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January Favourites

(No, this is not Soviet Russia, this is Bristol. I took this snap on my way to work crossing the ‘banana bridge’ in Redcliff, in case you were wondering!)

January is OVER! Hooray! Everyone’s least favourite month has gone; we are now waving a hearty hello to lighter evenings, warmer mornings, and finally getting over our fear of it snowing. My car still has ice on the inside of the windscreen, but I can let that one slide after getting up to all sorts of lovely things in the month of January, including…

Lily Doughball Bristol Lifestyle Blog | January 2015 Favourites
This glittery bad boy from Paperchase // A beautifully picturesque and frosty evening along Bristol Harbour // Easter chocolate cornflake cakes, a few months early // Fancy lunch at Cosy Club Bristol
Lily Doughball Bristol Lifestyle Blog | January 2015 Favourites
Tom bought me a belated Christmas present – tickets to see Mariachi El Bronx! // These lovely prints for sale at the Victoria Park // A new crabby jumper // Wolf cuddles with Emily‘s beautiful direwolf Logan
Lily Doughball Bristol Lifestyle Blog | January 2015 Favourites
This very odd sticker I found in the Cube // The best skirt ever from the Whitepepper // The park looked absolutely stunning in the frost // I messed around with the world’s cutest handbag
Lily Doughball Bristol Lifestyle Blog | January 2015 Favourites
I #tbt’d back to when I could grow stuff in my garden 🙁 // Tom is the best at Saturday brunches – he made shakshouka! // Went home to see the family pooch (and the family, of course) // I got a new bike! 😀

There’s lots of things to look forward to in February – as well as the aforementioned gig it’s also Tom’s birthday, which I’d been hoping we could go on a little weekend break for. Sadly, neither of us have passports, and seeing as his birthday is the day after Valentine’s it’s making it a little tricky to find anywhere last minute! Oh well.

Did you get up to anything fun in January?

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December Favourites & 2015 Goals

I’m absolutely loving reading everyone’s 2014 round up posts at the moment! Especially Megan and her lovely photos, and Lyzi, who generally inspires me to live in a much more adorable and artistic way every day.

I was looking through my Instagram the other week and 2014 really has been quite a year – I’ve moved house twice, took a massive leap of faith in quitting my job because it was making me miserable, starting a brand new shiny one with a small team of lovely folk, and also changing my hair colour a fair bit.

Looking back on my goals I set out at the beginning of the year, I don’t think I’ve done too badly:
1. Get blonde hair again – I did this! It was on my way to getting peach hair, then orange hair, then ginger with blonde ends, and now it’s just… well, I’m not sure what my hair is doing at the moment.
2. Go cycling more often – I still don’t cycle enough. I really want to cycle to work but I’m afraid of a small stretch near Gaol Ferry Bridge where cyclists and pedestrians kind of smush in to one another, and I’m scared of running someone over.
3. Take a trip to Beeses – I still haven’t done this, to my eternal shame and misery.
4. Run more rolls of film through my many disused cameras – I still haven’t done enough of this either – I’ve got a Pentax K1000 which needs testing out, which will be first on my list.
5. Do more craft – I’ve done loads of craft this year! Most recently my first go at needle felting. It’s my ambition to be generally more creative this year, whether through blogging, photography, drawing, needle felting, knitting – it doesn’t matter, as long as I can make some time for it.

Anyway, enough of my vague attempts at last year’s goals, here’s what I’ve squeezed out of the last month of 2014:

December 2014 Favourites
Free chocolate in my ASOS parcel! // Best Christmas tree fairy ever, from clever Jojo who works at Aardman // Amazing hot chocolate from the Bristol German Christmas market // Our friend’s lovely winter wedding
December 2014 Favourites
It was ‘Christmas’ jumper and roast day at Aardman, the best day ever! // I made my own Christmas jumper and went on a blustery harbourside walk // We put the tree up, which meant the return of elephant-Santa
December 2014 Favourites
Bought a lovely Pogues-themed card from Berny’s Place // Wore my Hufflepuff house pride on this spectacular shirt I found at Primark // Had the most awesome work Christmas do ever, with chocolate making at Clifton Cakes
December 2014 Favourites
Was given a fantastic book about kittens with this chap in it // Went home and saw the dog in her elf outfit // Gifted the best pair of slippers ever for Christmas // … and the best cookbook ever!
December 2014 Favourites
Went on a day out to the beautiful Clifton village // Found an amazing Mexican shop in the arcade and bought these awesome tiles // Baked some ultimate comfort food // Wore my ‘David Blaine’ shoes for a pizza date

Of course, with it being new year and all, it is tradition to make some new goals for the next 12 months, and so they are as follows:

1. Use my disused cameras
Ok, so this is a recycled resolution, but I really need to start using some of the cameras that I’ve been hoarding for so many years. There’s that famous William Morris quote – “Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful”. This keeps rattling around in my head whenever I glance across the shelves; they certainly are beautiful, but they deserve to be useful, too.

2. Explore more bits of Bristol
I’ve moved to yet another bit of Bristol I haven’t quite explored properly, so my starting point is to find my way around Totterdown and Windmill Hill properly, and then move further afield to St Philips (and the awesome market), maybe all the way out to Clevedon to the Curzon cinema, then on to Greenbank and Easton where loads of my friends live, and absolutely love it.

3. See more live music
There is so much going on in Bristol – from comedy gigs at the Hen & Chicken, films at the Arnolfini, the Watershed and the Cube, and music at the Fleece, the Louisiana, the O2 Academy, the Thekla, the Exchange, the Old Duke… you name it! I want to soak up as much of this local musical goodness as I can, seeing as it’s right on my doorstep. I’d love to go to more big gigs in the capital too – I’ve already got tickets for Ed Sheeran in Wembley in July (and am eyeing up The Script tickets at The O2 for a potential birthday gift for Tom’s mum), plus it’s my ambition to go to at least one alternative summer festival this year. My eye’s on you, Secret Garden Party!

4. Learn a new skill
I loved learning to needle felt. It’s been on my list of things to try out for absolutely ages, and I genuinely felt I’d achieved something in ticking it off. I want to be able to add another string to my bow this year, but I’m not entirely sure what yet – learn how to swim properly (I would totally drown if I fell off a boat), learn how to make my own clothes, learn a new language… basically, this is just an excuse to do some more courses at the Folk House.

That’s all I can think of at the moment! I suppose to make it a nice round 5, the last one can be to make 2015 a right good’un. What are your own ambitions for 2015?

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November Favourites

It’s that time again! Time to round up all the fabulous things which made me happy in the month of November. It’s pretty important to take a step back and realise little things which make you smile – recently I’ve been pretty mardy thanks to a combination of early starts, horrible cold weather and the development of a pretty nasty sniffle. If I could just hibernate with a tub of ice cream and a load of old Christmas films that would be great 🙂

Anywho, here are the things which have made me happiest in November:

November 2014 Favourites | Lily Doughball Bristol Lifestyle Blog

I ate a mahoosive Chelsea bun // Found an awesome sign on the way to work // Found fireworks names rather amusing // Wore a bow tie… and liked it.

November 2014 Favourites | Lily Doughball Bristol Lifestyle Blog

Put the mint strap back on my beautiful Shore Projects watch // Went shoe shopping in Dr Martens Bristol // Did some illustrations with my new art supplies

November 2014 Favourites | Lily Doughball Bristol Lifestyle Blog

Went to the Keds Swing Dance Ball (and made my first vlog!) // Tested out Pact coffee //  Had some delicious food at TGI Fridays // Found my perfect pair of winter boots

November 2014 Favourites | Lily Doughball Bristol Lifestyle Blog

Found a little man in my gingerbread latte // Wore some pretty spectacular Christmas glasses // Had one of the tastiest burgers ever from Five Guys // Went to the beautiful Marks and Spencers Christmas event at Cribbs Causeway!

November 2014 Favourites | Lily Doughball Bristol Lifestyle Blog

I was on the radio! Catch up here // Had the most delicious patisserie at Curtis & Bell on North St // Had our first proper fire! // Did some Christmas shopping at Swindon Designer Outlet.

I cannot wait for Christmas now! Hurry up December, three weeks can’t go fast enough.

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October Favourites

Pinch, punch, first of the month! Sadly my favourite month of the year is now over, but by jove it’s been a good ‘un. Let’s look back at my favourite bits of last month, shared through the magical medium of Instagram.

October 2014 Favourites
I got very excited at buying my first autumnal treat, a pumpkin! // October 3rd marked the second best date of the year, International Mean Girls Day // I made mulled cider // I made some awesome green freezer soup

October 2014 Favourites
Sobeys on Park St has the best wallpaper in the universe, which includes pina colada drinking badgers // me and Emily took a trip to Mack Daddys to get our fringes cut, woo! // we went to a roller disco (where Tom broke his ankle, oops!) // Saturday Night Takeaway

October 2014 Favourites
I went on a little excursion to the capital on a very foggy day // baked some healthy banana bread // bought some awesome Halloween fairy lights from Ikea // fell in love with the most perfect pair of boots on the planet, from Duo!

October 2014 Favourites
my two new favourite Nakd bar flavours // baby pints at the best pub in Bristol // I went on a trip to Westonbirt to kick through some leaves and feel all autumnal // put some jazzy new laces in my favourite pair of Dr Martens

October 2014 Favourites
I got my nails re-did! Painted in a very Halloween pumpkin orange // root beer float at Byron burger // Pizza Mondays at the Hen & Chicken // last but not least, I got to wear all my favourite Mexican things as I dressed up as a Day of the Dead skull for the most awesome Halloween party ever.

So that’s it – October 2014, you’ve been awesome. Until next year. Goodbye favourite month, farewell, and adieu.

I hope your October was just as fun as mine!

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September Favourites

It’s October! Yay! To celebrate the start of my favourite month of the year, let’s look back at the awesome things which happened during the month of September…

Lily Doughball September 2014 Favourites

I went to the Neal’s Yard Organic Beauty evening // got a beautiful new watch from Shore Projects // did a dip pen and ink class at the Folk House // had a healthy breakfast

Lily Doughball September 2014 Favourites

Had the best dinner ever at Ikea // was treated to an entire box of cheese // had my first PSL of the year // tried out some new flavours of my favourite snack, Nakd bars

Lily Doughball September 2014 Favourites

Blog Club was at Trunki HQ this month! // had a blogging brunch date // last but not least, went to the awesome Bristol Fashion Week for A/W 2014, pics to follow soon!

I’ve been slowly but surely ticking things off on my autumnal bucket list, but there’s still a fair few to go. October being my favourite month and all, my plan for this month is to indulge in as many of my favourite things as possible, which sounds alright to me!

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August Favourites

Well this one’s a wee bit late! I’ve been a bit busy, in my defence. Last weekend we went away to a festival, which I will tell you all about in due course, and this evening I was being spoilt rotten at an organic beauty event, pics to follow!

Here are the things which made the last month of summer pretty darn magical:


Taco Tuesdays (not actually on Tuesday), whereby we utilised our brand new slow cooker // went to visit my family in Cheltenham and popped over to the beautiful Pump Rooms for a dog show! // channelled my inner Molly Ringwald (kinda) // prepared for the imminent zombie apocalypse




Best meat pun ever // Best leggings ever, featuring best Adventure Time character ever // took a stroll in the beautiful park right on my front doorstep // stopped for a cheeky pint in a pub with a view


Went for dinner with the lovely Emily and met Puggy! // beer in the sunshine // had an awesome lock-in at Lush Cribbs // ate some beans we grew in our garden!


Made some excellent food choices, including black pudding for a bar ‘snack’ // midnight cheese on toast // a massive Bank Holiday Sunday feast // best breakfast ever

I still can’t quite believe that we are somehow in September already, although I sure am glad of the change in weather, and can’t wait for autumn to start properly. The days seem to be running away with me at the moment so in between all of the unpacking and sorting out our new place I’m going to have to make some time to enjoy all the things I love about this time of the year :).

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June Favourites

The end of June is nearly upon us! As is tradition here on my little bloglet, I have collected together a few of my favourite things from the last month:

lily doughball favourites june

Brand new phone case with a silly picture of my dog courtesy of Mr Nutcase // Treats at Loungers // New hair colour!

lily doughball favourites june

Birthday treats! Presents, and a massive sandwich from legendary Brunel’s Buttery // Grillstock fun!

lily doughball favourites june

Midweek cocktails at Browns // Some very lovely treats from Onken (post coming soon!) // Working more shifts at the Cube // I spied my first hot air balloon!

lily doughball favourites june


lily doughball favourites june

I went on a lovely lady date with some of the Blog Club team // bought some ridiculous wellies for Glastonbury // drank some lovely summery cocktails // got a lovely present from Cabot Circus for the festival season!

Well, it certainly was a pretty busy month, and I’ve got another busy one in July, and another festival at the end of August! I’ll be quite relieved (if slightly sad) when summer is over!

Psssst! Have you entered my giveaway yet?

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May Favourites

It’s that time again, the one we all know and love, yes it’s the time to recap all the awesome things which happened in the merry month of May!

May has been a good ‘un – or it certainly seems that way, as I have taken far more photos than usual, perhaps with the persistence to document things all the more apparent what with all the fun things happening and all. There doesn’t seem to have been a weekend which hasn’t been full with endless things to do, which makes the time go all the more faster.

Without further ado, here are my favourite things which happened this past month:

may favourites 2014 lily doughball


favourite things from may 2014 bristol

We had an evening out at the tipis in Queens Square for Eat Drink Bristol Fashion // we went on a lovely trip down the canal at Bradford-on-Avon, to look for some boats // I got to take my favourite handbag for a spin at the South West Business Awards with work // Burts Chips decided to deliver hundreds of bags of crisps to my workplace! // Eurovision was particularly good this year // I started A Beautiful Mess‘ ‘Blog Life’ e-course // I started volunteering at the Cube cinema // we celebrated Lyzi’s birthday with an awesome party and BBQ in her back yard

favourites from may 2014 lily doughball bristol

lily doughball blog favourites may 2014 food bristol

Finally, ALL. THE. FOOD.

I have eaten so much in these past couple of weeks, it has been truly fabulous. I always thought that I was much more of a ‘winter cuisine’ type of person – cosying up with a baked potato or a casserole of some kind, but over the last couple of weeks I really have been loving this early taste of summer, binging on strawberries, scones and salads with ridiculous toppings.

First it was strawberries and clotted cream // then a mini Fab at my parent’s house (reminding me just how much I love Fabs) // I created an epic summer banquet for a Sunday lunch // some absolute angel left a whole BUCKET of rhubarb for the taking at work // Yo! Sushi dinner date // the spectacular brunch I helped to organise, which went down really well // my new favourite infatuation – black pudding. Yes, black pudding. Nom.

I can’t quite wait for June, mainly because it’s my birthday (woo!), which I will be spending at the mighty Grillstock festival, then it’s Glastonbury at the end of the month!

Bring it on!

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April Favourites

If I’m honest, I think this is fast becoming my favourite post to write – obviously I love everything I plan and write for the blog, but it’s nice to look back over the month and remember the little things. Plus these round up posts are some of my favourites to read over on other blogs – probably just me being nosey!

April was pretty busy; I still have things in the back of my mind which I have yet to blog about, but nevertheless there were more than enough exciting things on here! The biggest of these has to be my fancy lunch at Pizza Express, plus of course my very first giveaway! Winner will be announced on Twitter soon.

As well as all the blog excitement, this month I have been enjoying:

photo 2

BATH IN FASHION! We got to go on a ‘trend scavenger hunt’, plus I got to hang out with a bunch of awesome ladies.

photo 1

Our first trip to the Cube // I got my favourite print framed properly // I attended the Betties & Baldwins launch party // First ice cream of the year!


We clung desperately on to the sunshine // I wore my Torpatoffeln clogs out to cocktails with Lyzi and got a bit tipsy and stomped around and nearly fell over a lot // I got a very sweet letter from Innocent Smoothies to say thanks for my little hats // I am currently sitting here blogging drinking a mug of this chocolatey deliciousness!

Hope you all had similarly lovely Aprils, here’s to a fabulous May.

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March Favourites

It’s April! Ermagerd! Wherever has the time gone?! Seems like yesterday I was writing the February Favourites, well here I am again with my favourite things from the month of March:

march favourites lily doughball

My mum and brother popped down to Bath and took me for a surprise lunchtime cuppa // I had Lucky Charms nearly every day for breakfast // I got a mini Mario in my Happy Meal // I made some awesome flower fairy lights // We went to the museum for my brothers birthday and saw all the stuffed animals // I got to try on this fabulous hat by Victoria Grant

march favourites lily doughball

I got to see my favourite Bristolian blogger faces at a cocktail night hosted by Gina // This tip jar made me chuckle // I had a mega-happiness afternoon where I bought a new (vintage) pair of shoes which make me feel like Tigerlily, I had the best soft drink ever, and I bought a new camera! Phew! // Last but not least, I keep dreaming of the awesome noodles at Baowow


You may have noticed, if you follow me on Instagram, that I have started participating in the 100 Happy Days photo challenge. When I first spotted the hashtag on Instagram and looked it up I thought it sounded pretty stupid – surely, I thought, this is just an excuse for people to share yet MORE photos of their kids/pets/food that no one wants to see? But then I gave it a go, and hey, I might post copious amounts of photos of my dinner or other such like which may be of little interest to anyone else, but I’m finding it really rewarding to remember the little things which made me happy every day. I may have missed a couple of days here and there, but for the most part, I’m doing pretty well! You can search for my photos using the #doughballs100happydays hashtag.

Let’s hope I keep it up throughout April! It’s going to be a busy one, we’re having a little holiday just after Easter! I can’t wait.

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February Favourites

Well, I know February is a short month but it really does feel like it’s flown by. I like doing these round up posts; it reminds me that I do actually have a whole month full of fun things that I enjoy doing, even if it does feel like time is moving too quickly to appreciate it. I’ve recently signed up for the #100happydays challenge so I’ll see how I get on with that – next month is going to be a mammoth round up post!



I knitted a little house for Briswool // I fell in love with a crepe // I bought two new lipsticks and took a lot of pictures of my face // Valentines weekend was full of dog lamps and cupcakes // MOAR BAGELS // Yellow legs and Nikes // We ate some Japanese food // Tom proved he is a better wife than I am // We moved house! // and finally, this weekend (technically not February) was the #BrizBlogMeet, expect a post very soon!

Can’t wait for the weather to pick up so I can start appreciating spring more, I think March just might be my second favourite month.

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October Favourites

Hey, I know I’m a little slow off the mark with this one, but here are a few things which have made my October happy, through the medium of Instagram.

atomic burger bristol

We went for some filthy (but delicious) junk food at Atomic Burger.

giant lotto ball

I saw a massive Lotto ball smashed into the side of M Shed.

flamingo on a train

We went for a trip to Coco de Mer in London and I made a new friend on the train home.

treats from coco de mer

We were also given some lovely goody bags.

text from landlady

We got a visit from a pirate boat, which was moored up next to us for a couple of days.

cinnamon rolls

I made some cinnamon rolls.

pretty nostalgic gathering

I went to the beautiful Pretty Nostalgic gathering at the gorgeous Kingsweston House.

roller derby referee

We had a Halloween roller derby scrimmage – even the refs were dressed up!

sugar skull make up

I dressed as a sugar skull for Halloween. I had a full sized sombrero and everything.

invisible circus bristol

And last but not least, we went to an absolutely amazing show at the Invisible Circus for Halloween – Under the Dark Moon. It turned out my friend Dela was in it, and she was awesome!

October is by far my favourite month and despite a few stressful weeks at work I’ve had some pretty fun weekend adventures!

What did you get up to last month?

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