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Finding Gems in Unexpected Places

This post is in collaboration with Simply Be.

As I’ve begun to minimise my possessions over the last few months, including scrutinising everything which enters my wardrobe (and leaves it), I’ve found myself stuck in a bit of a rut clothing-wise. I’ve begun to favour buying everything in the colour black, if only to be sure that it won’t clash with anything else. It’s made getting ready in the morning in the last few weeks pretty tricky; I’ve begun to play a game of ‘which item will make me least hot and uncomfortable today?’ and inevitably losing every single time. Damn you, summer! Read More

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Summer Goth

Oh look! An outfit post. It’s been a while since I done one o’ them.

I don’t take naturally to the summer months. It baffles me when people celebrate the return of hot weather – I am in my element on a cold, bright day. I panic when the weather gets warmer because I am incredibly uncomfortable in any form of summer fashion; it’s taken me years to try and find something I’m happy wearing in the summer (and it’s usually jeans and a shirt). Once a goth, always a goth, eh?

This is how I deal with this kind of weather #onceagothalwaysagoth #isitwinteryet

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Having said that, I got this new brightly-coloured dress in the post the other day all the way from MEXICO. I am completely in love with it; seeing as this embroidered flower thing is *all the rage* these days, I wanted to pay homage to where this trend might have originated from, and so located myself a proper puebla dress from a lovely lady in Durango.

lily doughball puebla embroidered dress
flower embroidered mexican dress

My good pal Lyzi took these snaps when we were pottering around in Bath for the day on Friday. I’ve given up on looking cute in outfit photos and so have embraced the ‘I dunno’ kind of half arsed look which I seem to do so well (just like Lyzi and her little look over the shoulder), and also the standard cursory glance at my shoes. Y’know, to check they are still there. I feel these are my signature poses.

I’ve taken to wearing a lot of black recently; there is something to be said for the graceful melancholic elegance of an all-black outfit, and it’s been informing my recent fashion purchases more and more, as if my 15 year old goth psyche is slowly working its way back to the forefront of my brain. I noticed in Japan that people wore a lot of black and tended to look very made up from just a few simple pieces – wide leg trousers, a box cut top, a long coat of some sort, and depending on your age, either trainers or kitten heels.

This dress comes in a veritable rainbow of colours, of which orange was up there on my list, but I thought black just brought out my glowing pale skin that bit more, plus it makes those flowers POP.

lily doughball bristol fashion blogger
mexican puebla dress and leather handbag

Dress: Etsy // Jacket: Urban Outfitters (similar here) // Shoes: H&M (or there are some dreamy ones from Boden here) // Handbag: HANDMADE!!
I am still obsessed with my handbag which I MADE – did I mention I made it? I made this bag. Me. Made it. With my hands. It has been my go-to every day handbag since the workshop with Leather Needle Thread back in February, and I have since made another to add to the growing collection.

Plus my little barnet is slowly but surely growing out from its shaven glory a few months previous. This is 6 months of growth from a grade 2, and to be perfectly honest there have been times this past week where I’ve considered shaving it all off again. I’m pretty confused about what to do with it next, so if you’ve got any suggestions, I’m all ears.

This dress is most certaintly earning its keep, as it has been out no less than three times this past weekend, and am sure will be a staple for me to survive another dreaded English summer… *shudder*.

This post contains affiliate links. Photos by the lovely Lyzi.

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Tokyo Style / Cul-de-Sac Chic

lily doughball bristol fashion blog tokyo style

It’s nearly been two whole months since I came back from Tokyo… sigh. I’ve been far too distracted by the toils of modern life to even think about looking back at the thousands of photos I took over there, let alone assimilating them into some kind of photo diary I can publish on here for your perusal.

One slice of Japan I have been reliving on a daily basis, however, are these exceptionally comfy baggy pants I picked up whilst I was out there, which have been getting a wearing nearly on the daily. I took them for a spin on a grey Sunday down Tom’s parents cul-de-sac. Fashion! Read More

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Black is the New Black

Dark mornings, fog rolling over the hills on my way to work, crispy leaves blanketing Victoria Park and an insatiable appetite for baked potatoes means one thing – AUTUMN IS HERE, YOU GUYS. As if every lifestyle blog hasn’t been screaming about it for the last month; just a reminder – it’s here!! It’s finally here!

One of my favourite things about the most wonderful time of the year is digging out all of those fabulous knitted items lurking at the back of your wardrobe and unleashing them upon the world. My hideous jumper collection is growing; every time I go to a vintage fair or jumble sale of any kind I just cannot resist. They are my Achilles’ heel. They have been waiting patiently in the drawers for summer to pass and now, finally, they can be free!

black outfit fashion blogger bristol
black outfit fashion blogger bristol
black outfit fashion blogger bristol

Dress – Beyond Retro // Hat – H&M (old – similar here) // Watch – Shore Projects // Bag – Radley Millbank (*) // Shoes – Dr Martens

This jumper dress is one of my absolute favourite items of clothing ever. Partly because it’s shaped like a potato sack and swaddles me in cosy black wool from head to toe, partly because it has snazzy pearl detailing on the shoulders which makes me feel like some kind of knitwear pimp, but mainly because Tom hates it, and nothing gives me more pleasure than wearing ugly knitwear to evoke confusion and digust in other people. #sorrynotsorry

black outfit fashion blogger bristol
black outfit fashion blogger bristol
black outfit fashion blogger bristol radley milibank handbag

Winter is also a legit excuse for dressing head to toe in black. The newest addition to this ensemble is my stunning new Radley handbag (*), which I’m a little giddy with excitement over – a proper grown up lady handbag! I’m in love. It’s super roomy too, so I can fit my camera and all my other bits and bobs in and still have room leftover. Black is the obvious colour of choice for this kind of bag; you just can’t beat the simplicity and style of a black leather handbag.

radley millbank handbag in black
radley millbank handbag in black

Look at iiiiiit. My sunflowers also approve.

Sometimes you have to just take the plunge and invest in those pieces that are going to last a lifetime. This is the first time I’ve ever owned a handbag that I know is going to last more than a few months. It’s probably going to last more than a few years. Plus if it can make a vintage potato-sack-knitwear-pimp dress look good, what’s not to love?

This bag was gifted for purpose of review but all words & opinions are my own.

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The Great Boohoo Bake Off

It’s back! The Great British Bake Off returned in all its gluttonous glory last Wednesday, and is set to grace our screens for another week this evening – this week it’s biscuit week. To mark this momentous occassion, I’ve teamed up with to do some baking for the Great Boohoo Bake Off!

baking supplies for the great boohoo bake off

I was sent a box of goodies(*) to rustle up a recipe of my choice to show off my baking skills, and with it being biscuit week this week, I thought what better way to demonstrate my prowess with a piping bag than by whipping up some Nordic-inspired lemon and cardamom cookies?

lemon and cardamom emoji cookies on cute plate
emoji cookies for great british bake off

Lemon and Cardamom Cookies recipe
(adapted from here)

You will need:
– 225g softened butter
– 250g plain flour (plus a bit for dusting)
– 150g caster sugar (I used a mix of caster and granulated and it didn’t matter too much!)
– 85g ground almonds (I whizzed up some flaked almonds in a processor)
– 10-20 cardamom pods, seeds removed and crushed
– Zest of one lemon

Preheat your oven to 190C (175C fan).

Cream the butter and sugar together until light and fluffy. You can use an electric whisk if you like, but I used good ol’ fashioned elbow grease!

Add the lemon zest and cardamom and give it a quick mix.

Tip in the ground almonds and flour and mix until it forms a dough.

Break off walnut sized chunks and pop onto greased lined baking sheets.

Press down on each cookie slightly, or if you have a cookie stamp, use this to make pretty patterns in the dough!

Bake each batch seperately for 12-14 mins, until golden brown.

Transfer to a wire rack to cool, and try not to munch them down until they are cooled completely!

great boohoo bake off cookies

I made use of the little piping bags in my baking kit to attempt to pipe some Nordic patterns on my cookies, but it didn’t quite go as planned. I therefore defaulted back to my primary form of communication – emoji! I only managed two successful attempts but I’m pretty impressed with myself, tbh.

boohoo striped dress outfit post
striped dress denim jacket style
striped dress denim jacket
moxham necklace shore projects watch
Dress – Boohoo (*) // Jacket – H&M (old) // Shoes – Sunjellies // Watch – Shore Projects // Necklace – Moxham

Boohoo were also kind enough to send me this beautiful garment for my troubles, from their awesome selection of summer dresses. I always choose striped patterns over anything else – they’re so easy to dress up or down, and this is definitely one of those day-to-night type dresses that can be styled however you like, whether under a scruffy denim jacket or with a nice pair of heels and a clutch bag. It’s super comfy too, but my only problem is its marvellous ability to accentuate my little pot belly. I need to eat less biscuits, I think!

lily doughball with GBBO biscuits
lily doughball biscuit fail
(in this one they were all about to topple off the plate)

Massive thanks to Boohoo for inviting me to take part in their Great Boohoo Bake Off, and to Tala for the awesome baking supplies. I’ll be settling down in front of the telly with a cuppa and a biccy to watch the Bake Off this evening, how about you?

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Denim & Pineapples

SUMMER! I once was a shunner of summer, preferring the cooler autumn months to the general disgruntled stickiness and sunburn of the summer season, even though my birthday is in June (and birthdays are the BEST). Part of the reason was down to the fact that I just couldn’t find any summery clothes that I felt comfortable in, something which I’ve made it my mission to redress (re-dress.. ha!).

To take my mind off everyone having such an awesome time at Glastonbury without me, I’ve been dressing in a more summery-than-usual fashion recently, particularly in the boiling hot weather we had yesterday. This 90s denim number is fast becoming my new favourite thing ever – it’s floaty and summery and comfortable, and I happened to pick it up for a mere £5 of the Queens at the vintage fair at Paintworks a couple of months ago. WIN WIN!

Lily Doughball UK Summer Fashion outfit
Lily Doughball UK Summer Fashion outfit
Lily Doughball UK Summer Fashion outfit
Lily Doughball UK Summer Fashion outfit
Lily Doughball UK Summer Fashion outfit

Dress – vintage // Shirt – Truffle Shuffle (now out of stock, soz) // Shoes – Heelberry (old) // Necklace – JewelStreet(*)

My shirt is from the awesome Truffle Shuffle but is made by a company called Hero & Cape, whose website is stuffed full of treasures – I’m IN LOVE with this egg print shirt! These highly impractical but beautiful shoes I bought last year from Heelberry, another treasure trove but this time full of cheap cheap ridiculous footwear. I haven’t got half as much wear out of these shoes as I should, on account of my weak ankles, but they are perhaps the most comfortable OTT statement sandals I have ever worn.

My matchy-matchy pineapple necklace is courtesy of Jewel Street, who got in touch and asked me to choose something from the huge amount of gorgeous jewellery on their website. Narrowing down my choices was made simpler by their easier-than-average-to-navigate navigation system, and I whittled it down to this adorable mini pineapple necklace by Fiorelli. It came in it’s own little bag and everything!

Pineapples are most definitely a summer wardrobe staple, and I reckon this ensemble will be making more than one appearance in the coming weeks!

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Finding a Style

Dr Martens Classic Style

I’ve never been particularly fashion-conscious. Even after 24 years of dressing myself, and almost 2 years of putting it on the internet, I have still yet to find what my personal style is. But the thing is, I’m perfectly fine with that. Sure, I do get envious of my super stylish friends from time to time, who have perfected their own way of dressing, but then I remember this quote from curly haired uber American blogger Delightfully Tacky which seemed to sum up how I feel about personal style:

“One of my favorite things about blogging and personal style is that it’s never locked in to one thing. It can change from day to day and that’s totally ok… I don’t feel the same way every day, so I don’t dress the same way every day… I really enjoy the freedom to wear whatever I want, regardless of whether or not it’s my typical style, or if people expect me to wear it, or if it’s considered “flattering” or not. Nicki Minaj one day, Fleetwood Mac the next, Dita Von Teese the day after that. Who cares!”

I love this. I remember reading it ages ago and had a bit of a lightbulb moment – I think often we tend to get hung up on finding our own personal style and creating a perfect capsule wardrobe that it’s easy to forget that you should just dress to make yourself happy, not others. Love that handbag shaped as a camera? Buy it! Not sure you can pull off a bright yellow fisherman’s coat? Forgeddaboutit. Fancy dressing like a princess? Go for it.

Follow Lily Doble’s board Style on Pinterest.

I’m really trying to pin down exactly what my personal style is at the moment. Looking at my Pinterest board it seems that I have a few recurring themes – bright colours, patterns and collared shirts – which do tend to come across in my wardrobe, but it’s ok to deviate from time to time.

Dr Martens Classic Style
Dr Martens Classic Style
Dr Martens Classic Style

Top & Jeans – Beyond Retro // Shoes – Dr. Martens(*) // Watch – Shore Projects

This top I got from Beyond Retro in their sale last summer, and I love it. I never thought red was a particularly ‘me’ colour, but now I’ve learned not to care. If you want to pair your favourite red shoes with a lace top and mom jeans, then go for it. I won’t judge ya.

Dr. Martens as a brand sum up a true rebellious spirit, and are the pioneers for doing things your own way. I love their Stand For Something campaign, showcasing Dr. Martens wearers all over the globe, their personal style, and what they stand for.

In the spirit of Dr. Martens, I stand for doing things your own way, and dressing for yourself, not others.

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Princess Casual

You might recall that last weekend myself and fellow Blog Club lovelies popped down to the Old Bookshop to sample their awesome roast dinners. Well, I decided to channel my inner princess for the day, and thought I would share what I wore for a trip to Bemmie’s favourite boozer.

Princess Casual
Shirt – vintage // Top – Topshop (old) // Skirt – Sheinside // Bag – pressie from my mum // Shoes – Dr. Martens (*)

Princess Casual
Princess Casual
Princess Casual

This skirt has been getting a lot of love recently. I’ve been wearing it pretty much every day since I picked it up for a tidy sum from Sheinside, even teaming it with sequins for an uber-princess look at Bristol Fashion Week. On this occasion I pared it down with my favourite denim shirt layered over a stripey wardrobe staple, not forgetting some sparkly socks and my new favourite shoes from Dr. Martens.

Princess Casual
Princess Casual
Princess Casual

I was lamenting the fact that I didn’t own a red handbag up until the other day, until my lovely mother gifted me this scarlet satchel beauty, which goes with my red shoes perfectly. I call this look ‘princess casual’ – the type of outfit a pirate princess might wear on her day off, if she fancies popping down to her local for a roast. 😉

I think the tulle skirt trend is here to stay, as I spotted the lovely SJ in one the other day. Have you adopted it yet?

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A Grand Day Out

Train Day Out

Happy Mother’s Day, blog-land! I trust you’ve all had reet good’uns with your nearest and dearest? I went home to visit me mam this weekend – on Saturday me and my little sis ventured up to Brum to see the X Factor Live Tour (ANDREAAAA! <3) and today we celebrated the day of Mothers by gallivanting on a steam train in the great British countryside. It’s nice to pop home every once in a while; now that I’m an actual adult with a 9-to-5 it’s hard to make time at the weekend in between all the housework and the blogging and that, so when we do get to spend the weekend adventuring it makes it proper special.

Train Day Out
Train Day Out
Train Day Out
Train Day Out
Train Day Out

We decided to go on a little jaunt up to Toddington on the Gloucestershire and Warwickshire Railway, which was right up my alley because a) I’m an old person, and b) I bloody love steam trains because I am a massive nerd. This particular train we were travelling on was build in 1906, but the interior had had a delightful makeover in the 1960s. There was lots of old vintage-looking things to peruse, and we even had time to squeeze in a cheeky cream tea and well-deserved brew.

Train Day Out
Train Day Out
Train Day Out
Train Day Out

Hat – H&M // Top – H&M (old) // Necklace – Moxham // Skirt – The Whitepepper (*) // Shoes – Dr Martens (*) // Coat – Urban Outfitters (old) // Backpack – Fjallraven Kanken Classic

Train Day Out

I decided to dress for the occasion in my beautiful new Dr Martens Mary Janes (*), the best skirt that ever existed, plus I gave my Kanken a trip out as well, as it’s the perfect size to hold all of my adventuring essentials in, and I’m a huge fan of its cheery mustard colour. I’ve got a bit of a thing for this egg print at the moment – as well as this skirt I also may have taken advantage of The Whitepepper’s amazing flash sales and bought the matching crop top and also a shift dress. Oops.

Train Day Out

All in all we had a grand day out, Gromit, despite the grey English weather. I’m fully planning on coming back in the summer for some more train adventure times, that’s for sure. I’d probably pack a bit more of a picnic next time, and also make sure I had a first class ticket (instead of sneaking into a first class cabin like we did, ha!).

Hope you’ve all had equally excellent weekends and Mother’s Days, whatever you were doing.

[A massive thanks to my sister and mam for taking these photos!]

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Colonel Mustard / Crochet Envy

We’re finally starting to settle in to our new little house now; we’ve met the neighbours, gone for a stroll round the new area, had Tom’s parents down for tea, and now have the internet installed – YAY!

Another plus to add to the seemingly endless long list of awesome things about our new house is that we have a garden, which means… I have a little secret place to take outfit photos! I’ve wanted to do outfit posts for absolutely ages – I’m mega envious of what other lovely blogging people like Lyzi and SJ and She and Hem are up to, but am still finding my feet a bit. Bear with me.

Also, please excuse my washing line.

Lily Doughball Fashion and Lifestyle Blog Lily Doughball Fashion and Lifestyle Blog

[serious blogging face!]

As we all know, the weather is beginning to take a turn of late. All that Twitter seems to be full of is people gearing up for autumn, planning a little weekend getaway in a forest somewhere, and shopping for their A/W fashion staples. August isn’t over yet and we’re already waving goodbye to summer!

This makes me happy. I absolutely adore autumn, October is my favourite month and I cannot wait til it’s cold enough to start putting on my winter coat and mustard hat and go down to the park and just have a kick around in some leaves.

The other day was a bit nippy out, so I tested out my autumn/winter mustard ensemble, comprising of last year’s coat from Urban Outfitters, Primark dress, mustard jumper from H&M and a cheery mustard hat from Zara. To top the whole lot off I pinned this awesome crocheted poppy kindly sent to me by the Museum Selection (*).

Lily Doughball Fashion and Lifestyle Blog
Lily Doughball Fashion and Lifestyle Blog

This crocheted beauty will make a nice change to the November paper poppies which always melt in the rain, and seeing as it’s the 100th anniversary since the start of WWI this year, it would be shameful to not wear a poppy, and I’m pretty sure I’ll have a hard time forgetting to wear this bad boy.

Plus, I have serious crochet envy right now – the whole thing is made from  teeny tiny crochet, which is far more than my measly skills could muster. It has given me some much needed inspiration, and since receiving my poppy parcel I’ve been Googling amigurumi and becoming slightly obsessed!

To combat all the miserable serious blogging face, here is an extra special photo of me when I couldn’t get the remote back in my pocket quickly enough:

Lily Doughball Fashion and Lifestyle Blog

Hopefully this is one of many upcoming outfit posts, if you’ve got any tips I’d love to hear them!

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A whole week of Primark

I’ve been meaning to write this post for absolutely ages. A few weeks ago, I decided that I wanted to do more outfit posts, and as I had recently been on a bit of a spree in oh-so-glamourous Primarni, I organised a few outfits (five, to be precise), got an early bus into work each morning, and took a snap of what I was wearing that day.

Now, like most other people, I have I bit of a love/hate relationship with Primark. There is the obvious ethical argument, (which I won’t go into for fear of being sidetracked, and more likely contradicting myself massively) but there is also the deep-rooted psychological fear of abandonment; of being stranded in a strip lighted nightmare all by myself on a Saturday afternoon, elbowed out of the way by some hungry bargain-hunter with nothing but towering piles of discarded jersey basics for comfort. That is my real fear.

I’m not the best when it comes to shopping anyway, preferring to do most of it in the comfort of my living room over my good friend the internet. But a few weeks ago my lovely lady friend Lisa and I went to get our nails done, and she tempted me to break my 18-month avoidance of Primark with the promise she would help me pick out some new clothes. Here is what I came back home with.

(WARNING: you are about to see a lot of pictures of my chubby face, pulling lots of stupid expressions)

// MONDAY //

week of primark week of primark week of primark shoes
Shirt – Primark, £6 // Skirt – Primark, £3 // Shoes – Dr Martens

I hate Monday mornings. I am still in weekend mode and would rather slouch off to work in my pyjamas rather than bother to get dressed. I chose the next best thing – grey cotton might just be the most comfortable material in the universe, and when it has the Jurassic Park logo emblazoned across the front, it might just make the most awesome T Shirt in the universe. I don’t think I have properly introduced you to my shoes, seeing as I’m not the biggest fan of outfit posts. I bought these in January and they have not left my feet since. If only it would stop getting warmer, I could wear them all year round.




Dress – Primark, £3 // Necklace – Sobeys Vintage, Bristol // Lipstick – MAC ‘Please Me’

I liked Tuesday’s outfit. I like the opportunity to dress like a girl; I often don’t feel very ladylike and so when given the opportunity, such as this ALMIGHTY BARGAIN in the form of the most ridiculously cute dress I have ever seen for a mere £3, I jump at the chance to prove my femininity. I even managed to do a mini beehive, and put some lipstick on. Go me.




Shirt – Primark, £5 // Jeggings – M&S, £19.50 // Lipstick – Lime Crime ‘Cosmopop’

AHH! JEANS! Jeans are my nemesis – I have yet to find a pair of jeans in a high street shop which fit correctly. These are what the young folk call ‘jeggings’, and are an exception to the Primark rule, having come from that old favourite, Marks and Sparks. This daisy print beauty is from Primark, and was one of those sod-it-I’ll-buy-it-even-if-it-don’t-fit moments, as it is a size 20, but I think it looks better oversized, anyway. The reason I am stroking my face like a bit of a nutter is because I liked the colour combo of my fabulous orange lips and my spring green/pistachio nails (in case you were confused) – the lippy is Lime Crime, and the nail colour is Butter London.




Corduroy pinafore – Primark, £5 // Nikes – eBay (fakes) // Shirt – Superdry (old) // Necklace – New Look

Much like my hatred of jeans, I also feel a little uncomfortable about coloured tights. I reckon they look awesome on other people, but I get a little ‘chubby knee’ conscious whenever wearing them, although I do enjoy the weird looks people give me on the bus. I teamed my mustard legs with bright purple fake Nikes, an old Superdry shirt and this black cord pinny dress from Primark, which was a mere £5.

// FRIDAY //




Dress – Primark, £5 // Shirt – Threadless // Shoes – Urban Fox, Bristol // Lips – Lime Crime Velvetines

Yay Friday! I like to use Fridays as an excuse to dress as ridiculously as possible, and on this occasion I chose another pinny-like denim number from Primark, with my favourite cat T Shirt (alas, you cannot see his face), the best vintage shoes I have ever found, and bright pink lips courtesy of Lime Crime Pink Velvet. Sometimes I think I should probably stop dressing like a child, and then I remember that that’s no fun.

So, I think what I have learned from this valuable life lesson is that Primark isn’t as scary as it seems, and once I get over the fear of the large open space, the seemingly endless queues and the bags which have no structural integrity when it rains, there are indeed bargains to be had. And it takes a brave woman to find them. But when I overcome the initial fear of entering I’m as giddy as a kid in a sweet shop, and exit on the other side with a whole weeks’ worth (and more!) of outfits.

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Vintage Fair Finds

vintage dress and ducks

Dress and shoes – vintage.

Be kind. This is my first outfit post… ever. I’m somewhat of a reluctant model, as you can probably tell.

Yesterday I attended the rather lovely Lou Lou’s Vintage Fair at the Passenger Shed, nextdoor to Temple Meads. I was immediately impressed at the modest entrance fee of £2, usually vintage fairs of this size are infinitely more expensive. The Passenger Shed isn’t exactly small, and yet the whole room was packed with treasures, and the lovely musky vintage smell reminiscent of your nana’s wardrobe.

I spend a good hour or so rummaging around by myself, and managed to pick up a few goodies, the first of which is this minty green dress, which I believe is an 80s M&S number. This isn’t exactly the kind of thing that I usually go for, but it was the first dress I picked up and when I saw it was still there on the way out, I had to have it.

vintage green dress bow



On my way back home I stopped off in town to pick up a few bits and walked past another vintage shop, Urban Fox, when I saw someone waving from inside. Turns out my friend from uni works in there now, and I picked up these awesome blue suede shoes (teehee) with a discount! They are originally from Clarks and they are something called ‘softwear’ which I have interpreted as ‘ridiculously comfortable’. What an awesome day of shopping this was turning out to be.



Other items noteworthy of a mention are this totally badass Tabasco apron which I will be wearing to do all of my cooking from now on, and this dark splodge which is actually a faux fur Russian-style hat, perfect for when it gets colder.

I’ve been reading far more fashion blogs recently, which is affecting the way which I look at clothes, and the way that I dress. I’ve always had an passing interest in fashion, but have never really thought about putting outfits together, until now. I’m still a fan of wearing whatever the hell I want, and have found the more I read other people’s blogs the more inspired and adventurous I become.

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