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Trying to be Cool

Do you see what happens when I don’t have Lauren to take my photo?! This happens. I forget how to smile. Instead, I adopt a trying-desperately-to-be-cool face, trying to emulate the effortless chic of my fellow other bloggers.

I got some jazzy new specs from a site called SmartBuyGlasses a couple of weeks ago, so I ventured out by myself, armed with a tripod and a timer to take them for a spin around a very gritty looking part of Bedminster. Read More

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Ottowin Footwear

Bristol is fantastic at nurturing amazing creative talent. You could fill your whole home, not just your wardrobe without leaving the city limits if you really wanted to. In my quest for more mindful consumption and ethical fashion choices, I started looking for a decent replacement for the knackered old sandals which had served me well since last summer. That’s when I stumbled across the brilliant Ottowin. Read More

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Madia & Matilda

Anyone who knows me well will know that I’ve been on a mission of late; a mission which, I was reminded so helpfully by Facebook memories today, has been wasting my time for two long years now. Ever since reading Marie Kondo’s book ‘The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up’, I’ve been seeking to simplify certain aspects of my life, including downsizing the amount which was clogging up my wardrobe. Read More

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Finding Gems in Unexpected Places

This post is in collaboration with Simply Be.

As I’ve begun to minimise my possessions over the last few months, including scrutinising everything which enters my wardrobe (and leaves it), I’ve found myself stuck in a bit of a rut clothing-wise. I’ve begun to favour buying everything in the colour black, if only to be sure that it won’t clash with anything else. It’s made getting ready in the morning in the last few weeks pretty tricky; I’ve begun to play a game of ‘which item will make me least hot and uncomfortable today?’ and inevitably losing every single time. Damn you, summer! Read More

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Summer Goth

Oh look! An outfit post. It’s been a while since I done one o’ them.

I don’t take naturally to the summer months. It baffles me when people celebrate the return of hot weather – I am in my element on a cold, bright day. I panic when the weather gets warmer because I am incredibly uncomfortable in any form of summer fashion; it’s taken me years to try and find something I’m happy wearing in the summer (and it’s usually jeans and a shirt). Once a goth, always a goth, eh?

This is how I deal with this kind of weather #onceagothalwaysagoth #isitwinteryet

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Having said that, I got this new brightly-coloured dress in the post the other day all the way from MEXICO. I am completely in love with it; seeing as this embroidered flower thing is *all the rage* these days, I wanted to pay homage to where this trend might have originated from, and so located myself a proper puebla dress from a lovely lady in Durango.

lily doughball puebla embroidered dress
flower embroidered mexican dress

My good pal Lyzi took these snaps when we were pottering around in Bath for the day on Friday. I’ve given up on looking cute in outfit photos and so have embraced the ‘I dunno’ kind of half arsed look which I seem to do so well (just like Lyzi and her little look over the shoulder), and also the standard cursory glance at my shoes. Y’know, to check they are still there. I feel these are my signature poses.

I’ve taken to wearing a lot of black recently; there is something to be said for the graceful melancholic elegance of an all-black outfit, and it’s been informing my recent fashion purchases more and more, as if my 15 year old goth psyche is slowly working its way back to the forefront of my brain. I noticed in Japan that people wore a lot of black and tended to look very made up from just a few simple pieces – wide leg trousers, a box cut top, a long coat of some sort, and depending on your age, either trainers or kitten heels.

This dress comes in a veritable rainbow of colours, of which orange was up there on my list, but I thought black just brought out my glowing pale skin that bit more, plus it makes those flowers POP.

lily doughball bristol fashion blogger
mexican puebla dress and leather handbag

Dress: Etsy // Jacket: Urban Outfitters (similar here) // Shoes: H&M (or there are some dreamy ones from Boden here) // Handbag: HANDMADE!!
I am still obsessed with my handbag which I MADE – did I mention I made it? I made this bag. Me. Made it. With my hands. It has been my go-to every day handbag since the workshop with Leather Needle Thread back in February, and I have since made another to add to the growing collection.

Plus my little barnet is slowly but surely growing out from its shaven glory a few months previous. This is 6 months of growth from a grade 2, and to be perfectly honest there have been times this past week where I’ve considered shaving it all off again. I’m pretty confused about what to do with it next, so if you’ve got any suggestions, I’m all ears.

This dress is most certaintly earning its keep, as it has been out no less than three times this past weekend, and am sure will be a staple for me to survive another dreaded English summer… *shudder*.

This post contains affiliate links. Photos by the lovely Lyzi.

leather needle thread bristol
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Crafting My Own Handbag with Leather Needle Thread

I love learning new things. I relish nothing more than sitting down and taking the time to learn a new skill; be it dip pen and ink illustration, crochet, or even using an app to learn Welsh (dych chi eisiau mynd i’r dafarn?), it seems my brain is in constant need for some brand new information from time to time.

I’d been following Leather Needle Thread for a time on their beautiful Instagram account, and took the opportunity one sunny Friday morning to pop up to Cox & Baloney on the Cheltenham Road to satiate my brain’s nagging cravings for information and teach myself a new skill – making my own leather handbag in Leather Needle Thread’s ‘stitchless’ leathergoods workshop. Read More

castlepak backpack review
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CastlePak Backpack Review

castlepak backpack review

I’ve developed something of a *slight* backpack obsession over the last couple of years. From my trio of Fjallraven Kankens (Mini, Classic and Maxi) which have lasted me pretty well, to my Baggu backpack (which hasn’t lasted me quite so well), I am not complete unless there is a pack on my back. Recently, I stumbled upon a company called CastlePak, who sent me one of their backpacks to road test. Read More

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Tokyo Style / Cul-de-Sac Chic

lily doughball bristol fashion blog tokyo style

It’s nearly been two whole months since I came back from Tokyo… sigh. I’ve been far too distracted by the toils of modern life to even think about looking back at the thousands of photos I took over there, let alone assimilating them into some kind of photo diary I can publish on here for your perusal.

One slice of Japan I have been reliving on a daily basis, however, are these exceptionally comfy baggy pants I picked up whilst I was out there, which have been getting a wearing nearly on the daily. I took them for a spin on a grey Sunday down Tom’s parents cul-de-sac. Fashion! Read More

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Cabot Circus Your5

Newwwww video! I popped along to a special event at Cabot Circus last weekend called ‘Your5‘ – all about picking out pieces to refresh your wardrobe from 5 key trends this summer. It’s better for the environment, better for your wallet, and sometimes all it takes is a new pair of trainers to make you fall in love with an outfit again. Read More

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Birthday Wishlist


It’s my birthday on Monday! Hoorayyyy! Yep, in just a few short days I will be turning the ripe old age of 26, and will be hurtling my way toward my late twenties… *gulp*. In honour of getting a little bit older and potentially a bit wiser, I’ve compiled a few bits and pieces which I’ve been eyeing up over the last few months, which I’m more than likely going to treat myself to this weekend (it’s mainly clothes and Etsy finds, to be perfectly honest). Read More

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Bristol’s Best Bits: Fashion Salvage

Is there any better way to spend a Friday night than popping down to the harbourside to have a glass of wine and a rummage through mountains of vintage clothing with one of your nearest and dearest friends? (Hint: ummmm… no).

A couple of Fridays ago I had the absolute pleasure of attending the second ever ‘Fashion Salvage’ event, a regular evening of fashion upcycling fun hosted by Bristol Textile Recyclers at the Bristol 2015 Lab, right next door to Watershed.

bristol fashion salvage
bristol fashion salvage

The aim of the evening was not just to highlight the wastage that we make on a day to day basis, but also the potential of what can be done when you reuse and recycle instead of buying into fast fashion. We shamefully waste a huge amount of clothing not just every year, but for every passing fashion season – as we purge our wardrobes to make way for that next autumn/winter fashion staple, perfectly good clothing is being mindlessly discarded and often making its way to landfill. When was the last time you seriously thought about recycling your old clothes?

This is where BTR come in – they process a whopping 20 tonnes of clothing every single day in their factory in St Philips, carefully sorting through and grading clothing into different categories. The majority of the clothing BTR take in is sent to Pakistan and central Africa, where traders can then sell on to people who would not ordinarily be able to afford high quality clothing, whilst creating jobs for the people handling the clothing and doing the selling. Nice work, BTR!

The creme de la creme that is sorted from the rest is the tip top vintage and fashion items which are then bought by traders in the UK and Europe, which is what we had the pleasure of sorting through this particular evening.

bristol fashion salvage
bristol fashion salvage

As well as heaps and heaps and racks and racks of clothes to get stuck in to, help was at hand from the clever folks behind Lady Gonzales, to help craft our vintage finds into our perfect pieces to treasure forever. One lady found a gorgeous mermaid-y dress which didn’t quite fit right – a few stitches later and voila! Skirt and jacket combo.

Y’all know me – I ADORE vintage clothing. I’d estimate probably 70% of my clothes are either charity shop finds or off my favourite online vintage clothing shop, so I dove in headfirst and came out with some absolute gems. Your first kilo was included in the ticket price, with every kilo after that priced at £6. If you think that a faux fur coat weighs about a kilo, I’d say that’s an absolute bargain! I picked up a faux fur beauty, a gorgeously fugly lemon old lady jumper, a scarf, a throw for my sofa, a skirt and a long Dorothy Perkins dress which makes me look like a vicars wife, which came in just under 3 kilos. I’m sure I’ll reveal them in another post – watch this space 😉

I was having far too much fun to take many photos but I did make a little video, check it out below!

A huuuuuge thanks to BTR for inviting me down to do some rummaging (and eat all of their snacks) – if you want to keep updated as to when the next Fashion Salvage is then make sure you follow them on Facebook!

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Black is the New Black

Dark mornings, fog rolling over the hills on my way to work, crispy leaves blanketing Victoria Park and an insatiable appetite for baked potatoes means one thing – AUTUMN IS HERE, YOU GUYS. As if every lifestyle blog hasn’t been screaming about it for the last month; just a reminder – it’s here!! It’s finally here!

One of my favourite things about the most wonderful time of the year is digging out all of those fabulous knitted items lurking at the back of your wardrobe and unleashing them upon the world. My hideous jumper collection is growing; every time I go to a vintage fair or jumble sale of any kind I just cannot resist. They are my Achilles’ heel. They have been waiting patiently in the drawers for summer to pass and now, finally, they can be free!

black outfit fashion blogger bristol
black outfit fashion blogger bristol
black outfit fashion blogger bristol

Dress – Beyond Retro // Hat – H&M (old – similar here) // Watch – Shore Projects // Bag – Radley Millbank (*) // Shoes – Dr Martens

This jumper dress is one of my absolute favourite items of clothing ever. Partly because it’s shaped like a potato sack and swaddles me in cosy black wool from head to toe, partly because it has snazzy pearl detailing on the shoulders which makes me feel like some kind of knitwear pimp, but mainly because Tom hates it, and nothing gives me more pleasure than wearing ugly knitwear to evoke confusion and digust in other people. #sorrynotsorry

black outfit fashion blogger bristol
black outfit fashion blogger bristol
black outfit fashion blogger bristol radley milibank handbag

Winter is also a legit excuse for dressing head to toe in black. The newest addition to this ensemble is my stunning new Radley handbag (*), which I’m a little giddy with excitement over – a proper grown up lady handbag! I’m in love. It’s super roomy too, so I can fit my camera and all my other bits and bobs in and still have room leftover. Black is the obvious colour of choice for this kind of bag; you just can’t beat the simplicity and style of a black leather handbag.

radley millbank handbag in black
radley millbank handbag in black

Look at iiiiiit. My sunflowers also approve.

Sometimes you have to just take the plunge and invest in those pieces that are going to last a lifetime. This is the first time I’ve ever owned a handbag that I know is going to last more than a few months. It’s probably going to last more than a few years. Plus if it can make a vintage potato-sack-knitwear-pimp dress look good, what’s not to love?

This bag was gifted for purpose of review but all words & opinions are my own.

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Pin Club: October

I love the idea of monthly subscriptions to things. It seems you can sign up to have anything shoved through your letterbox on a regular basis these days – make up, gluten free treats, adorable tiny kawaii things…

I was signed up for Birchbox a year or so ago, but ended up cancelling my subscription because I just wasn’t getting through the products quickly enough – I’ve still got things languishing in my bathroom cupboard!

One thing I’ve been obsessing over lately, however, are patches and pins. Since I bought my Baggu backpack a few months ago I’ve been on a mission to fill every inch of space with colourful enamel and embroidery. So when I discovered a subscription service that will send you one perfectly formed, lovingly designed pin in the post every month, it didn’t take much to convince me to sign up.

pin club reveal october 2015
pin club reveal october 2015

Ahhhh! To say I was excited about opening up this package is just a little bit of an understatement. Halloween (and autumn in general) is my favourite time of the year, so a spooky ghost themed anything is a winner in my books, and this little chap is adorable.

Pin Club subscriptions open on the 1st of the month at 7am. Sadly I missed the September sign up, but managed to set a reminder on my phone to sign up from October, and did an actual little squeal of joy when this guy arrived! JUST LOOK AT HIM. Wahhh.

pin club reveal october 2015
pin club reveal october 2015

As well as this adorably spooky pin there was an accompanying screenprinted postcard, both designed by awesome illustrator Debbie Greenaway. Check out more of her splendid work here!

Now the only thing I’ve got left to do is figure out where to put this little guy. On my coat? On my backpack? Who knows. If only I had a whole army of ghosties. Sadly this month’s subscription is now sold out, but you can sign up from 1st November for more enamel joy in your letterbox every month.