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A Peek at the New Lush Cribbs Causeway

Oh Lush. Who doesn’t love Lush?! Bloggers are forever swooning and fawning at their awesome seasonal collections, and rightly so, in my humble opinion. I remember saving up all my money as a kid to splurge it all at once in Lush, buying slabs of Fluffy Blue Clouds bubble bath and the biggest bits of Alkmaar soap that my little pennies could afford.

My habits haven’t changed much since then, and a few weeks ago, shortly before Christmas, myself and a handful of other lucky bloggers were invited up to have a sneaky peek at the brand new Lush Cribbs Causeway store. Read More

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Festival Essentials Packing List

It’s June! Glastonbury kicks off next Wednesday! I can’t quite believe it’s been a whole year since I was frantically buying wellies and rain ponchos and enough sunscreen to sink a ship (and I STILL got sunburn!). Sadly I won’t be attending Glastonbury 2015 – I have to wait til End of the Road in September to do my festival-ing – but I’ve compiled a few bits and pieces which I can’t do without to help you lucky folk attending Glasto get through the weekend in style.

festival essentials packlist for glastonbury

Statement clothing

It just wouldn’t be a festival without some jazzy festival gear to wear! Upgrade your bumbag to this fruity little number from festival legends Merrimaking – because why not carry your suncream and loose change around in half a watermelon?! For all of those everyday festival fashion staples, turn to two of the best upcyclers in town – the awesome Duvet Days, and brilliant Bristol-based Fix Up Look Sharp, who are driving their festival bus to Glastonbury this coming week.

Duvet Days is a London-based clothing label run by my mate Emma, who upcycles your old 80s Rainbow Brite bedsheets into fabulous one-of-a-kind pieces, whose loose fit and comfortable style is perfect for strutting around any festival in. She fashioned a fugly 1960s duvet I had been carting around from house to house into the most awesome outfit – watch this space for an outfit post! These Mickey Mouse trousers were promised to someone else, but keep your eye on their Facebook page to see what might pop up.

A staple on the Bristol upcycling scene are the ever-brilliant Fix Up Look Sharp, who take your unwanted garments and fashion them into something new, all in the name of raising pennies for Clic Sergeant. Their bus full of treasures will be at Glastonbury, but if you’re heading to a different festival this summer, find more delights (such as these amazing floral dungarees) over on their website.

Toiletry essentials

Stay clean, peeps! Festival toilets are notoriously horrendous, and the beautiful long-drops at Glastonbury are no exception. Hand sanitiser is an absolute must, and my all time favourite is this gorgeous smelling Pink Grapefruit Hand Gel from the Body Shop. Keeps your mitts clean and smelling fruity fresh. It goes without saying that dry shampoo is another must-have in your festival survival kit, and everyone knows that Batiste are head and shoulders above the rest (ha!). My favourite scent is their tropical coconut, but they’ve got heaps of different flavours – take your pick!

I got pretty badly burnt in the queue on the way in to Glasto last year, don’t make the same mistake as me! To keep you protected plus perfectly smooth, soft, and dry, I love Lush’s Powdered Sunscreen. This clever little bottle is no ordinary talc – packed with soothing calamine powder it helps to mattify the skin and keep it protected all day long. It’s perfect for using as a setting powder on your face so you’ve not got suncream dripping in your eyes (yep, another fail – I had to go to the medical tent and everything) or for when you want to reduce that icky sticky feeling right after putting your cream all over your body.

Wet weather essentials

We all know the British summer weather can be reliably unpredictable, no more so than during Glasto. Last year it rained so much that our tent sank in the mud, and we had to spend the last two nights sleeping in a church. Moral of that story is pack a better tent, but it also helps to be prepared to be trudging around in the wet weather in the daytime too.

Y’all need to invest in a couple of things – firstly, some kind of poncho to protect you from the torrential downpours. These cheery numbers are known as Kigoules, and are made by the same people behind those adorable animal shaped onesies. My favourite is this duck fella – plus you can pack him down into a little bumbag-sized pouch for when the sun finally makes an appearance.

Secondly, you need to get your hands on a decent pair of waterproof shoes, and I mean something better than wellies. I have fallen head over heels for these Palladium Pampa ‘Puddles’ Boots in this awesome bright green colour. As well as being fabulously stylish, they are also lightweight and can keep your toes dry, like little anoraks for  your feet!

On a related note, these guys recently got in touch to let me know about their ace City Explorers series, where they’re travelling round 8 different Europe hot spots in a couple of months to see what makes each city tick. They’ve just released this achingly cool video about the music scene in Bristol (Stokes Croft in particular) so if you fancy it, give it a watch, or read their brilliant article here.

Palladium Boots sent me the video because they thought it would be nice to give a little shout out to my city, but all words and opinions in this post are entirely my own.

Have a gert lush time at Glastonbury, me babbers!

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Spring Preview at Lush Bath Spa


With the excitement of Valentine’s Day out of the way, it’s time to start looking forward to all those other pointless wonderful calendar events coming up, and start getting excited about spring! Lush always manages to know exactly how to cater for every event, plus we have the excitement of a new bundle of goodies just in time for each season. I was lucky enough to be invited along to the shiny new spa store in Bath (which is BEAUTIFUL) for a look at what’s new for the spring.


The new range certainly does not disappoint. There are flowers – LOTS of flowers. A gorgeous new bath bomb, Secret Garden, is quite literally stuffed with a magical centre which bursts with flowers once the floral fragranced outer has fizzed away, and it’s truly beautiful. There’s also a few new bubble bars – the African Paradise-scented heart shaped Heart Throb, the psychedelic coloured Purple Haze, plus the downright adorable Mother Superior and Bubblegrub!


As well as loads of product demos happening on the night, we had the chance to make our own products! Here is the lovely Emily making a Big Blue bath bomb, which was a lot harder than it looks. Sadly there was no bath bomb mixture left when me and Steph got there, but they popped out back and came out with another mysterious box, and we got to make their awesome orange-scented Sunnyside bubble bar. Mine was a grotesque heart shaped blob, but kudos to the chap who worked in Lush, who made a pretty good resemblance to Jake from Adventure Time!


It goes without saying that regardless of who you’re treating this spring, be it yourself or your mam, Lush have got you covered. I really recommend popping in to the new Bath store as well, it’s vast and absolutely beautiful. I can’t wait until their spa opens in the summer! I’ve got my eye on the Good Hour massage.

Thank you so much to Lush Bath Spa for the invitation, I had such a lovely evening testing out all the gorgeous new products! What’s your favourite Lush product?