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brunch at buttermilk and maple bristol
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A Buttermilk & Maple Brunch

Just like every good millennial, I love a good brunch. It’s probably the reason why I can’t afford to buy a house despite being in my late 20s; I’ve spent too much of my time frivolously wasting money on smashed avocado rather than saving for a deposit.

I digress. A couple of weekends ago, just as the autumn sunshine was being all beautiful (and not blustery AT ALL), I wandered down to Buttermilk & Maple by myself to sample their brunch offering.

exterior of buttermilk and maple bristol

You might remember me harping on about Buttermilk & Maple in this post about their negronis. While they are indeed top notch, it’s the brunch from these guys I hear so much about. I was eager to get my mitts on it so I could pass judgement for myself.

Buttermilk & Maple opens at 7am everyday. EVERY SINGLE DAY, even on Sundays. I thought that getting there at 10am would mean I’d be nicely settled with the mid Sunday morning crowd. I pictured a relaxed breakkie in an empty restaurant away from all the people. Heaven.

menu of buttermilk and maple bristol

It was mayhem, I tell ya! Let’s not forget that Buttermilk & Maple is attached to the Mercure hotel and slap bang in the centre, but I soon found a nice quiet little spot outside and settled down with my cuppa and weekend paper.

It was so bloody lovely to be sitting in the warm rays of the autumn sunshine peeking through the canopy of a nearby tree, sipping a pot of tea and watching people whizz by on bikes. Close your eyes and you’re on a cobbled street in Paris, until a very Bristolian cabbie turns up to pick someone up from the hotel.

view from buttermilk and maple bristol of welsh back

I decided to try the pastrami eggs benedict, cos a) I am well and truly back on the meat wagon at the moment, and b) it sounds amazingly interesting. Jalapeno hollandaise? Sign me UP!

pastrami eggs benedict buttermilk and maple

Every element of it was wonderful – massive slices of thick pastrami, perfectly poached eggs, thick and plentiful hollandaise with a sprinkling of nicely spicy jalapenos. The only thing which let it down slightly is that it seemed to go cold very quickly, but then again I was sitting outdoors.

Guess what? If you’d like to sample their brunch offering for yourself, those lovely folks have offered my readers a whopping 50% off brunch! Simply pop along in the week (Mon-Fri) and shout the word ‘Doughballs’ at the waiter. They should know what you’re on about.

Take a peek at the menu here. Happy brunching, folks.

castlepak backpack review
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CastlePak Backpack Review

castlepak backpack review

I’ve developed something of a *slight* backpack obsession over the last couple of years. From my trio of Fjallraven Kankens (Mini, Classic and Maxi) which have lasted me pretty well, to my Baggu backpack (which hasn’t lasted me quite so well), I am not complete unless there is a pack on my back. Recently, I stumbled upon a company called CastlePak, who sent me one of their backpacks to road test. Read More

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Finding Balance with Yogandha

yogandha rollerball perfumes and bath oil

I haven’t written about anything beauty-related in a wee while, but expect that all to change, folks! I’ve just been introduced to a lovely little Irish brand called Yogandha, who make beautiful aromatherapy oils for unwinding and relaxing, particularly after yoga practice. I was lucky enough to test out some of their wares. Read More

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A Little Bedroom Makeover with Minted

Since I moved to Bristol 6 years ago, I’ve moved house 8 times. 8 TIMES!!! Just let that sink in for a moment. I’ve called BS1, BS2, BS3, BS6 and BS7 home, and am now happily settled back in BS3 (which, FYI, is the best postcode 😉 ).

We’ve been in our little terraced house for just over a year now, but it’s only in the last couple of months that I feel like it’s finally starting to come together and feel more like the home that we both want it to be. Since becoming slightly obsessed with the notion of KonMari – a craze which is sweeping Pinterest like wildfire – I’ve been itching to downsize and sling anything which doesn’t ‘spark joy’.

All this clearing out is definitely long overdue, and it gives a new perspective to spaces that you’ve never really noticed before. One example is the fireplace in our bedroom, which used to be a bit of a dumping ground for all the bits and bobs we never really knew what to do with. Since tidying it all up, it certainly looks a lot neater, but it was definitely missing something.

empty looking fireplace


I’d put up my little embroidery that I did last year and the weird alien creature that I’d bought at End of the Road, but somehow it just looked really plain and boring. I needed to get something up on the walls, STAT.

Etsy is usually my go-to for quirky art prints to jazz up boring walls, but I’m always on the lookout for more sources. Just as I was about to pick out some prints, an email drops in my inbox about Minted, an artists platform that offer not just art prints but wedding invites, adorable baby gifts and even fabric, all lovingly designed by artists around the world and crafted by Minted.

art prints for the home from minted
minted art print in packaging
art print from minted

I was given a small budget to pick out some prints to transform my little space above the fireplace in the bedroom. I went for three framed options and a loose art print, all roughly 7 x 5 inches, and was amazed when three huge boxes arrived at my door! My new pieces of art were securely snuggled into their cardboard homes, meaning they were in tip top condition after their journey across the pond.

One of the things I loved was that with each print there was a little certificate of authentication, indicating the number of prints of this particular artwork, and the backstory behind the work. I thought it was a nice little touch which adds a bit of personality behind the print.

fireplace gallery wall quirky art prints from minted

Ta daaaaa!

Ahh, it looks so much better. Despite my mediocre picture-hanging skills I finally managed to get them all up on the wall in some kind of arrangement, and even had room for my embroidery to get a proper home 🙂

quirky art prints for gallery wall
quirky art prints hipster glasses gallery wall
pretty flowers and quote

Picking out the prints was not easy, let me tell you. Minted is stuffed full with beautiful treasures, too much to narrow it down to just a few, and I found their navigation system a little hard to comprehend at first. In the end, however I narrowed it down to four – ‘Whole Milk‘, ‘Family Reunion – Aunt Ada‘, ‘Falling Stitches‘ and ‘Lookin Good‘, which I had the perfect frame for myself.

I’m proper chuffed with my new little space, and it puts a smile on my face as soon as I wake up in the morning. It makes such a difference with a small amount of input that I’m now on a mission to cover up all the blank walls in the house!

Have you tried Minted before? Any other recommendations for prints?

This post is in collaboration with Minted. I was given credit to choose the artwork in exchange for a review, but all words and opinion is my own.

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Princess Bubblegum: Scott Cornwall Candy Hair Colour Review

scott cornwall hair colour and clear glaze

Since colouring my hair with a couple of different Bleach London products last year, I’ve been dying (ha, gettit?) to go back to peach hair again.

luckily for me, I was kindly sent these products from Scott Cornwall to test out – the brand new Candy Colour Restore(*), which promises to do a similar job to Bleach colours by delicately tinting bleached hair, and the Clear Hair Glaze treatment(*), which promises red-carpet style shine and strength. I was properly excited to test both of them out, to try and breathe some life into my frazzled locks.

scott cornwall candy peach hair toner
scott cornwall candy peach toner hair colour

On first inspection, the Candy toner looked to be pretty orange inside the tube, not the pinkish tone I was expecting. This didn’t bother me as I do prefer to err more on the orange side of peach rather than the pink, but if you’re looking for a pinker tone then this probably isn’t the one for you.

The application is easy peasy – you slather it on shampooed, towel dried hair and wait for 20 minutes. I went one extra and wrapped my head in cling film, mainly to stop any drips that might occur when I’m wondering around the house waiting for it to sink in.

scott cornwall clear glaze hair treatment

As soon as I’d rinsed the candy hair colour off, I cracked straight on with the clear hair glaze. This has a fair few components, so it’s not as quick as I’d initially thought.

First you wash your hair with a clarifying solution, then mix two bottles together to make the glazing solution, which you apply all over, wait 20 minutes and rinse out.

Whilst I was sitting there with the product on my hair, I took a moment to read through the instructions a little further. Granted, I really should have done this at the beginning, but I was pretty eager to glossify my hair and too impatient to read pamphlets properly. It was at this point that I realised that you shouldn’t put this product on your hair if it has previously been henna’d. Oops.

While most of the henna/bleached henna has been cut off, I’d estimate that the lower half of my lengths is still frazzled pre-henna’d hair. After rinsing (and rinsing… and rinsing…) the product out, I went to comb through it with a re-tangling comb and it was at this point that I was wishing I didn’t have hair at all. The only way I can describe it is like combing through polystyrene (the sound it makes), which I recognised to be more damage than when I started. It’s kinda my own fault for not bothering to read it properly.

It did do marvellous things to the top of my head though, and I had a considerably shinier fringe than when I first started.


Hm… not much colour difference there.

As for the Candy hair colour, that unfortunately didn’t do anything for my hair. I imagine it was a combination of my natural hair colour being too dark, and also the clarifying pre treatment before the glazing technique which rinsed it all out. If you’ve got white blonde hair I reckon it would add a beautiful apricot tinge to it. I wish I’d done the treatments the other way round!

Bottom line? I personally would need to use different products on my hair, but if you’ve got very light locks which haven’t been ravaged by henna, then these should work a treat for you.

I was sent these two products for the purpose of review but all words and opinions are my own. This post contains affiliate links.

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Loved Up

Aloha Doughballerinos (doesn’t quite have the same ring to it, does it?)

I’m just popping in to let y’all know about my shiny new lipstick from Butter London. To be perfectly honest, I had no idea Butter did lipsticks, despite being a huuuuuge fan of their beautiful nail lacquers. So when I was kindly sent this lippy over I couldn’t wait to crack it open and give it a try.

butter london lipstick in loved up
butter london lipstick in loved up
butter london lipstick in loved up
butter london lipstick in loved up

The lipstick in question is Butter London Moisture Matte. The colour I was sent is called ‘Loved Up’ – a beautiful soft fuschia pink. I’m more of a traditional red lipstick kinda gal most of the time, but ever since purchasing my awesome Lime Crime Velvetines I’ve been taking to more rosy hues. This particular colour is lovely; it’s the right balance between being bright and bold but not luminous, so it’s understated enough for daytime wear too.

Let’s talk about the casing for a moment, shall we? I adore the square exterior, which feels robust enough to pop in my handbag and not have to worry about it (unlike those Topshop lipsticks, those got destroyed in my bag). Even the packaging it comes in is adorable – I’m still clinging on to that box because of the pretty pattern inside.

butter london lipstick review swatch
butter london lipstick review on lips

The consistency is positively dreamy. It’s a long-lasting, non-drying formula which promises to not feather or bleed, so I put this on without pencil. It has a really creamy finish, consisting of Mango Seed Butter, Murumuru Seed Butter, and Cupuacu Seed Butter, plus Vitamin E to ‘smooth the lip surface and ensure a flawless application’.

There is a slight vanilla-y scent to it, which I’m unsure I’m mad keen on, but it’s an improvement on the bizarre play-doh scent of Lime Crime’s lippys, that’s for sure.

To be honest, the softness of the consistency and the way it applied had me a bit worried about its staying power. Having said that, on this particular evening that I decided to road test it, I scoffed a whole load of pizza, and it didn’t budge. So in my books, it has passed the test with flying colours :).

Have you got a new favourite lippy?

This post contains affiliate links. I was sent this lipstick for purpose of review but all opinions expressed are my own.