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Summer Goth

Oh look! An outfit post. It’s been a while since I done one o’ them.

I don’t take naturally to the summer months. It baffles me when people celebrate the return of hot weather – I am in my element on a cold, bright day. I panic when the weather gets warmer because I am incredibly uncomfortable in any form of summer fashion; it’s taken me years to try and find something I’m happy wearing in the summer (and it’s usually jeans and a shirt). Once a goth, always a goth, eh?

This is how I deal with this kind of weather #onceagothalwaysagoth #isitwinteryet

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Having said that, I got this new brightly-coloured dress in the post the other day all the way from MEXICO. I am completely in love with it; seeing as this embroidered flower thing is *all the rage* these days, I wanted to pay homage to where this trend might have originated from, and so located myself a proper puebla dress from a lovely lady in Durango.

lily doughball puebla embroidered dress
flower embroidered mexican dress

My good pal Lyzi took these snaps when we were pottering around in Bath for the day on Friday. I’ve given up on looking cute in outfit photos and so have embraced the ‘I dunno’ kind of half arsed look which I seem to do so well (just like Lyzi and her little look over the shoulder), and also the standard cursory glance at my shoes. Y’know, to check they are still there. I feel these are my signature poses.

I’ve taken to wearing a lot of black recently; there is something to be said for the graceful melancholic elegance of an all-black outfit, and it’s been informing my recent fashion purchases more and more, as if my 15 year old goth psyche is slowly working its way back to the forefront of my brain. I noticed in Japan that people wore a lot of black and tended to look very made up from just a few simple pieces – wide leg trousers, a box cut top, a long coat of some sort, and depending on your age, either trainers or kitten heels.

This dress comes in a veritable rainbow of colours, of which orange was up there on my list, but I thought black just brought out my glowing pale skin that bit more, plus it makes those flowers POP.

lily doughball bristol fashion blogger
mexican puebla dress and leather handbag

Dress: Etsy // Jacket: Urban Outfitters (similar here) // Shoes: H&M (or there are some dreamy ones from Boden here) // Handbag: HANDMADE!!
I am still obsessed with my handbag which I MADE – did I mention I made it? I made this bag. Me. Made it. With my hands. It has been my go-to every day handbag since the workshop with Leather Needle Thread back in February, and I have since made another to add to the growing collection.

Plus my little barnet is slowly but surely growing out from its shaven glory a few months previous. This is 6 months of growth from a grade 2, and to be perfectly honest there have been times this past week where I’ve considered shaving it all off again. I’m pretty confused about what to do with it next, so if you’ve got any suggestions, I’m all ears.

This dress is most certaintly earning its keep, as it has been out no less than three times this past weekend, and am sure will be a staple for me to survive another dreaded English summer… *shudder*.

This post contains affiliate links. Photos by the lovely Lyzi.

end of the road festival
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Why Smaller Festivals Are Best

The humble music festival has undergone a renaissance in the last decade. The first ever festival I went to was Reading, a whopping 10 years ago this August (ermagerd I feel so old). The general vibe of attending a festival back in those days was a tinted with an element of survival; you took things which you didn’t mind getting destroyed and hoped you’d come back vaguely in one piece at the end of it.

Contrast that, then, with the atmosphere and general attitude of the average Glastonbury-goer at the festival this year, which was more Kate Moss than Bear Grylls. I tutted in my old-lady way at young girls dancing away in downpours in little more than a pair of shorts and a glitzy crop top, and took pity on a young thing who was shivering in front of me whilst standing in the mizzle watching Grimes. Put a bloody anorak on, young people!

I digress. The point I’m trying to get at here, is that the older I have become the more I’ve come to realise that the type of festival I enjoy attending is the more laid back, smaller affair – and I’m here to tell you why the smaller the festival, the better. Read More

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What’s in My Travel Bag?

whats in my travel bag?

Summer is well and truly got into the swing of things, and my Facebook timeline is full of people popping off on holiday or to festivals left right and centre.

I’ve teamed up with Superdrug to showcase my holiday essentials you need to pack before jetting off. It’s all to celebrate their brand new store opening at Bristol Airport, so if you find out you’ve forgotten something right before you fly, they’ve got you covered 😉 Being the forgetful type, this was welcome news to me!

I’ve recently become obsessed with packing light (this is the girl who went to Budapest with nothing but a carry on case for 4 days), and since my passport arrived a couple of months ago, my mind is wandering as to which location I should trot off to next.

But what do I mean by packing light? Here’s what I would pop in my travel bag…

travelling light what to pack

Versatile clothing – by this I mean a few items that you can mix and match. A pair of black jeans is an absolute must, as they go with anything. A couple of colourful tops are a good idea, which you can wear underneath a pinafore dress or something similar – Breton stripes are a good addition to your bag, as they can be dressed up or down easily.

comfy dress and heels

Having said that, I’d probably also take a ‘going out’ dress and (comfy) heels, because you don’t know where your adventure will take you, and sometimes it’s nice to dress up posh and clip clop off to a restaurant for pizza. These Swedish Hasbeen sandals are my favourite things right now – they’re unbelievably comfortable, and can dress up anything from this gorgeous Coco Fennell dress (another fave) to aforementioned black jeans and stripy top. Add something sparkly et voila!

how to pack light for holiday camera and book

Camera – self explanatory. I like to shoot on film on holiday because you have a nice surprise when you get back and get the film developed 🙂

A decent book to read on the plane – I’m currently reading the much-hyped ‘Japanese Art of Tidying’ by Marie Kondo, which is so far proving to be a nice little read that you could easily rattle through on the plane on’t way to your delightful holiday destination.

Passport – don’t forget it!

toiletry essentials from superdrug for holiday

Of course, no travel bag would be complete without a few holiday beauty essentials, and Superdrug kindly supplied me with the following:

  • Handy wipes – for sticky plane food messes, accidental ‘dropped food down myself’ messes, plus bonus toilet-seat-sanitising capabilites
  • ‘Buzz off’ soothing bite spray – an absolute must if you’re bite-prone like me! I must just be delicious to mosquitoes. One spray of this and it helps relieve the urge to scratch yourself silly.
  • SPF lipbalm – for helping prevent sore sunburnt chapped lips… it can happen in the UK too! Get some protection on there
  • Instant Cooling Spray – I imagine this is pretty heavenly if you’re stuck in a queue trying to get into a festival, but to be honest I’m a bit afraid of spraying it on my face! It was nice on my arm 🙂
  • Face wipes – because I cba to lug all my different bits along with me, and this cleans makeup off in one fell swoop
  • 30SPF sun cream pouch – last but by no means least! Cream up even when you think you don’t need to – I got sunburnt in the queue on the way into Glastonbury last year, and I’ve definitely learned my lesson!

What else would you take on holiday with you? Anything I’ve missed off?