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church in amsterdam
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7 Reasons Amsterdam is the Best City Ever

Ahhh, Amsterdam. There is not a day that goes by when I don’t miss being in Amsterdam. It’s one of those rare places which I felt an immediate affinity with, even after just a few hours of being on Dutch soil. Me and the boy popped off to Amsterdam back in March, and I was inspired by Frankie’s recent travels to pen this li’l post about our own Dutch adventures.

amsterdam canals

Instead of rattling off a list of things to do and see in Amsterdam, I thought I’d let you all know exactly why it’s one of the best cities I have ever visited. (Plus, there is a handy list of my fave places at the bottom of this post if that’s the kind of content you are here for). Read More

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Bristol’s Best Breweries

This post is in collaboration with Expedia.

We’re pretty good at things here in Bristol – festivals, fiestas, food; and it seems like people are finally beginning to cotton on to this, too. Our little slice in the South West is always being voted as the best place to live in the UK, in the top ten for millennials etc etc… The lists go on!

While Bristol is widely renowned for being big on food, you may or may not know that the city is home to several fantastic breweries, too, knocking out tasty craft ale after tasty craft ale. Even those lovely Wriggle people have got in on the action recently, releasing a tasty brew of their own.

Spurred on by the glorious spring sunshine, the last couple of weekends have been fantastic for fans of craft beer, with me and the boy going on no less than three brewery tours in two weeks. First up, I was invited by Expedia to take a trip to one of the stalwarts of Bristol brewing, the mighty Moor Beer in St Philips, to take a peek behind the scenes. Read More

natural history museum at christmas
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Meandering Around Grey London Town

I don’t often find myself in the capital with time to spare. Usually trips to London are to do something, to see something, or generally to rush about without so much time as to stop and catch a breath. It was for this reason that I didn’t used to like London very much; I never took kindly to the fast pace of everything, I was very much settled in my Bristolian ways, thank-you-very-much.

I’ve had a bit of a change of heart of late. I’m not sure if it’s because Bristol is becoming a bit of a mini-London in itself, but I’ve begun to tolerate the capital a far lot more than I used to. So when, after my gift wrapping masterclass on Saturday, I found myself in London with a few hours to kill, I was a little bewildered. What to do with my new-found freedom?! I had a travelcard burning a hole in my pocket, which I wasn’t about to let go to waste.


After the workshop, myself and Alice stopped off at itsu for a bit to eat (another London chain making its way to Bristol!) and were surprised by thousands of people walking down Camden High Street dressed as Father Christmas, as ya do! We soon found ourselves in the midst of this crowd trying to get to the tube station, where a chatty tube chap told us that this is a Christmas tradition in ol’ London town; it’s a massive festive pub crawl which ends up getting pretty messy by the end of the day. Note to self: come and join in next year.

After saying farewell to Alice at Piccadilly Circus, I decided to take myself to the Natural History Museum for a spot of nerding out. I always get a bit emosh walking up to that stunning Victorian facade, and it looked particularly beautiful this grey Saturday afternoon, decked out in festive glory with an ice rink and carousel outside.

natural history museum at christmas

Unfortunately for me, the queue was bloody massive (obviously – it was a Saturday two weeks before Christmas) so I decided to call it a day, and starting making my way to Paddington through Hyde Park, stopping off to say hi to Albert first.

royal albert hall
prince albert memorial
hyde park in winter
albert memorial from hyde park

Soon I was safely stowed on a train bound for Bristol after a teeny tiny adventure in a minute portion of the capital. I’m more than aware that there’s plenty I need to see (cereal cafe, for example, plus numerous exhibitions) but I just didn’t have time to do it all that day! Until next time, London. Keep being massive and intimidating.

mercure holland house bristol my room
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Mercure Holland House Bristol #MyRoom

Every now and then, it’s nice to change up the scenery a little bit – to cut loose (Footloose) and fancy free, and pop off on a bit of a holiday. The trouble is, we have exhausted the holiday fund a wee bit, what with our travels around the globe, so another trip overseas is off the cards until at least 2019.

So when Mercure got in touch and asked if I wanted to come and see a specially decorated room at their Holland House Bristol hotel a few weeks ago, I jumped at the chance. Me and Tom were treated to a little one-night staycation at their central Bristol hotel. Read More

venice at dusk lily doughball travel blog
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A Weekend in Venice & Lake Garda | Doughball’s Travels

colourful houses in venice

Oh me oh my, has this post been a long time coming. Since the beginning of March, I’ve been on no less than three holidays – a big ol’ trip to Japan via Budapest for a few days in April, and waaay back in early March myself and the boy popped off to the continent with his parents for a little trip to Italy.

I don’t now why I haven’t written about this until now – things seemed to have got in the way a little bit, but it’s better late than never, eh?  Read More

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My Dream London Trip

Ahh, London.

We don’t often visit the capital because Tom, being of the Northern persuasion, is genetically opposed to London in any and every capacity. Being a Southerner, I have nothing against London, but I have to admit that just being in a city any larger than Bristol makes me nervous, so we don’t often travel south east that often. Having said that, there’s a few things going on in the capital over the next few months which I am dying to pop back and see, plus I’ve got a few pals there, so I’ve chalked up an itinerary for my dream trip to the Big Smoke.

london skyline

Where I would stay
I know, there’s a million and one places to stay in London, but if money were no object, I would most definitely stay in the amazing Rosewood hotel. A luxury abode accessed by a secret Edwardian courtyard just a hop, skip and a jump from Covent Garden? Sign me up! Sure, it’s a bit more than I’d usually pay, but it looks absolutely gorgeous, and if you’re going to do it once then do it well.

What I would see
No doubt about it – I would head straight to the Science Museum first to scope out the cosmonaut exhibition that’s on at the moment, because I’m a bit of a fan of spacey things, and y’all know the Russians did it best. Plus there’s an exhibition by one of my favourite photographers, Alec Soth, on at the moment. WIN-WIN. From there I’d probably pop in to the Natural History Museum to say hi to the dinosaur one last time before it pops off, and if I’m there during the week then I’ll have to make a trip to the museum at the Royal College of Surgeons. I’d love to give those skeletons and pickled organs another visit – call me weird, but I think it’s interesting!

Where I would eat
I know it’s become a bit of a hipster cliche, but I’ve been dying to go to the Cereal Killer cafe. Just the thought of peanut butter cereal smothered in custard milk is enough to get my stomach rumbling! I’d stop off there for breakkie and make a beeline to Ambriento for some lunchtime tacos, cos I do love my Mexican food. Dinner would have to be pizza somewhere, and Homeslice looks like it fits the bill perfectly!

How I would travel
By Boris bike, duh! They look like amazing fun, but I’d probably be wise to stick to cycle paths through parks and the like, cos I don’t want to get squished. When I’m not pootling along dodging the traffic on my little bike, then I might give a duck tour a go!

London folk – any recommendations for a non-native to see during a day-and-night trip?

This post is all my own written content, but contains affiliate links.

Image credits: Pixabay, @sciencemuseum, @cerealkillercafe

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Flaunt Your Haunt

Y’all know I’m a pretty big fan of Bristol. I mean, it’s not like I mention it on a regular basis or anything. So when those lovely folk at Travelodge popped me an email asking if I’d like to take part in their ‘Flaunt Your Haunt’ campaign, I jumped at the opportunity to sing Bristol’s praises yet again. Cos, y’know, I’m quite a fan.

bravas bristol

The idea of the campaign is to show off parts of your city that you’re particularly fond of, but might be glossed over by visitors for one reason or another. The first place that came to mind was the lovely, lovely Cotham Hill, because me and the boy have lived round these parts twice now, and always find an excuse to come back and have a little wander down this adorable street.

It’s home to a whole host of lovely charity shops, cafes, an awesome barber shop and several fine eateries of any cuisine you can imagine. One such excellent establishment is the much-praised Bravas (the big cousin of the equally excellent Bakers and Co. on Gloucester Rd), who offer up authentic and delicious tapas in a beautifully cosy and welcoming environment. I’m particularly fond of Bravas because it was one of the first places we visited on this road after moving up here for the second time, and they managed to squeeze us in on a particularly busy night. Thanks for that, lovely Bravas people (Y).

menu bravas bristol
browsing the menu at bravas bristol
olives at bravas cotham hill bristol

Bravas is also a place I’d been dying to take Tom’s parents to – his dad is a massive fan of tapas, and this is some of the best food I have ever tasted. So on a Friday evening a couple of weeks ago we all popped along to stuff our little faces silly and have a glass of wine or two.

bravas bristol
bravas bristol patatas and manchego
bravas bristol tapas
bravas bristol steak and wine
bravas bristol dessert chocolate mousse


Bravas is one of those rare restaurants that NEVER disappoints. Ever. Not on the wine, the beer, the service, the cosy little table we sat at, nor the array of dishes we sampled on this particular evening. They included patatas bravas, manchego and membrillo, fried aubergine with a molasses drizzle, steak… omg just listing it is making me hungry again. We even had room to squeeze in a couple of puds – dark chocolate mousse and some dense and delicious chocolate truffles.

If you haven’t been to Bravas before please do me a favour and book a table RIGHT AWAY, because it is most probably one of the best places you will ever eat at, like, ever. They’re even open for lunch (check out their drool-worthy menu), if you fancy soaking up the lovely vibez on lovely lovely Cotham Hill first!

Massive thanks to Travelodge for inviting me to be a part of their #FlauntYaHaunt campaign. I was given a voucher towards the final cost of the meal but all words and opinions are my own.

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Post-Holiday Blues

This post is reaaaaalllllly overdue. Long overdue. Well overdue. Like… I should have posted about it two months ago. But better late than never, eh?

At the end of August myself and the boy popped down to Dartmouth for a few days for a nice little holiday by the sea. It was a welcome break as we hadn’t been on a proper holiday since April 2014, and we keep umm-ing and ahh-ing about popping off to Europe now we have our shiny new passports, but never seem to get round to actually booking anything.

dartmouth devon harbour

I emailed the lovely chaps at Cafe Alf Resco to see if they had any room this particular weekend, and lo and behold, they did! Not only that, but it was in their super swanky top cabin of all places, which has an amazing view over the harbour.

If you’ve never been to Dartmouth before, then you need to go next time you’re down Devon way. It’s the jewel in the crown of the English Riviera, part old-person seaside town, part artist-cool haven, part hooray-Henry rowing fanatics paradise. It’s the right sort of mix of people which keep the place vibrant and interesting, but welcoming and cosy-feeling, if you know what I mean.

cafe alf resco dartmouth breakfast

Alf Rescos is tucked away in a little back street just ready for you to stumble upon it; it’s reminiscent of a French bistro, with the waft of good food coming from the cave-like inside and an array of tables nestled inside the intricate wrought iron belly of an outside veranda. It’s always packed, so we headed down for breakfast pretty sharpish. If there’s one thing Alf’s is famous for, it’s the breakfast. We sampled most of the items whilst we were there, and can heartily recommend the full English, although the granola ain’t half bad either!

totnes harbour

You’ve got to love a British seaside holiday for it’s predictability. For the most part we just pottered about, drank in a couple of pubs and sat out on our terrace eating cheese and watching the ships coming in and going back out again. On one of our days we decided to venture out on a ‘Round Robin’ excursion – a ferry to lovely lovely Totnes, an open top bus to Paignton, then a steam train back home to Dartmouth. I made a little video about the trip – take a look below!

I absolutely adore Totnes. There’s a bit of a Stroud-y vibe to it (if you have never been to Stroud, then I also recommend doing that, too – they have an awesome market on a Saturday), it’s full of vegetarian cafes and old hippies and arty types. As soon as we turned up the main high street was taken over by one of those weird old English summer traditions, and we were greeted by people running down the hill to chase oranges. As you do.

totnes gift shop
pet portraits in totnes
launderama sign totnes
orange race totnes
willow cafe totnes

We had a potter around and found a brilliant shop selling all sorts of weird and wonderful things, and stopped off at a veggie cafe called Willow, where we had some of the most delicious food I have ever tasted. For reals. After that it was off on a bus to Paignton, which is completely at the opposite end of the spectrum to Totnes.

battered chips in paignton lily doughball travel blogger in paignton

Imagine Weston-super-Mare times about a million, high on sugar and drunk on warm cider, and that’s Paignton. Don’t get me wrong, I love it just as much as I love Totnes, but for a completely different reason. There’s something oddly charming about a tacky seaside town, and we had loads of fun eating battered chips and even winning an Elsa in a grabby machine – just look at my little excited face!!


Of course, after every brilliant holiday comes home time, and that’s when the post-holiday blues kick in. Even looking back at these photos makes me miss our few days by the sea. I was sent this little package by Jet2Holidays to try and help me get over my woes at wanting to be back on holiday. I thought it was a nice little sentiment – even something as simple as a pizza treat and a couple of beauty bits to try and get that healthy sun-kissed glow back (haha, my skin is always this pale!) can be enough to perk you up and get you excited about your next adventure. Apparently binging on takeaways helps, although I can’t help feeling that booking another holiday might help too…

What do you reckon? Where shall I go to next?

Thanks to Jet2Holidays for my little box of treats, and to Cafe Alf Resco for such an amazing stay in Dartmouth.

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Spotlight On: Baggu

spotlight on baggu bags

In this instalment of my Spotlight On series, I take a look at San Francisco/New York bag wizards, Baggu!

spotlight on baggu bags

I’d never heard of Baggu before, but I stumbled across them whilst looking for a carry-on sized duffel bag for going on holiday, and these chaps featured quite prominently in several top 10s, commended for quality bags at reasonable prices.

I already liked the cut of their jib; Baggu do one thing and do it well – beautiful simple designs which come in a range of quirky patterns and colour options. Having spent several hours drooling over their beautiful bags (and gorgeous photography), I took the plunge there and then and bought a duffel bag in ‘sailor stripe’ and a canvas backpack in ‘chestnut’.

baggu backpack and weekend bag

I sat back and waited, pretty excited to receive my bags, which would take a couple of weeks to arrive as they were coming from the states. However, two weeks went past without so much as a confirmation email, so I had a sneaking suspicion that something wasn’t quite right.

After a quick email explaining my worries, they got back to me within a few hours explaining that sadly they had oversold the duffel bag and it was no longer available 🙁 . To their credit, though, they were super duper apologetic, and said that I could choose anything I wanted off their site to say sorry. This is part of the reason why I felt the need to write this post – I was seriously impressed with their customer service chap, who was responding to my emails within a matter of minutes, and even had my replacement items sent out special delivery so it would arrive in a couple of days.

baggu weekend bag detail

Instead of the duffel I went for their weekend bag, in the same dreamy sailor stripe, and my good ol’ backpack who was still in stock, luckily!

I was over the moon when they arrived all the way from San Fran in a couple of days, and even happier when I opened the parcel and peeked inside. The glowing reviews Baggu gets are entirely justified – both bags are made of proper sturdy canvas which feels like it’s going to last for many many holidays to come.

The weekend bag is supposedly just the right size for carry on luggage (when laid out flat and measured it’s just a teeny bit too wide for EasyJet, but I reckon upright and full of stuff you could get away with it), and it’s absolutely HUGE. You could easily fit a week’s worth of clothes in it I reckon, and the real test will come when I take it festival-ing in a couple of weeks’ time. There’s one main large compartment, with a little pocket to stuff your passport or travel sweets or tabs in.

baggu backpack in chestnut
baggu backpack chestnut what to fit inside

My backpack was just as awesome and exciting, and capable of holding more than enough for a weekend away – I like how it’s just one big drawstring bag with a flappy top, it means you can open it up fully and cram loads of stuff in. I suppose this is how this one and my Kanken(s) differ; whereas the Kanken holds its square shape even with not much inside, with this one the less stuff there is the floppier it becomes, so it needs something in there to bulk it out a bit, if that makes sense.

Even so, I was mega impressed with my brand new backpack, and pretty much haven’t taken it off since. I’ve even become a little too obsessed with buying iron-on patches to adorn it with, so it’s just a matter of time until it’s a beautiful multicoloured mess. Watch this space!

Another massive thank you to Baggu for being amazing and sorting out my problem so quickly.

I wasn’t paid to write this post, I was just really impressed by these guys.

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What’s in My Travel Bag?

whats in my travel bag?

Summer is well and truly got into the swing of things, and my Facebook timeline is full of people popping off on holiday or to festivals left right and centre.

I’ve teamed up with Superdrug to showcase my holiday essentials you need to pack before jetting off. It’s all to celebrate their brand new store opening at Bristol Airport, so if you find out you’ve forgotten something right before you fly, they’ve got you covered 😉 Being the forgetful type, this was welcome news to me!

I’ve recently become obsessed with packing light (this is the girl who went to Budapest with nothing but a carry on case for 4 days), and since my passport arrived a couple of months ago, my mind is wandering as to which location I should trot off to next.

But what do I mean by packing light? Here’s what I would pop in my travel bag…

travelling light what to pack

Versatile clothing – by this I mean a few items that you can mix and match. A pair of black jeans is an absolute must, as they go with anything. A couple of colourful tops are a good idea, which you can wear underneath a pinafore dress or something similar – Breton stripes are a good addition to your bag, as they can be dressed up or down easily.

comfy dress and heels

Having said that, I’d probably also take a ‘going out’ dress and (comfy) heels, because you don’t know where your adventure will take you, and sometimes it’s nice to dress up posh and clip clop off to a restaurant for pizza. These Swedish Hasbeen sandals are my favourite things right now – they’re unbelievably comfortable, and can dress up anything from this gorgeous Coco Fennell dress (another fave) to aforementioned black jeans and stripy top. Add something sparkly et voila!

how to pack light for holiday camera and book

Camera – self explanatory. I like to shoot on film on holiday because you have a nice surprise when you get back and get the film developed 🙂

A decent book to read on the plane – I’m currently reading the much-hyped ‘Japanese Art of Tidying’ by Marie Kondo, which is so far proving to be a nice little read that you could easily rattle through on the plane on’t way to your delightful holiday destination.

Passport – don’t forget it!

toiletry essentials from superdrug for holiday

Of course, no travel bag would be complete without a few holiday beauty essentials, and Superdrug kindly supplied me with the following:

  • Handy wipes – for sticky plane food messes, accidental ‘dropped food down myself’ messes, plus bonus toilet-seat-sanitising capabilites
  • ‘Buzz off’ soothing bite spray – an absolute must if you’re bite-prone like me! I must just be delicious to mosquitoes. One spray of this and it helps relieve the urge to scratch yourself silly.
  • SPF lipbalm – for helping prevent sore sunburnt chapped lips… it can happen in the UK too! Get some protection on there
  • Instant Cooling Spray – I imagine this is pretty heavenly if you’re stuck in a queue trying to get into a festival, but to be honest I’m a bit afraid of spraying it on my face! It was nice on my arm 🙂
  • Face wipes – because I cba to lug all my different bits along with me, and this cleans makeup off in one fell swoop
  • 30SPF sun cream pouch – last but by no means least! Cream up even when you think you don’t need to – I got sunburnt in the queue on the way into Glastonbury last year, and I’ve definitely learned my lesson!

What else would you take on holiday with you? Anything I’ve missed off?

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1 Hour in Brighton

What would you do if you only had just over an hour to spend in a completely new city?

brighton rockers sticker on bollard in brighton

A couple of months ago I found myself in this predicament.

I’ve heard so many good things about Brighton, and I’d wanted to go back for ages after visiting a few years ago, but it’s just a teeeeny bit too far away from Bristol (4 hours driving, no thanks! Also, sort your act out, FGW and lower dem ticket prices).

After all this wishing, I suddenly found myself there as a result of travelling to a work conference, and had just over an hour to explore when we had a break for lunch.

The event was being held in the absolutely stunning Brighton Dome, so I ticked that off my tourist list straight away. I’d seen the spooky haunted pier on the way to the hotel, so that was another landmark gone. I racked my brains for other famous Brighton things… Obviously, I headed straight for the Lanes.

mexican skull in la choza, brighton
la choza restaurant, brighton
menu at la choza mexican restaurant, brighton
blackboard at la choza, brighton
chorizo quesadillas with homemade chipotle at la choza, brighton
slushie drinks at la choza brighton

What’s the first thing you do when you find yourself in a different city slap bang in the middle of the most awesome network of vibrant shops and eateries? Look up the nearest Mexican restaurant. Google told me to check out La Choza, and that I did, along with my work pal Josh.

I liked this place from the get-go; it was tiny and full of garish Mexican tin objects, plus the place was completely full, which is always a good sign. We parked ourselves next to a couple sharing some kind of deep-fried pork snack, and ordered some ‘frozen drinks’. Turns out they were lemon and lime flavoured slushies, and they were awesome.

I went for a chorizo quesadilla, which arrived with a little pot of their own recipe chipotle for dipping. Mexican food is perhaps my all-time favourite cuisine, and I can honestly tell you that this is the nicest tasting Mexican food I have eaten from a restaurant to date. Their chorizo was home made, and was more of a crumbly smoky sausage than the paprika kind we’re used to. And that chipotle! Maaaaaan, that was something else.

(this is possibly my favourite thing on the internet ever, and I wanted to sneak it into a post somewhere – I think I have finally found that moment)

loot vintage, brighton

Stuffed full of quesadillas, we headed off on a mission for vintage (like hipsters do). Loot was full of some beautiful treasures, old and new, but we were really making a beeline to one place…

beyond retro brighton


beyond retro sign, brighton
inside beyond retro vintage shop, brighton
vintage shoes in beyond retro, brighton
inside beyond retro vintage thrift store, brighton

Ahhhh, vintage bliss! You can almost smell that beautiful mustiness emanating from the rails.

I’d wanted to visit this mecca of vintage since discovering their online store last summer. I reckon that about a quarter of my clothes are probably from Beyond Retro as a result of their frequent sales, where you can snap up some right bargains, and I definitely didn’t leave here empty handed.

After a good old mooch around (this place is HUGE), I settled on a pair of posh lady shoes which I found tucked away at the bottom of a rail. It looked like they’d been there a while. You know when you find an item in a vintage shop and it somehow is calling to you? Yup, these shoes were practically begging to be bought. I tried them on and they were like glass slippers. That was it. Budget blown on one pair of shoes.

Before too long our hour was up and it was time to leave the ball. On the way back we stopped in a couple more shops which I was too excited to walk past – namely Sass & Belle and the awesome Bluebird Teas.

I am definitely going to have to come back and stay for a weekend – the small amount I saw of Brighton has convinced me that if there were ever anywhere else I’d consider living other than Bristol, it would definitely be here. It’s almost like a Bristol by the sea – same arty creative types, liberal politics, colourful streets and awesome vintage shops, but a lot more seagulls. Swings and roundabouts.

Is there anything I missed in Brighton which I definitely have to go back and visit? Let me know!

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How to Avoid Boredom on Train Journeys

How to Beat Boredom on Trains

Ah, Christmas. As well as all the festive tidings and heaps of presents, for people of my age group there is the inevitable Christmas Eve dash home to the parents, for a week of stuffing your face with cheese, cake and Pringles which you didn’t pay for. Woo, mid twenties!

Sadly, though, for me and Tom this year it’s slightly complicated. Our car took a turn for the worst a couple of weeks ago and we are just a bit too poor from buying all those Christmas presents to fix it, so this year it’s going to have to be a mad dash on a train. As much as I love getting the train in normal circumstances, I am preparing myself for the worst on Christmas Eve, and so have compiled this handy go-to guide to keep you from boredom and/or madness on the journey home.

Beat Boredom on Trains - pack a rucksack

Pack a knapsack filled with things to prevent you losing your mind and take you away to your own happy place – a notebook for writing things or potential blog ideas, a sketchbook and pens, a mini paint set, play doh… whatever tickles your fancy. Get lost in your own little world and forget everyone else’s festive stress. Alternatively, transport yourself into a Christmas wonderland by making a festive playlist. Ain’t nothing like bopping away, humming along to Jona Lewie and the Pogues to get you in the festive spirit. Make sure you’ve got some snacks in that backpack – you don’t want a sugar slump in a carriage full of people.

How to Beat Boredom on Trains - take a Kindle

The obvious option is of course to read a book. I’m currently still battling through Game of Thrones – it’s not that it’s a bad book, in fact it’s a pretty amazing book, but I’m a really slow reader, and I kind of already know what’s going to happen. If you’ve got the attention span of a child, like myself (hey, don’t worry, it’s nothing to be ashamed of), then another option are short clips and films on some variety of portable device or tablet. My iPad mini is never too far away on a long journey, and he’s served me well over these last couple of years.

Beat Boredom on Trains

An excellent choice for both entertainment and short attention spans are Channel 4’s series of Shorts, available on 4oD. These little bite-sized nuggets of joy are perfect for this kind of situation – being only a few minutes long you can fill your boots on whatever takes your fancy, plus you’re sure to not miss your stop from not paying attention. My personal favourite are the ‘Two Players‘ clips – different faces from the world of gaming and comedy kicking back and playing a video game or two. It’s like Gogglebox, but for gaming nerds. Awesome!

It being the festive season and all – they’ve only gone and made some Christmas Specials! Seriously, if you are a hardcore gamer, an over-the-shoulder player like me, or even if you just want a giggle then check it out. My favourite is from indie game creator Mike Bithell and Charlie McDonell which I’ve posted below – I have no idea what that narwhal game is, but it looks amazing!

[just a word of warning, most of the Two Players clips are definitely NSFW – this one below is a-ok though :)]

Other gems from the Shorts line up also include Taxi Gags, where a series of comedians share their jokes, stories, rants and confessions all in the space of a cab journey, and Craic Addicts, two Irish chaps who found fame on the internet, picking apart the best and worst current cultural phenomenon. As previously mentioned, these clips are all pretty close to the knuckle, but they sure are guaranteed to make you giggle.

I’ll most definitely be charging up my iPad to the max before stepping on any trains this Christmas – I think it’s the only thing guaranteed to make me forget all the commuter stress and put a smile on my face!

{images 1 and 3 via Unsplash}
{this is a sponsored post}