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Meat Liquor Bristol

meat liquor bristol gloucester road stokes croft

Ahh, the humble burger. Bristol is no stranger to fantastic burger joints, and has recently seen a new guy popping up on the scene; after over a year of patiently waiting, Bristolians can now feast at the hotly anticipated Meat Liquor which has just opened up on Gloucester Rd. Read More

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Reflections on Vegetarianism & The Great Vegan Challenge

Happy World Vegan Day!

world vegan day

I know what you’re thinking.

Regular readers of this blog will recognise that it has become somewhat of a shrine to the consumption of flesh, and will be looking at the title of this post with suspicious eyes. I don’t blame you. It’s true that I regularly document my meat-crazed benders with posts such as this one, or this one but, I dunno… you could say I’ve had a pretty big change of heart of late.

I stopped eating meat on the 1st October, and to be perfectly honest, in the short period of time I’ve been a veggie I haven’t really missed eating meat at all. I was a vegetarian for the most part of my teenage life, and always assumed that I would probably one day go back to not eating meat again. I’ve tried and failed over the last few years to cut it out of my diet completely, despite having cut down a lot over the last few years.

I think that’s the main problem I have with our Western attitude towards eating meat. Most people don’t consider a meal to be a ‘proper’ meal unless it has a big slab of meat in the middle of it, or bacon in it, or chicken wings on the side. I shudder to think at how much food is wasted every single year, and how much unnecessary slaughter we commit just to fuel our fashionable dependence on dude food.  Cheeky Nando’s, anyone?

It’s not just bad for our health, it’s pretty terrible for the planet, too. I came across a video doing the rounds on Facebook recently which came from Unilad, of all places, highlighting the environmental impact that our love affair with meat is having on the planet. This sweet little animation from the Guardian highlights the same problem:

I’m not trying to be all preachy here – if you have a love affair with burgers, then by all means carry on – but I do agree that as a culture we desperately need to cut down on our meat consumption. If only carrots were as cool as pulled pork. Le sigh.

One of the reasons I love Bristol so much is its defiance at wanting to do things a bit differently. Take places like the Skipchen, reusing food which would have otherwise gone to landfill, or a project I was introduced to recently called Food Not Bombs, who do a similar thing most weekends in the Bearpit – they’re taking steps to ensure that at least a small percentage of food waste isn’t destined to be waste at all.

I was recently contacted by Bristolian veggie-chef-recently-turned-author Shane Jordan, who has penned a brilliant book called Food Waste Philosophy, dealing with this very subject. Food plays a huge part in our everyday lives, and in the book Shane documents our relationship with food from a personal perspective, using his knowledge as a chef in the city and challenging our perceptions of food waste and its environmental impact. I was sent a preview of the book and found it to be a really, genuinely interesting read. Check it out, people!

But what’s this Vegan Challenge thing all about, Lily? Good question.

Every November, the charity Animal Aid encourages people to sign up for the Great Vegan Challenge – yep, you guessed it, 30 days on a completely vegan diet. I attempted doing the challenge last year but was massively underprepared and ended up just eating toast and resorting back to binging on cheese pretty rapidly.

This year, though, I’m determined to do things a bit differently. I’ve already stocked up on oat milk and Sheese and a defiantly stubborn attitude that I can definitely make it to the end of the month without relapsing into dairy consumption like last time. It’s only 30 days, after all!

I’ve already completed day one, in which I went for a bloody SUNDAY ROAST with some of my lovely pals, and those fantastic and wonderful people at the Star and Dove went above and beyond to make a bespoke and absolutely delicious vegan meal just for meeeee!



Tom even had cheese afterwards and I didn’t crack. Stony faced determination.

If you’ve got any tips on veganism – where to eat, what to avoid, the best recipes – please let me know! Comment below and I will love you forever.

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Urban Foraging for Nakd Bars

Nakd bars healthy snacking | Lily Doughball

I’ve talked previously about the importance of healthy snacking, and in particular my struggle with it. Too often I forgo the fruit and snacky vegetables in favour of biscuits, crisps and Fanta (my beverage of choice), despite my best efforts to eat more healthily. My favourite tea time treat, to fill the awkward 3pm-gap between lunch and dinner has to be, hands down, Nakd bars. These little nuggets of joy are my favourites for a grab-and-go lunchbox filler – they come in about a million different delicious flavours, and all guaranteed to be 100% natural, gluten, wheat and dairy free, so you know you’re doing your tummy good. Some of these tasty flavours I haven’t tested out yet, but I was lucky enough to be sent a box to sample their best-sellers (*).

Nakd bars healthy snacking | Lily Doughball
Nakd bars healthy snacking | Lily Doughball

My current favourites are the Pecan Pie, Cashew Cookie and Gingerbread, of which I got samples of the last two, yay! These are the three go-to flavours when I’m stocking up my Asda basket, and to be honest I wasn’t brave enough to branch out and sample any others. I’d not previously been a fan of the Cocoa Delight bar, but luckily enough Tom loves anything which remotely resembles chocolate, so he snaffled these up in no time. Included in my sample box were a few variations on the cocoa theme – Cocoa Mint, Cocoa Orange and Caffe Mocha. I absolutely adored all three of these, despite my aversion to the chocolate. The stand out flavour for me though has to be Rhubarb and Custard. I did a small squeal of joy when I saw the bright pink peeping out of the box, and the flavour did not let it down at all. It was almost like a creamy custard-tasting cashew cookie, but with a sharp tangy rhubarb aftertaste, which was absolutely delicious. I will definitely be purchasing more of these!

Nakd bars healthy snacking | Lily Doughball
Nakd bars healthy snacking | Lily Doughball
Nakd bars healthy snacking | Lily Doughball

Whilst foraging in the lavender for my Nakd bars, there were a few cheeky bees taking an interest in my cornflowers. I feel a little bit better for having a hideously overgrown garden now that I’m safe in the knowledge that I’m going the wildlife some good! She didn’t pay much attention to my Nakd bars though, I got to keep those all for myself.

Nakd bars healthy snacking | Lily Doughball

If you haven’t tried Nakd bars yet, and are in to eating clean (or are just a repenting serial snacker like myself) then I really urge you to give them a go. This is just a small taste of the flavours they have on offer, and for the amount of delicious ingredients inside, they really are good value for money. These are my afternoon treat, and cereal bars in general manage to keep me a lot fuller and feeling a bit more nourished than if I were to have a rich tea biscuit!

Are there any flavours which I haven’t mentioned which I need to try? Let me know!

[this product was a gift, but opinion is my own]