived in the cutest little green bundle, with a hand-drawn sticker sealing it shut. I like little details like this, I’m somewhat of a packaging pervert and this cheered up my slow moving Tuesday morning. My studio work-buddy had bought two which arrived at the same time, and both of his were wrapped in Twin Peaks packaging too. I had intended to give this to Tom as a gift, but I couldn’t help but rip it open as soon as it arrived.

twin peaks sticker

kate rowland illustration

Laser cut items fascinate me – I had an induction on a laser cutter once and it’s amazing how much detail it picks up. It’s as if she has taken a hot pen and etched the design into it herself. Although that’s kind of what she has done, in a way! This is of course Agent Coop’s iconic dictaphone. I haven’t worn it out yet but I’m looking forward to talking to whoever notices it and gets the reference. I love it when nerdy conversation is sparked by sharing a reference to something. Despite not wearing it down the pub, I did get a chance to snatch it from the packaging and wear it around the studio all day.


Here I am enjoying a cup of damn fine coffee. I think the wooden-ness of this cute little brooch suits the hue of my tartan scarf, so maybe I will keep it for myself, after all.

If you are in any doubt as to the greatness of Twin Peaks, it can also teach you valuable life lessons. Here Agent Cooper is schooling the Sheriff on a pretty good day-to-day rule which I could learn to live by:



But remember, kids: the owls are not what they seem.

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Belated Christmas Wishlist



Happy Christmas Eve Eve! I cant believe it’s so close to Christmas, where is the snow?! I think I’ve used up all my festive cheer in the last few weeks and now I’m sitting in a cold boat being blown around by the horrendous weather outside, and passing the time by peeking at things which I’m hoping to get for Christmas Day.

When I was younger I hated the 23rd December, it would feel like a trick day, designed by calendar companies to make you wait even longer for the big day. How many crap films can you squeeze into one afternoon? Why can’t they just get rid of the 23rd, and then Christmas will always be a day early?

Anyway, there have been a few wishlist posts floating around on my favourite blogs in the last few weeks, and instead of creating mine in the weeks leading up to Christmas I have, like everything else in my life, left it to the last minute. I’ve chosen a few bits off my Amazon wish list to share with you all, with the false optimism that these will be waiting under the tree the day after tomorrow. I can hope!

Number one is a book which I’ve been after for quite some time. I first discovered The Selby is in Your Place whilst browsing Pinterest for boat design inspiration, as one of the homes photographed by Todd Selby for the book is a young lady living aboard on a beautiful boat in London. It seems to be a regular feature on the Guardian website too, for seemingly obvious reasons – from the looks of things it seems to be quite an interesting insight into the lives of others that I can only aspire to.

Secondly are these absolutely adorable plushie balloons from Etsy. I stumbled upon these during one of my late-night Etsy trawls, and fell in love instantly. You can buy them ready-made, or if you are looking for something a little challenging, like me, you can buy the printed cotton and assemble them yourself. I spy a new year craft project coming on…

Third up is another pair of Dr Martens. I don’t think a month goes by when I’m not lamenting over another pair of DM’s I can’t afford – Tom has just bought these shoes but in their waxy brown ‘gaucho’ finish. Being somewhat of a Doc Marten traditionalist however, I prefer these guys, with a smooth black leather finish and vibrant yellow z-welt stitching. Perfect.

Finally, a Christmas wishlist wouldn’t be complete without a novelty gift or two. In search of stocking fillers to beef up my Christmas list I went over to dotcomgiftshop, the kings of affordable, charming and quirky gifts. I found this little guy, who I’ve also seen pop up on Tattooed Tealady’s Instagram quite frequently, and I think he would look very proud sat up next to our telly.

So, it only remains for me to wish you all a very merry Christmas, I hope you all drink too much, eat too much, and get everything you wished for this year. See you in a week or so!

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I made a tiny hat…

Despite it being at least 30 degrees outside, I am already planning ahead for winter. I bought a practical, waterproof coat (more on that soon) and have started knitting things which I can use in the colder months. I think it might be a coping mechanism.

You are crazy.

I’m not, I just can’t bear this heat, and much prefer the reliability of the weather in the autumn and winter months.

At knitting club I was particularly inspired by a book called 30 Minute Knits, which promises 30 minutes of your time in exchange for adorable (and functional) knitted projects. In this was a beautiful ribbed lace hat, perfect for winter.

So, I made a prototype.



The pattern uses giant wool and 12mm needles for a right ol’ chunky affair, but in order to get my head around the pattern I knitted this bad boy on size 7 needles with bog standard 2 ply. I got a couple of things wrong, but once it’s all stitched up you can hardly notice a slipped stitch here or there. I haven’t found a use for this guy yet, I might knit a creature to wear it, but I think that’s a long way off.


I’ve also started cross stitching, hooray! If you read my Summer Wishlist I included an Etsy shop called Wee Little Stitches, who sell cute and contemporary cross stitch patterns, with a healthy dose of pop culture references. I had my eye on another pattern, but chose this one as it seemed a little easier for a first time project.

Can you guess what it is yet?

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Summer Wishlist

How warm is it?! I can’t cope with the heat, I’ve been retreating into the cold cave of my front room and cooling off in the only way I know how – freezer-cold lager.

So anyway, I know I promised this wasn’t going to be a fashion and beauty blog, but considering that the vast majority of blogs I read are lifestyle-related, I felt inspired to follow in the footsteps of these individuals and make a wishlist of stuff which I want need this summer.

I am due to come into some extra cash at the end of this month and have been daydreaming for most of my working days on what I am going to spend it on.


From left to right, top to bottom.

1. The first is a pair of adorable little wooden earrings made by illustrator Kate Rowland, which I have been meaning to buy for weeks. Have a look at her Etsy shop, I dare you not to fall in love with something. It’s all awesome.

2. I have been in two minds about whether or not to buy a pair of Juju Jellies for the summer, and have decided after much debating that they are more awesome than ugly looking, and I would like to transport my feet back in time to 1997.

3. I love Game of Thrones. My housemate was recently sporting a shirt made by the excellent Fencing & Archery printing company, and I need this grey Stark shirt in my life.

4. One of my most recent discoveries was Photojojo. I don’t quite know how I managed to not know of  it for so long, but amongst all the wonderment is this contraption which scans 35mm negatives onto your smartphone. I know, right.

5. Another Etsy find! Just look at this shop. I sucked so badly at cross stitch at school but this gives me an itchin’ to pick up a needle and thread again.

6. Finally is a treat for my skin. It’s so bad. Recently a friend lent me this gentle glycolic peel from Ren and it made my skin look amazing. It’s pricey, but for a once a week treat which makes that much of a difference I reckon it’s worth it.

It’s pretty bad that the money hasn’t even hit my account and it’s already been spent, albeit in a mental capacity. Perhaps I should save my money, but where is the fun in that?

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