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chorizo pizza at pizza workshop bristol
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Bristol’s Best Bits: Pizza Workshop, North St

pizza workshop bristol

It’s just dawned on me that my last three posts have been entirely food-based. Whilst that wasn’t exactly my intention, I’m certainly not complaining about it, and I’m sure you lot aren’t too bothered either. I’ve been meaning to write about Pizza Workshop for absolutely blimmin’ ages, as I think it’s overtaken long-time faves Pizza Provencale to clinch the top spot of my much-coveted Best Pizza in Bristol title. Read More

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The Stable Pizza, Cheltenham

the stable pizza cheltenham

Whoah, hold the phone… CHELTENHAM!?

Yes, that’s right folks, I don’t just write about Bristol! I popped back to my beautiful home town of Chelters for a pint of cider and a slice of pizza of two at The Stable, which opened up in the centre of town back in November. Myself, the boy and my little sis all popped along to see what makes this branch different to the Bristol and Bath counterparts… Read More