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Trying to be Cool

Do you see what happens when I don’t have Lauren to take my photo?! This happens. I forget how to smile. Instead, I adopt a trying-desperately-to-be-cool face, trying to emulate the effortless chic of my fellow other bloggers.

I got some jazzy new specs from a site called SmartBuyGlasses a couple of weeks ago, so I ventured out by myself, armed with a tripod and a timer to take them for a spin around a very gritty looking part of Bedminster. Read More

banana pancakes recipe lily doughball
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2-Ingredient Banana Pancakes Recipe

This post is in association with Arla. Read on to find a delicious recipe for a speedy breakfast!

2 ingredient banana pancakes recipe

Lawd knows no-one has time to eat a decent breakfast anymore. Since starting my new job back in January, breakfast usually consists of hastily shoving a packet of microwaveable porridge down my neck in the 10 minutes I have before I need to be at my desk. Something has to change!

A few weeks ago, I received a very exciting email from dairy big boys Arla, asking if I would like to be an ambassador for them, and come up with some quick and easy recipes for a delicious breakfast time. *gulp*

Of course, I love a good challenge, me. So in the next few weeks you’ll be seeing no less than seven delicious recipes you can rustle up in less than 10 minutes, so you’ll have a delicious breakfast filling your tum before work. First up, some super-simple 2-ingredient banana pancakes! Read More

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30 Ways to Goodness: Chocolate Chia Seed Pudding

Chia seeds have been up there on my list of foods-that-I-have-been-too-suspicious-to-try for a while now. I’d heard whispers of their wonderful ability to create beautiful puddings with their miraculous gelatine-like powers in several vegan circles I used to operate in, but had always been to afraid to try it for myself. That was until the folks at Blue Diamond got in touch with their ‘30 Ways to Goodness‘ campaign, to challenge me to try something new with their delicious almond milks. Read More

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Easier Dry Cleaning with Laundrapp!

This post is in collaboration with Laundrapp. It has also been edited on 22/11/16 after a less-than-satisfactory run-in with their customer service.

laundrapp online dry cleaning

I have to admit, up until a few years ago, I had absolutely no idea that certain items needed dry cleaning. I just used to shove everything in the washing machine and deal with the inevitably terrible consequences. Since I’ve been buying more in the way of quality items these days (what with my slight obsession with the Whitepepper), plus owning a lot of vintage items, I’ve begun to appreciate letting the professionals handle the often delicate task of cleaning clothing properly once in a while. Read More

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Skinny Lunches with Glorious! Soups

glorious skinny soups
glorious skinny soups
glorious skinny soup

Pinch, punch, first of the month!

The weather has taken a bit of an autumnal turn these last few days (finallyyy! Bloody love autumn…) which has got me daydreaming of cosying up by the fire in my mittens and slippers and sipping on a hot cup of cocoa.

Of course, there’s nowt better on a workday lunchtime when the weather takes a cold turn than a steamy bowlful of delicious hot soup with a crusty cob on the side. Amirite?

glorious skinny soups
glorious skinny soup

Luckily for me, I was invited to test out a range of skinny soups from Glorious, who promise to transport you away to another continent with their delicious flavour combos. I’ve been a fan of Glorious for a while now, and along with some tried-and-tested flavours like the lush butternut ‘New England in Autumn’ and thai spiced ‘Tuk Tuks and Turmeric’ I adventurously opted for a whole bunch of new flavours, including the Louisana Voodoo too – sausage in a soup! Whoda thunk it.

This gal didn’t need convincing that Glorious soups are absolutely bloody delicious, plus with most of their skinny soups hovering around the 150cal mark for half a pot, it means you can have a slightly more indulgent meal for dinner 😉

Have you tried any Glorious soups? Let me know your faves!

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Korres Echinacea Shampoo Review

korres echinacea and laurel dry scalp shampoo

I’ve teamed up with Bath & Unwind for this review of a new Korres favourite – read on to find out how to banish a dry scalp forever!

korres echinacea and laurel dry scalp shampoo
korres echinacea and laurel dry scalp shampoo
Korres Laurel and Echinacea Dry Scalp Shampoo (*) – buy here.

Let’s not pretend or be squeamish about the matter – we all suffer with a dry scalp at some point in our lives. As gross as it may be, dandruff is something we all come across, but it doesn’t have to be something you need to put up with. Oh no!

After years and years of ravaging my hair with home colour, my scalp is really suffering at the moment. I’ve tried pretty much every formulated shampoo under the sun, and for a while was getting along nicely with the Body Shop’s Ginger shampoo, but that too stopped working as soon as my scalp got ‘used’ to its formulation.

Luckily, in steps the lovely folk at Bath & Unwind, who kindly sent me this shampoo(*) from Korres, which promises to banish a flaky scalp with a gentle herby formulation. Sitting in a beautifully sleek bottle, this powerful potion contains a potent mixture of laurel, echinacea, salicylic acid and fennel exctracts.
Both laurel and echinacea are antiseptic, and along with salicylic acid to exfoliate and remove dead cells (bleurgh), plus fennel to soothe itching, it soon banishes flaky itchy scalps and leaves you with beautifully scented flake-free hair.

I’ve been using it for a couple of weeks now, and it has done wonders for my scalp. After the first wash my hair did fight back somewhat, but after a few more washes it’s really helped my scalp calm down. You can definitely tell it’s a ‘medicated’ shampoo straight out of the bottle – it’s got that slightly thicker texture and dark colour – but what I love is that it doesn’t have the harsh smell that most have, and leaves your hair delicately scented, plus flake free! Yay.

Korres is fast becoming my new favourite beauty brand! Have you got one?

This post is in collaboration with Bath & Unwind. The product was gifted for the purpose of this review but all opinions are my own.

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DIY Glitter Donuts

diy glitter donuts | Lily Doughball UK Lifestyle Blog

If there are two words which need to go side by side, it’s the words glitter and donut. I haven’t done much baking recently, mainly because my weekends and evenings have been choc-a-block, but last Sunday I decided to treat myself and indulge in making some proper sparkly treats!

I was very kindly sent some bits from Mein Cupcake to help me on my quest for sugary indulgence, which included this awesome donut pan(*), a cooling rack(*), edible glitter(*) (obvs), and some adorable doilies(*) to make everything look just that little bit more twee. This German baking emporium is a treasure trove packed with amazing baking supplies – absolutely everything you could imagine!

(Also – is it doughnut or donut? I’ll be calling them donut throughout this, so if you’re a fan of the alternative spelling, you’d better abandon ship at this point).

Making donuts with a donut pan
Homemade donuts in donut pan

I can’t take credit for the recipe I used, I’m not that much of a cake magician. The following recipe was adapted from a recipe from this lovely blog:

To make 12 little donuts, you will need:

– 4 oz plain flour
– 1/2 tsp vanilla extract
– 3 oz caster sugar
– 1 tsp melted butter or vegetable oil
– 1 tsp baking powder
– 3 fl oz full fat milk
– 1 large free-range egg
– pinch salt

Oil your donut pan first with a drop or two of oil, and make sure they are well oiled – the first time around I had a bit of a donut fail, as they got stuck to the pan. Oil them well! Preheat your oven to 160 degrees C.

Sift the flour, sugar, baking powder and salt into a large bowl.

Meanwhile, whisk the egg with the milk, oil and vanilla extract in a jug.

Make a well in the middle of the flour and pour in the wet ingredients. Using a whisk, mix them together well.

Spoon the batter into the donut pan, filling about half way up.

[At this point I added a tablespoon of cocoa powder to half of the mix to make chocolate donuts. I’d recommend adding a dash more milk because it can be a bit dry otherwise]

Bake for 15 minutes. Once baked, leave in the pan to cool, then run a knife around to free them from the pan.

Cool on a wire rack and decorate. Then consume 🙂

homemade baked donuts on cooling rack

Of course, no reputable donut would be complete without a generous coating of yet more sugar! This isn’t anything fancy – just plain old icing jazzed up with some pink food colouring.

iced pink ring donuts
glazed glitter donuts


This edible glitter is genius – it’s so tiny and sparkly, and it doesn’t taste gritty or anything when you eat it. It comes in loads of different colours, and I’m already plotting the biggest, glitziest birthday cake imaginable.

glitter donuts
glitter pastel donuts
glitter donuts being taken :O

I can tell you that these did NOT last very long in our household. Thomas took a particular interest in the chocolate ones and had snaffled a couple even before I had a chance to take these pics. Also, how cute are these doilies?! I’m going to be presenting everything this summer on a doily.

This recipe made just the right amount for 12 diddly donuts, perfect for a little sweet treat with a cup of tea.

Why not rustle some up for tea this evening?
Hope you all have a lovely bank holiday weekend!

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L.A. Punks & Cartoon Heroes: Dr. Martens SS15

There’s a change in the air… the nights aren’t drawing in quite so early, the days are getting warmer, and the birds are cheeping a little louder. Spring is on it’s way! The best part about this time of the year is that it’s time to start building up a new wardrobe in time for summer, because what better way to wave goodbye to winter than to treat yo’self to some new clobber?

Following on from their beautiful AW14 collection, Dr. Martens have just launched their brand spanking new range for Spring/Summer 2015, and I was lucky enough to have a sneaky peek.

Dr Martens Broadmead Bristol Spring Summer 2015
Dr Martens Broadmead Bristol Spring Summer 2015
Dr Martens Broadmead Bristol Spring Summer 2015
Dr Martens Broadmead Bristol Spring Summer 2015
Dr Martens Broadmead Bristol Spring Summer 2015

I popped down to the Bristol Broadmead store to take a look at the exciting new ranges, the most prominent being the West Coast Hardcore collection, inspired by the DIY aesthetic of the 1980s LA punk scene. I love the Bristol shop, the staff are genuinely always really friendly and helpful, plus it’s only a stone’s throw away from Cabot Circus. The new collection was pride of place in the doorway, and the deeper I delved into the shop the more treasures I unearthed.

Dr Martens New Collection SS15
Dr Martens New Collection SS15
Dr Martens New Collection SS15
Dr Martens New Collection SS15
Dr Martens New Collection SS15
Dr Martens New Collection SS15
Dr Martens New Collection SS15
Dr Martens New Collection SS15
Dr Martens New Collection SS15

“The Dr. Martens’ SS15 range is hardcore style mixed with pure Americana, re-creating the rebellious self-expression and creativity of the 1980s US West Coast hardcore scene.”

This collection is a celebration of colour, creativity, and individuality. A traditional British classic meets the American cultural underground, creating a capsule collection inspired by those early hardcore musicians touring the UK and taking a little piece of our heritage back with them. They were responsible for the first wave of imports of Dr. Martens into the US, and would customise their boots by painting them, even the sole, which is replicated in the ‘rub off’ colours of the new collection.

In keeping with the brand’s tradition and wanting to evoke a nostalgia of that era, the brand’s designers have tracked down vintage pairs to create both authentic versions and modern takes on original styles. I love the colourways of the new collection, it’s use of Japanese tattoo prints, and the unique shape of the new range of women’s styles.

Dr Martens Broadmead Bristol Spring Summer 2015
Dr Martens Broadmead Bristol Spring Summer 2015
Dr Martens Broadmead Bristol Spring Summer 2015
Dr Martens Broadmead Bristol Spring Summer 2015
Dr Martens Broadmead Bristol Spring Summer 2015
Dr Martens Broadmead Bristol Spring Summer 2015

As well as having a look at the brand new range, I was incredibly lucky to be asked to pick out a pair for myself. I chose these absolutely beautiful Mary Janes(*), which are part of the Archive collection, again celebrating the heritage of the Dr. Martens brand by drawing inspiration from the original footwear made popular by those early fashion pioneers all those decades ago.

It was love at first sight with these shoes. I bought a pair of the 1461 originals last year and they have hardly left my feet since, but I was on the lookout for something a bit different. The colour of these Mary Janes is a super vibrant cherry red, and I reckon these will dress up just about any outfit. As with any pair of Dr. Martens, at first these and my feet weren’t pals, but a few Compeed blister patches and some sore heels later and I’m finally starting to break them in.


As well as the West Coast Hardcore range, Dr. Martens have also just announced a collaboration which has got the internet very excited – Dr. Martens x Adventure Time!

For those who don’t know about Adventure Time (have you been living in a cave for the last few years?!), it is a Cartoon Network series following the adventures of Finn, a human boy, and his shape-shifting talking dog, Jake. It’s a surreal jaunt into the colourful land of Ooo, where inhabitants are made of cake, and there’s always danger and excitement around every corner. It’s technically a kids show, but there’s some dark elements and bits of surreal humour in there enough to entertain the adults, too.

Adventure Time x Dr Martens

I was so excited about this collaboration when I first heard about it because to me, it is quite simply a match made in heaven. Adventure Time is eclectic and independently minded, just like the Dr. Martens brand. The new boots are modelled around the two main characters, with a limited edition run of only 1460 pairs created. The new styles look brilliant – it’s as if your feet have magically morphed into Finn and Jake!

The new collection lands in the Bristol Broadmead store on Monday 2nd March, and to celebrate, there will be a special Adventure Time themed morning with the staff dressed up as Jake and hopping around on Finn spacehoppers. If you fancy getting in on the action it’s all taking place from 9:30-10:30 – pop in and say hello!

Dr Martens Broadmead Bristol

The West Coast Hardcore and Adventure Time collections are available at Dr. Martens Bristol, 16 Broadmead BS1 3HH. 

A massive thanks to Dr. Martens for inviting me to collaborate with them on this post.

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Vintage Styling with Babyliss

Vintage Styling with Babyliss-8

I’m having a bit of a hair dilemma at the moment. It never seems to do whatever I want it to, and so most of the time I resort to having it piled in a bun on top of my head. What I would really love is to have a polished ‘do every day of the week, but that’s something which is impossible with early starts to get up and go to work.

Just when I thought all hope was lost, in steps Babyliss. I was very kindly asked to select something from their Boutique range, and I chose this Soft Waves curling wand(*), sold at John Lewis. It’s intended for creating beachy styles on longer hair, but I wanted to do something a little different with it. It comes in a beautiful looking box, and would make a gorgeous gift for someone (Mother’s Day coming up… maybe?!).

Follow Lily Doble’s board Hair Envy on Pinterest.

My ‘Hair Envy’ Pinterest board is full of photos of retro styles, and I thought I would see if I could create a quick but polished retro up do before popping off to work one morning. I’ve attempted a full set of overnight curls before, but it never works. This way, the styler does all the hard work so I don’t have to!

Vintage Styling with Babyliss-9
Vintage Styling with Babyliss-10
Vintage Styling with Babyliss-11

The curling wand has a variable heat setting, which is great if you’re not comfortable putting a lot of heat on your hair. I set mine at a fairly low temperature, and set about curling my hair by wrapping the ends of it around the barrel. I have to admit it felt a bit weird not having anything to grip it to (and I’m rubbish at doing things backwards in a mirror) but after a few minutes of fiddling about I finally got the hang of it.

Vintage Styling with Babyliss-3
Vintage Styling with Babyliss-4
Vintage Styling with Babyliss-5
Vintage Styling with Babyliss-6

Once the curls are in place it’s super easy to do a quick victory roll on each side. Wrap a little piece of hair around your thumb and slide it off, then take the little roll of hair and turn in in on itself, winding all the way to your scalp. Fluff it out a bit and pin in place. Voila! This is a really great tutorial if you’re stuck. (If you can’t do victory rolls then I always do cheat ones – take a piece of hair and twist it towards your head, then place against your hair and push it slightly forwards to ‘bump’ it up a bit, then pin it in place).

Vintage Styling with Babyliss-1
Vintage Styling with Babyliss-7

I love how the width of the barrel makes a nice big loose curl as well – I think it would probably work a little better on longer hair but it’s not too bad on my kind-of shoulder length mop.

I’ve always been a fan of this look, but never had the time to commit to a full head of curls. I’m quite enjoying the vintage style though, what do you reckon?!

[this product was sent to me to review, but opinions are my own]

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Make Your Face Funny for Money with Specsavers & Comic Relief

Red Nose Day 2015 make your face funny for money with Specsavers Bristol

It’s that time of year again! Comic Relief has rolled around once more like it does every couple of years to invite us to get our charitable hats on and do something funny for money. This year the challenge is to ‘make your face funny for money’ and I’ve teamed up with Specsavers in Bristol to tell you all about a special Red Nose Day themed event taking place this Thursday in Broadmead!

To celebrate the opening of the very first franchise store of Specsavers, and all the charitable work it’s done for the Bristol community over the years (including working for countless local charities including Above & Beyond), there will be a special event being held at the Bristol Broadmead store this Thursday 19th February. It’s also the store’s 30th birthday, and if that’s not a reason for celebration I don’t know what is!

Red Nose Day 2015 make your face funny for money with Specsavers Bristol

The event will take place from 1-4pm, with a photobooth and props inside for passersby to pop in and make their faces ‘funny for money’. All they are asking for in return is a £1 donation to Comic Relief, and you will get two prints of your photo, one to take home, and one to enter into a prize draw to win a brand new pair of specs! To help kick-off the day’s celebrations, The Lord Mayor of Bristol, Cllr Alastair Watson will be visiting the store at 1pm, and there will also be goody bags and balloons for everyone who comes along, so get yourself down there and get your best faces on.

Red Nose Day 2015 make your face funny for money with Specsavers Bristol

If you do pop along then be sure to post your photos in the comments or tweet me @lilydoughball, and see if you can do better than mine!

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Little Needle Felted Penguins

I’m always up for trying new things, me. When it comes to crafts, I’m forever filling my Pinterest board with ideas and interesting projects which I know I’ll sadly never complete, but a girl’s gotta dream, and that’s the whole point of Pinterest, right?

So when an email dropped into my inbox asking if I’d like to test out Hobbycraft’s range of Kirstie Allsopp craft kits, I jumped at the opportunity to flex my creative muscles. I was given a choice from the full range that they stock – everything from candle making, to pin cushion making to pyrography (!), but I opted for a craft which I’ve been longing to have a go at for ages, and never quite knew where to start – needle felting.

Kirstie Allsopp Needle Felting Kit
Kirstie Allsopp Needle Felting Kit
Kirstie Allsopp Needle Felting Kit
Kirstie Allsopp Needle Felting Kit

The kit is pretty brilliant. For the price (currently 25% off!) you get loads of bundles of fluffy coloured wool, felting needles, a felting tool and sponge mat. If I had one criticism, it would be that the instructions are a little sparse – it gives you basic instructions on how to make simple felt balls, but there’s little in the way of photos to show you what to do. Help was at hand though, in the form of YouTube, where there are a wealth of informative videos. I love you, internet. Even a simple Google search will throw up a handy video with what to do to get going.

All that needle felting is, it transpired, is fusing the fibres of the wool together by repeatedly stabbing it with your felting needle. After testing the water (and clumsily snapping my needle, those things are D-E-L-I-C-A-T-E) making a little ball like the pamphlet told me, I fancied making something a little more testing, and set about making one of my favourite cartoon penguins, Gunter from Adventure Time.

Needle Felted Penguin
Needle Felted Penguin
Needle Felted Penguin

Now, he may not be perfect, but for a first attempt at a new craft I don’t think I’ve done badly. The trick is to keep going and keep going (stab stab stab), because the finished product needs to be really firm and fused together. I think I just stopped short of getting it right with this guy, but I know for next time.

I’m a little bit addicted to needle felting now! I made the mistake of Googling ‘Adventure Time Needle Felt’ and now I think Peppermint Butler might have to be my next creation.
Watch this space!

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How to Avoid Boredom on Train Journeys

How to Beat Boredom on Trains

Ah, Christmas. As well as all the festive tidings and heaps of presents, for people of my age group there is the inevitable Christmas Eve dash home to the parents, for a week of stuffing your face with cheese, cake and Pringles which you didn’t pay for. Woo, mid twenties!

Sadly, though, for me and Tom this year it’s slightly complicated. Our car took a turn for the worst a couple of weeks ago and we are just a bit too poor from buying all those Christmas presents to fix it, so this year it’s going to have to be a mad dash on a train. As much as I love getting the train in normal circumstances, I am preparing myself for the worst on Christmas Eve, and so have compiled this handy go-to guide to keep you from boredom and/or madness on the journey home.

Beat Boredom on Trains - pack a rucksack

Pack a knapsack filled with things to prevent you losing your mind and take you away to your own happy place – a notebook for writing things or potential blog ideas, a sketchbook and pens, a mini paint set, play doh… whatever tickles your fancy. Get lost in your own little world and forget everyone else’s festive stress. Alternatively, transport yourself into a Christmas wonderland by making a festive playlist. Ain’t nothing like bopping away, humming along to Jona Lewie and the Pogues to get you in the festive spirit. Make sure you’ve got some snacks in that backpack – you don’t want a sugar slump in a carriage full of people.

How to Beat Boredom on Trains - take a Kindle

The obvious option is of course to read a book. I’m currently still battling through Game of Thrones – it’s not that it’s a bad book, in fact it’s a pretty amazing book, but I’m a really slow reader, and I kind of already know what’s going to happen. If you’ve got the attention span of a child, like myself (hey, don’t worry, it’s nothing to be ashamed of), then another option are short clips and films on some variety of portable device or tablet. My iPad mini is never too far away on a long journey, and he’s served me well over these last couple of years.

Beat Boredom on Trains

An excellent choice for both entertainment and short attention spans are Channel 4’s series of Shorts, available on 4oD. These little bite-sized nuggets of joy are perfect for this kind of situation – being only a few minutes long you can fill your boots on whatever takes your fancy, plus you’re sure to not miss your stop from not paying attention. My personal favourite are the ‘Two Players‘ clips – different faces from the world of gaming and comedy kicking back and playing a video game or two. It’s like Gogglebox, but for gaming nerds. Awesome!

It being the festive season and all – they’ve only gone and made some Christmas Specials! Seriously, if you are a hardcore gamer, an over-the-shoulder player like me, or even if you just want a giggle then check it out. My favourite is from indie game creator Mike Bithell and Charlie McDonell which I’ve posted below – I have no idea what that narwhal game is, but it looks amazing!

[just a word of warning, most of the Two Players clips are definitely NSFW – this one below is a-ok though :)]

Other gems from the Shorts line up also include Taxi Gags, where a series of comedians share their jokes, stories, rants and confessions all in the space of a cab journey, and Craic Addicts, two Irish chaps who found fame on the internet, picking apart the best and worst current cultural phenomenon. As previously mentioned, these clips are all pretty close to the knuckle, but they sure are guaranteed to make you giggle.

I’ll most definitely be charging up my iPad to the max before stepping on any trains this Christmas – I think it’s the only thing guaranteed to make me forget all the commuter stress and put a smile on my face!

{images 1 and 3 via Unsplash}
{this is a sponsored post}

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Gifts for Brothers

Gifts for Boys
Gifts for Boys
Gifts for Boys
Gifts for Boys

Boys are difficult to buy for at Christmas. Luckily I’ve got Tom’s present sorted, but I’ve also got two older brothers, 5 and 7 years my elder, and I seem to find that it’s more and more difficult to buy them something year upon year. I’ve exhausted the list of possible gifts and run out of ideas 🙁

Thankfully, in steps ASOS. Alongside their huge range of awesome fashions for all occasions this festive season, they’ve also got a wealth of stocking fillers, most of which are under a tenner. Bargain! I also happen to be a Premier member, meaning for only £10 a year I get free unlimited next day delivery. Double win!

I was kindly sent these little gems to wrap up and give to my brothers this year. Among them there is a diddly little harmonica (*), a desktop pool set (*), a book of spectacular beards (*), and a little wind up car puzzle (*). I always find that it’s the little gifts that you can play with on Christmas morning that get the most attention, and I reckon this little selection are perfect.

It’s not just the boys they cater for, though. Why don’t you get a little treat for yourself for completing all that Christmas shopping? I love this little moon necklace, or how about some unicorn slippers?!

I really can’t wait for Christmas now, we put our tree up this afternoon, and I’ve nearly finished shopping! Have you?

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Turtle Mat Christmas Jumper Competition

Turtle Mat Christmas Jumper Competition
It was a bit windy on the harbour today. Me hat nearly blew off.
Turtle Mat Christmas Jumper Competition
Turtle Mat Christmas Jumper Competition
Turtle Mat Christmas Jumper Competition

To celebrate the launch of the very festive themed new range of products (hooray!), the lovely folks at Turtle Mat set us crafty bloggers a challenge of creating an eye-catching Christmas jumper with a blank canvas and a budget of £5.

After much head scratching, and some Pinterest trawling, I settled on the idea of a polar bear, and so bought as much white fleece as I could with my little budget, and fashioned this curvy-looking chap on the front of the jumper supplied to me by Turtle Mat. After drawing a vague shape, cutting it out and badly sewing it to the front of my jumper I then took up my trusty embroidery floss to give this guy a nose, eyes, and fill in his teeny tiny little ears a bit.

I’ve never actually owned a Christmas jumper before (I KNOW!), so I’m pretty pleased that my very first one is something that I’ve fashioned myself. Me and my new pal David (Tom decided to call him David for some reason) went for a very blustery walk up and down the harbour this afternoon, and I had to hang on to my hat!

Do you like my creation? What would you do with a blank canvas and a fiver?!

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Betty Rae Vintage


Y’all know I’m a big fan of vintage.

I’m always on the lookout for a new source of decent vintage, especially if it’s local. We’re pretty spoiled in Bristol for boutiques and charity shops, and there’s a few vintage shops here and there, but I buy most of my old lady clothes online. So when the lovely Eve over at Betty Rae got in touch, I was over the moon – a beautiful selection of vintage, online, and based in Bristol! Awesome.

(Y so serious?)
Dress – Betty Rae Vintage (*) // Coat – vintage (charity shop) // Boots – Duo (*)

I was very kindly offered a piece to keep and chose this beautiful floral dress, which I teamed with my trusty glitter boots from Duo and my camel coat. It was a gloriously sunny day out on the harbour, and I had a lovely time frolicking in my fancy (new) vintage get up.

There are so many treasures over on the Betty Rae website, and I love how each item is styled along with other pieces. Plus, it’s always good to keep things in Bristol and support local businesses! The photography is beautiful too.

If you fancy some Bristol-based vintage treasures for yourself, you can find Betty Rae on their website, on Facebook, Twitter, or some beautiful inspiration on Pinterest. There’s also a competition at the moment to ‘pin to win’ an item on vintage clothing, so get pinning!