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lily doughball bristol blogger - photo by lauren jayne hall
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Hanging Out at The Forge

One of my 2017 resolutions is to take this blog more seriously. I have a pretty hard time taking myself seriously in general, to be honest; I chalk it up to that crippling British condition of hard-wired self-deprecation, which also happens to be the reason why I’m completely shite at selfies, and the only time I feel comfortable is when I’m camouflaged in morris make-up.

For that very reason, there aren’t many decent photos of my mush on this auld blog, something which I have been vowing to fix for a long, long time. The Friday before last, myself and some fellow blogging friends (Lyzi, Fritha, and Charlie) plus the lovely and insanely talented photographer Lauren hung out at the absolutely stunning Forge to drink tea and snap some totes Instagram-worthy pics of each other. Read More

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Travelettes July Instagram Challenge

Well, I am back from Glastonbury alive and well, albeit a little burnt and peeling. Ewww. Not to mention the fact that it was so muddy I was convinced I was going to get trench foot – don’t panic, I didn’t! Despite this, I had the most awesome weekend, saw some amazing bands (DOLLY!) and drank far too much cider. Fun times!

I like to think that now the downright unpredictable June weather is behind us, we can look forward to some sunnier days. My good friend Sophie writes over at Travelettes, and reminded me that today is the first day of their brand spanking new Instagram challenge!

Now, let’s not beat around the bush – I’m not so good at Instagram challenges. I began the #100happydays challenge at least 3 or 4 months ago and have still not finished. It’s pretty daunting setting yourself up for at least three months of picture-taking – daunting even for a photographer! Often I found myself scrabbling around at the end of the day to desperately find anything which had made me remotely happy, which kind of missed the point of the challenge in the first place.

Now, the things I like about the Travelettes challenge – 1. it’s only a month long, 2. it’s a summery sunny challenge, 3. there are creative prompts for every single day, which will hopefully help me through the dry patches of inspiration! The full list of prompts are as follows:

travelettes july instagram challenge


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Let’s give this challenge thing another go, shall we?!

I’ll be joining in and posting my efforts over on my own Instagram. If you want to join in simply follow the prompts listed above with the hashtag #dailytravelette and check back every day for other travelettes efforts!


Summer is coming.

summer is coming


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The Creative Initiative #4

This one is a little late, so apologies.

This weeks theme was ‘gratitude’ – I swear they are getting harder every week!

I’m not the most sentimental type, in general. There is a lot for which I am grateful for, but it’s just not my style to gush about it, or admit it even, so this was a pretty hard post for me. I’m not saying that being vocal about what you are grateful for is a bad thing, far from it – I’m just not very good at expressing myself in that way.

What I did eventually settle on, and decided that I am the most grateful for, is my job – or more specifically, the people I work with. You will not meet a nicer bunch of people; there’s a lot to be said for working with lovely people, I’ve had some crap jobs in the past and had to deal with all sorts of unsavoury colleagues, so working with these lot is pretty much a dream come true.

funny post-it notes

funny post-it notes

funny post-it notes

We have a lot of laughs at work. There are many in-jokes between myself and the others who work in the studio, and the best ones get documented on my post-it wall. Obviously, because of the nature of my job, a lot of the humour is quite childish, and often based around whatever products we are working with that day. I can look up at it when I’m having a bad day and it instantly cheers me up. Visitors often give us strange looks when they walk in, but no-one has questioned the wall… yet!

The theme for next week’s creative initiative is ‘dreams’ (another tricky one!). If you would like to join in, then the rules are very simple:

• create something in based on this week’s prompt

• post about your artistic endeavour on your blog and link it up to this post

• comment on other bloggers’ posts – the prompts leave a lot of room to use your imagination and we should all support and encourage each other as we explore!

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