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Jeez Louise, the busy week continues! Hence the radio silence on the blog – we’re leaving the boat and it’s proving very difficult to find a new flat. The search continues.

Any who, I managed to find time a couple of weeks ago to attend a knitting workshop at the M Shed, to participate in a new community craft project called Briswool.


This genius project is the brainchild of Vicky Harrison, who runs the fabulous Paper Village shop on North Street. The idea is to create a completely crafted model of Bristol – complete with true Bristolian landmarks like Ashton Court and the Thekla – all made by creative members of the community.

The model will be entirely made of textiles, either knitted, crocheted or needle felted. If you want to get involved you have until the end of March to crochet or felt or knit your Bristol creations – the final piece will be exhibited at M Shed amongst other places; there’s even talk of a documentary in the pipeline!


We were knitting little multicoloured Totterdown houses at our workshop, and whilst working away we got a delivery of pale coloured houses all knitted by one lady, which will be making up the Cliftonwood area. I’ve included a pattern at the end of this post for shops – same as the houses but with a taller space for the shop name, of course!

It’s not just shops and houses that are needed, there’s room for boats, trees, even balloons! If you want more information then you can contact Vicky – – or pop into her shop Paper Village, just up from the Hen and Chicken on North Street.

So what are you waiting for Bristolians? Get involved!


Bristol shop – Knitting Pattern

1 pair of 3.50 needles (if you use smaller or larger keep an eye on your tension and gauge)
1 50 gram ball of DK yarn for (house colour)
1 small ball of white for shop sign
1 small ball of DK yarn (roof colour)
darning/wool needle

Variety of threads/wool for decorating shop with windows, doors and drain pipes

10 stitches by 16 rows
5 by 5 cm square
2 by 2 inch
Stocking stitch

Size of shop
6 by 12 by 19 cm when stuffed

Sts – Stitches
K – Knit
P – Purl
CO – Cast off

Cast on 28 Sts, preferably cable cast on.

Row 1: K row
Row 2: P row. This sets stocking stitch.
Continue in stocking stitch for 30 rows or until it measures 10 cm, end wrong side facing. Change to white yarn from shop sign continue for 7 rows or when measures 2cm whole shop front should measure 12cm.

Add in new colour for the roof P 1 row and then K 1 row this sets stocking Stitch continue for 3 rows. Every 4th row P 1 row. (P1 row, Knit 1 row, P1 row and Purl 1 row) Continue for a total of 28 rows or until the roof measures 8 ½ cm ending on a P row on right side facing. Break off roof colour.

Bring in main colour for the back of the shop.
K 1 row and then P 1 row.
Continue in stocking stitch for 37 rows or until it measures 12 cm, end wrong side facing. (purl row)

You are now going to knit the bottom of the house
Change the front to purl side facing by purling a knit row and then continue in Stocking stitch with wrong side front facing. Continue for a total of 26 rows or until the bottom measures 8 ½ cm. CO all sts.

Sides of the shop. Repeat 2 times.

Cast on 22 Sts in cable cast on.
1st row: k1, p1, k18, p1, k1
2nd row: p1, k1, p18, k1, p1 this sets the pattern for the rest of the piece.
Continue for 30 rows or until it measures 10 cm. The purl side is the side that should be right side facing when sewing up the house.
CO all Sts.

Sew up the shop using mattress stitch leaving a gap for the house to be stuffed. Stuff, sew up last little bit and then decorate. Yay you’ve got a sweet little house! Don’t forget the sides are purl side facing out.
This a a basic pattern for a shop please feel free to adapt. I’d love to see your shops. If you have any suggestions for how the pattern could improve please let me know.
For questions or help email Elise:

This pattern is for use of Briswool and is copyright Elise Hurcombe

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The Big Knit

Just a quick one to update you all on the craft front!


There’s not been much time in my life at the moment for crafty things but one thing I have made time for is to join in with Innocent’s annual Big Knit.

Every year Innocent drinks ask crafty people to join in and knit thousands of tiny hats to adorn their smoothie bottles, and for every bottle they sell they donate 25p to Age UK.

I was happy to hear that they had extended their deadline this year, so I had time to rustle up three little hats using their ‘doddle’ pattern to send off to them. Sadly their deadline is tomorrow, so if you are hoping to join in then I’m afraid it’s too late (unless you are a super fast knitter, and have access to some kind of Superman-speed courier service).

I have to admit I was a little bit sad putting them in the post to send off to Innocent HQ, as I had grown pretty fond of them. However before sending them off my work mate in the studio had a bit of fun with them!

hats on banana

It’s nice to know that I am doing my bit to help out old people, and I had such fun knitting them. If you still want to make a donation to the cause, then you can text ‘knit’ to 70004 to donate £3. Or maybe get cracking on your hats for next year!

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How I learned to stop worrying and love crochet


So… Remember how I said I hated crochet? I changed my mind.

I didn’t do it all by myself. My friends Liz and Emily (aka Velizeraptor and Gremilyn) came over to the boat yesterday for a cuppa, a bit of cake, but far more importantly – Liz was on a mission to teach us how to crochet. She is a bit of a crochet wizard, so I was looking forward to finally being able to do it.

At knitting club I had really tried to learn it but had decided that I fundamentally did not enjoy crochet; I didn’t understand it and I wasn’t going to try. I thought there might be something incompatible about my hand and the needles which somehow made it not work, which I found out wasn’t a million miles off, which I will get to in a minute.



Firstly, I got quite excited as Liz had put together a little crochet package for both of us, including our very own rainbow coloured crochet hooks! She had planned on us both crocheting a little mug cosy, but we didn’t quite get that far. It was a bit of a shaky start for me, my hands really are incompatible with crochet – I’m left handed, and prefer to hold the needle from underneath (as opposed to from above, aka ‘pen’ vs ‘knife’).

However, after at least a couple of hours and some very patient teaching, I FINALLY got it, and managed to rattle off a couple of test patches, one of which I’m sure is passable for a mug cosy. The yarn we used was lovely, it’s a cotton yarn made by Adriafil, and it comes in awesome bright colours.


My mind is beginning to unravel (pun completely intended) and I’ve been excitedly searching Ravelry and Pinterest for patterns and things which I’m able to do at this stage.

One day I will also be a crochet wizard.
If you have any ideas please do let me know!

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