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Summer Menu at No. 1 Harbourside

(I’m squeeeezing this one in right at the tail-end of summer. Sorry pals.)

A few weeks ago me and Tom went on a date night along the harbourside; the evening consisted of dinner at No. 1 Harbourside, testing out their freshly-revamped menu, followed by a very dense David Lynch doco at the Watershed. How very romantic. Read More

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Cargo 2 Launch: Gopal’s Curry Shack

The Bristol food scene is bursting at the seams with new places to try out at the moment, and with the addition of a new destination on the harbourside, I’ve got my work cut out for me in the coming months! Hot off the heels of Cargo on the steps of Wapping Wharf comes its cool, hip cousin – Cargo 2 opened its doors less than a month ago, and myself and some other intrepid food bloggers popped along to see what it was all about. Read More

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Bristol’s Best Bits: Wrigglin’ at Club Haus

Hey there Bristol’s Best Bits, it’s been a while! I didn’t forget about you, I promise. I just have been mad busy lately and haven’t had the chance to do my weekly explore around the city. Sad times.

Last Wednesday however, myself and the boy were fixed to see the ever-so-lovely Sweet Baboo at the Thekla (here he is doing awesome stuff around Bristol in my favourite music video ever), and were in need of some grub to tide us over before the gig. I took this opportunity to finally test out the awesome Wriggle app, and tick another trendy waterside hot spot off my bucket list – the new Club Haus on Welsh Back.

club haus bristol
inside club haus bristol

Located underneath Vivo Gym, this is far more than your run of the mill sports club cafe. Inside has a trendy 90s gym class vibe (I actually can’t believe I just wrote that, brb while I scrub my fingers clean of hipster douchebaggery) and has a cute little terrace with a lovely waterside view. What’s more, they’ve got some fantastic grub and drinks on offer, and run regular deals, which we were about to take full advantage of!

curry club at club haus bristol menu
curry night at club haus bristol
wriggle app bristol

If you pop along to Club Haus on a Wednesday evening, you can get a gert tasty curry and a bottle of beer or glass of wine for just 5 of the Queen’s English pounds! That’s cheaper than Wetherspoons, and a hell of a lot tastier. We had a lamb dhansak and a chicken korma, and while not 100% authentic Indian cuisine, it was still completely delicious, and a generously sized portion perfect to wash down with a cold beverage.

Plus if you use the awesome Wriggle app, you can take advantage of a cheeky offer they have running and get curry, beer plus naan bread and bhaji for just a fiver, saving yourself a couple of quid. I was absolutely amazed at how quick and easy it was to use, you just pop in your payment details and it gives you a code to exchange for tasty tasty curry. If you refer a friend you can also tot up Wriggle credit, which you can exchange for more grub! WINNER WINNER CHICKEN (CURRY) DINNER.

Let me know if you spot any awesome Wriggle deals! We can be brunch buddies.

This post is in no way sponsored by anyone, I just like the chaps who run Wriggle… and curry.