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chorizo pizza at pizza workshop bristol
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Bristol’s Best Bits: Pizza Workshop, North St

pizza workshop bristol

It’s just dawned on me that my last three posts have been entirely food-based. Whilst that wasn’t exactly my intention, I’m certainly not complaining about it, and I’m sure you lot aren’t too bothered either. I’ve been meaning to write about Pizza Workshop for absolutely blimmin’ ages, as I think it’s overtaken long-time faves Pizza Provencale to clinch the top spot of my much-coveted Best Pizza in Bristol title. Read More

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The Stable Pizza, Cheltenham

the stable pizza cheltenham

Whoah, hold the phone… CHELTENHAM!?

Yes, that’s right folks, I don’t just write about Bristol! I popped back to my beautiful home town of Chelters for a pint of cider and a slice of pizza of two at The Stable, which opened up in the centre of town back in November. Myself, the boy and my little sis all popped along to see what makes this branch different to the Bristol and Bath counterparts… Read More

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Bella’s New Look

I’m not going to lie – I don’t like change. It unsettles me. I like things to be comfortable and stay the same way forever; if I could just stop aging right about now, that would be great.

So when I got an email through telling me about big changes afoot at Bella Italia, I was a little puzzled. “Haven’t they just rebranded?”, I hear you thinking. That’s what I thought too, but Bella’s got a brand new menu, and I was lucky enough to be invited along to test it out.

bella italia baldwin street bristol
bella italia baldwin street bristol
bella italia new menu

Myself and the boy popped along to their restaurant on Baldwin Street, which I feel is a little overlooked in favour of other eateries around these parts. In general, we’re big fans of Bella Italia – for a chain restaurant they’re always reliable – but I’ll admit that we hadn’t been back in a while since we had a pretty bad experience about a year ago. I was looking forward to see what these new changes had to offer.

Inside, there’s a bit more of a grown-up, upmarket feel to the premises, which the manager told us was deliberately done for this particular restaurant – being so close to the Hippodrome and the Old Vic, they’re hoping to tempt in the theatre crowd. Already I liked it better.

bella italia baldwin street bristol new menu
bella italia baldwin street bristol new menu
bella italia baldwin street bristol new menu
bella italia baldwin street bristol new menu

We got straight to work! They’ve got some brilliant sharing platters on their new menu, two meaty options – with regional meats from either the North or South of Italy – and one veggie. I’m a firm believer that you can best judge a restaurant on the quality of their veggie food, and I was pleasantly surprised. There was so much for the two of us! Goats cheese, artichokes, olives, breadsticks… Mmm.

With it being all autumnal and all, I went for a butternut risotto for the main event, and Tom opted for the classic Pollo Piccante pizza. I had major food envy – look at that cheese! I also couldn’t finish my risotto because I rather foolishly ordered a milkshake before the food arrived, so I was already completely full to burst. Silly Lily.

bella italia baldwin street bristol new menu
bella italia baldwin street bristol new menu

We’re definitely not ones for missing out on pud, though, and I was pleased to see that Bella Italia are opting for this new trend of mini puds which seems to be sweeping the High St eateries at the moment. Choose from 3 or 5 little shots of dessert, perfect for a mini treat at the end of a meal. We went for a teeny tiny banoffee pie, cherry pannacotta, and chocolate fondant. I ate all of these because a) they were delicious and b) I am a greedy guts.

As well as the new menu, all the drinks have undergone a huge overhaul as well – at the end of stuffing ourselves silly with pizza and pud the manager brought over three of their newest additions behind the bar, meloncello! I cannot stand limoncello, on account of it’s lemony-ness, but I could totally get on board with this stuff, it was delish.

All in all, I was very impressed with new-look Bella Italia – the staff were beyond friendly and helpful, and there are some great new additions to the menu, as well as all the classics. If you’re popping to see a show at the Hippodrome this winter then poke your head in and see what’s new!

I was invited to review Bella Italia and its new menu for the purpose of this post, but all words and opinions are my own. I am a greedy pizza lover.

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Bristol’s Best Bits: Pizza Provencale, Clifton

I’m back! Cor blimey, I reckon 2 weeks is the longest I have ever been without blogging, but it made a nice change having a bit of time to focus on other things, and it’s nice to be back in the swing of things again. I’ve got lots of exciting things to come over the next few weeks, and a birthday to look forward to this weekend, yay!

I was looking through the photos on my phone the other day when I stumbled across a picture of pizza, which naturally made me stop and stare for a good few minutes. Then it made me realise – I haven’t written a review about Pizza Provencale yet!

This place has to be up there as one of, if not my favourite pizza place in the whole of Bristol. There’s just something about it which is really charming – it’s a French/Italian pizza hybrid slap bang in the middle of fancy pants Clifton village, and sometimes when me and Tom want a treat (and pretend to be posh), we venture up here on an evening.

There’s a bit of a rustic feel to the place, from the pitchforks on the wall right down to the muddle of benches and tables dotted around the place, but for me that only adds to its charm. Reading through reviews of the place on our good friend TripAdvisor and they are very mixed, although most people’s beef seems to be with the way they make and serve their pizza, which is quite different to most places, my friends, and I LOVE IT.

pizza provencale clifton village bristol garlic bread and olives
bouillebasse pizza provencale bristol
pitcher of beer pizza provencale bristol
menu pizza provencale bristol

We were Hank Marvin, so opted immediately for some garlic pizza bread and olives, and Tom went for what is effectively my nightmare, but his idea of heaven – Provencale fish soup, a mixture of mussels, prawns and white fish cooked in a herby tomato sauce. He loved it, and I munched my way through alllll that bread and already felt full.

It’s worth noting that because we are in the fancy-pants village then expect to pay fancy-pants prices; the pizzas are priced on a par with what you would pay at Pizza Express, for example, but imho they are much, much better. Have a look at the menu here.

marseille pizza at pizza provencale bristol
marseille pizza at pizza provencale bristol


The crust on these bad boys is like a baguette-type crust, and they are deliciously thick and bready, and topped with a mountain of ooey gooey cheese. We went for the Marseille – caramelised onions, sundried tomatoes, olives and herbs. Needless to say, it was LUSH.

treacle tart pizza provencale bristol

Not content with simply bursting our britches with a humongous pile of delicious carbohydrates, we managed to squeeze a pud in there too. I chose Tom’s favourite, treacle tart, because he always says he doesn’t want a pudding but then if I order something he likes, he ends up eating half of it anyway, saving me from feeling too ill. That, my friends, is called tactical ordering at a restaurant.

If you’re ever up Clifton way and are looking something which isn’t just your typical pizza joint, then I really do recommend Pizza Provencale – it’s one of my faves!

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The Stable, Bristol

Hope you all had awesome Halloweens! If you pop over to my Instagram you can see how I dressed, it was maximum effort.

Anyway, t’other day me and Tom were in town late of an evening and decided to try out the Stable, to see what all the fuss was about.



It is located on the Harbourside, next door to the Watershed. The place is huge inside, but they had trouble finding us a seat, which is testament to how busy it was on a Tuesday evening. This may have had something to do with their excellent ‘Tuck in Tuesday’ offer – any pizza or pie, side salad and a drink for just £10.



I had their Halloween special, which I was pleased to see was vegetarian. I am by no means a herbivore, but I’m much more of a fan of veggies on pizza. Tom is the opposite, and had the meatiest pizza I had ever seen, topped with massive fistfuls of beef, ham and chorizo. They were both absolutely lush. The dough was stretched so thin, and they certainly don’t scrimp on toppings!

So if you’re passing the waterfront and fancy bingeing on pizza (who doesn’t?), then I would heartily recommend the Stable, it’s fantastic food at a very reasonable price.

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