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The Little Things


We’ve been in our little terraced house for nearly 2 years now, which for us is a pretty big achievement; since moving to Bristol we’ve never lived in the same place for longer than about 10 months! Making our little abode feel like home has been a steady process, and for me the nicest touches are always the little things. Read More

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Bristol’s Best Bits: Loot Vintage

loot vintage store bristol

Connoisseurs of the finest vintage in Bristol will be well aware of Loot. Perched atop a stack of unassuming graffitied 1960s shopfronts overlooking the Bearpit, this treasure trove of vintage heaven was just waiting to be explored by yours truly before too long. Myself and my little sis popped down last Saturday at the crack of dawn (10am on a weekend?!) to have a rummage. Read More

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1 Hour in Brighton

What would you do if you only had just over an hour to spend in a completely new city?

brighton rockers sticker on bollard in brighton

A couple of months ago I found myself in this predicament.

I’ve heard so many good things about Brighton, and I’d wanted to go back for ages after visiting a few years ago, but it’s just a teeeeny bit too far away from Bristol (4 hours driving, no thanks! Also, sort your act out, FGW and lower dem ticket prices).

After all this wishing, I suddenly found myself there as a result of travelling to a work conference, and had just over an hour to explore when we had a break for lunch.

The event was being held in the absolutely stunning Brighton Dome, so I ticked that off my tourist list straight away. I’d seen the spooky haunted pier on the way to the hotel, so that was another landmark gone. I racked my brains for other famous Brighton things… Obviously, I headed straight for the Lanes.

mexican skull in la choza, brighton
la choza restaurant, brighton
menu at la choza mexican restaurant, brighton
blackboard at la choza, brighton
chorizo quesadillas with homemade chipotle at la choza, brighton
slushie drinks at la choza brighton

What’s the first thing you do when you find yourself in a different city slap bang in the middle of the most awesome network of vibrant shops and eateries? Look up the nearest Mexican restaurant. Google told me to check out La Choza, and that I did, along with my work pal Josh.

I liked this place from the get-go; it was tiny and full of garish Mexican tin objects, plus the place was completely full, which is always a good sign. We parked ourselves next to a couple sharing some kind of deep-fried pork snack, and ordered some ‘frozen drinks’. Turns out they were lemon and lime flavoured slushies, and they were awesome.

I went for a chorizo quesadilla, which arrived with a little pot of their own recipe chipotle for dipping. Mexican food is perhaps my all-time favourite cuisine, and I can honestly tell you that this is the nicest tasting Mexican food I have eaten from a restaurant to date. Their chorizo was home made, and was more of a crumbly smoky sausage than the paprika kind we’re used to. And that chipotle! Maaaaaan, that was something else.

(this is possibly my favourite thing on the internet ever, and I wanted to sneak it into a post somewhere – I think I have finally found that moment)

loot vintage, brighton

Stuffed full of quesadillas, we headed off on a mission for vintage (like hipsters do). Loot was full of some beautiful treasures, old and new, but we were really making a beeline to one place…

beyond retro brighton


beyond retro sign, brighton
inside beyond retro vintage shop, brighton
vintage shoes in beyond retro, brighton
inside beyond retro vintage thrift store, brighton

Ahhhh, vintage bliss! You can almost smell that beautiful mustiness emanating from the rails.

I’d wanted to visit this mecca of vintage since discovering their online store last summer. I reckon that about a quarter of my clothes are probably from Beyond Retro as a result of their frequent sales, where you can snap up some right bargains, and I definitely didn’t leave here empty handed.

After a good old mooch around (this place is HUGE), I settled on a pair of posh lady shoes which I found tucked away at the bottom of a rail. It looked like they’d been there a while. You know when you find an item in a vintage shop and it somehow is calling to you? Yup, these shoes were practically begging to be bought. I tried them on and they were like glass slippers. That was it. Budget blown on one pair of shoes.

Before too long our hour was up and it was time to leave the ball. On the way back we stopped in a couple more shops which I was too excited to walk past – namely Sass & Belle and the awesome Bluebird Teas.

I am definitely going to have to come back and stay for a weekend – the small amount I saw of Brighton has convinced me that if there were ever anywhere else I’d consider living other than Bristol, it would definitely be here. It’s almost like a Bristol by the sea – same arty creative types, liberal politics, colourful streets and awesome vintage shops, but a lot more seagulls. Swings and roundabouts.

Is there anything I missed in Brighton which I definitely have to go back and visit? Let me know!

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Bristol’s Best Bits: Julie’s Affordable Vintage Fair, Paintworks

poster for Judy's Vintage Fair Bristol
Judy's Vintage Fair Bristol
vintage homewares at Judy's Vintage Fair Bristol

Y’all should know by now that I’m a huuuuge fan of vintage fairs. You may recall such fairs as the massive flea market at Ashton Gate, and I’ve been known to frequent the fab Lou Lou’s Vintage Fair at the Passenger Shed next to Temple Meads. Well, the weekend before last my lovely friend Lisa and I popped down to Julie’s, for what was promised to be a truly affordable vintage fair, held at the always-excellent Paintworks.

I’d been to the Vintage Kilo Sale here before which, to be perfectly honest, I didn’t particularly rate, so I was looking forward to seeing what this fair did differently to its counterparts. Some people were clearly confusing it with its pay-by-the-kilo cousin, quizzing stallholders as to why things were priced individually. D’oh!

vintage clothing at Judy's Vintage Fair Bristol
vintage homewares at Judy's Vintage Fair Bristol
leather bags at Judy's Vintage Fair Bristol
vintage dress at Judy's Vintage Fair Bristol
silk scarves at Judy's Vintage Fair Bristol

Things got off to a pretty good start, and we managed to get free entry by being one of the first 10 people through the door, YAY! We quickly located some bargains, but not wanting to jump on the first thing I saw (like I always do with vintage fairs/shops), I pressed on further.

There was an excellent range of items across the stalls, with plenty of modern 80s and 90s ‘vintage’ mixed in with some older pieces, 70s gems, and some beautiful fugly homewares. The prices were a little inconsistent, however, with some stalls putting on a special deal specifically for the event, such as a £5 sale rale of dresses which I managed to plunder, while others were still sticking to their slightly over-the-odds pricing. One thing which this fair had which most others are lacking, however, is that everything was of a really great quality – something which you’ve got to be careful of with vintage. You can’t return it!

I managed to pick up a denim dress for a fiver, a stripey 70s jumper thing from my faves Betty Rae for ONE POUND (!), and I massively overspent on an embroidered blouse, but it’s easily the best thing I’ve ever bought.

Spectacular vintage fair find this morning (needs an iron though)

A photo posted by Lily Doble (@lilydoughball) on

LOOK AT IT. It has dinosaurs on it!!

Bristolians, are there any vintage fairs or shops which I’ve yet to pay a visit? Let me know your faves!

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Bristol’s Best Bits: Ashton Gate Flea Market

You’ve got to love a good flea market. I admit I’m somewhat of a hoarder – since I was little I’ve had the inherent desire to collect things; first it was thimbles, Spice Girls photographs, and cinema tickets from the £1 cinema club on a Saturday, but this slowly evolved into an obsession with hoarding anything remotely shiny and cute, or more recently, just old and plain ugly. I LOVE ugly old stuff.

Luckily in Bristol we are spoilt for places stuffed to the brim with old treasures, ugly or otherwise, so on Sunday me and the boy took our new bicycles for a trip to Ashton Gate for their ever excellent flea market. We’d been a couple of years ago to get some furniture for our new house and ended up staying for a good few hours just mooching about.

There’s loads to choose from – as well as the vintage businesses with their curated collections there’s also traders with a more pic n mix variety of retro treasures, as well as those with handmade bits and pieces, including a guy who’d crafted copper pipe into bespoke iPad stands. They’ve moved the stalls to a different bit of the stadium (while they’re knocking the old bit down) so it’s a bit of a higgeldy-piggeldy layout across a few rooms, but there’s still a good selection.

Ashton Gate flea market, Bristol
Ashton Gate flea market, Bristol
Ashton Gate flea market, Bristol
Ashton Gate flea market, Bristol
Ashton Gate flea market, Bristol
Ashton Gate flea market, Bristol
Ashton Gate flea market, Bristol
Ashton Gate flea market, Bristol
Ashton Gate flea market, Bristol
Ashton Gate flea market, Bristol
Ashton Gate flea market, Bristol
Ashton Gate flea market, Bristol

I was VERY restrained. If I had all the money in the world I would have bought it all and stuffed my house with 1970s mustard coloured treasures and baby nuns. I enquired after that badger too – but sadly couldn’t afford the £150 price tag. Wahhh.
In the end I got a porcelain labrador figurine for £1 and a massive pink wool blanket for a tidy £8. He’s sitting on my mantelpiece and the blanket I plan to cover the sofa with. Pics soon!

You can catch the flea market at the Bristol City ground on the first Sunday of the month, or at St Nicks on the second. The next one at Ashton Gate is on Sunday 8th March, you can find more info here.

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Bristol’s Best Bits: Tart

Tart Patisserie Gloucester Road Bristol
Tart Patisserie Gloucester Road Bristol
Tart Patisserie Gloucester Road Bristol

Ahh, tea and cake. It’s like a fundamental right of British people to stop whatever they are doing at around 3pm and placate themselves and their dwindling sugar levels with a slab of cake or a nice biccy and wash it down with a nice hot brew. Such is our collective love of the good stuff that it’s almost become part of our national identity, with winners of everyone’s first love The Great British Bake Off being practically heralded as royalty as soon as they win the top prize.

Tart Patisserie Gloucester Road Bristol bakewell tart
Tart Patisserie Gloucester Road Bristol

There are many amazing cake establishments in Bristol, but the one I find myself going back to is Tart, slap bang in the middle of the longest stretch of independent shops in the UK, Gloucester Road. It’s like a mecca of tea and cake, and always my first port of call if it’s a nice cup of Rosy I’m after. What I like about it is its ability to appeal to all groups – it’s the type of place you could take your mum, meet a friend for a catch up, or while away a few sunny hours sitting outside by yourself, watching the world go by.

We headed up on a busy Sunday afternoon to just get out of the house, really, on one of those occasions where you need to treat yo’self for no reason whatsoever. I don’t think you ever need an excuse to eat cake. For me, my treat was a pot of Earl Grey and a slice of Victoria Sponge (classic!), for Tom it was a single espresso and a generous slice of chocolate torte.

Tart Patisserie Gloucester Road Bristol
Tart Patisserie Gloucester Road Bristol
Tart Patisserie Gloucester Road Bristol

It goes without saying that the cakes are absolutely amazing. My usual favourite is their orange polenta cake but sadly on this occassion they had run out 🙁 next time, it will be mine! All of their teas are loose leaf and freshly brewed before your very eyes, plus they do a brilliant every day offer of tea and cake for just a fiver, meaning our little outing cost us no more than £10!

Next time you’re up Gloucester Road and have been shopping your heart out at Repsycho and Fox & Feather, take a little rest, put your feet up and enjoy a lovely hot cuppa and slice of homemade cake from Tart. You won’t be disappointed.

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Make a House a Home


We’ve been in our little pebbledashed house by the park for nearly 4 months now, and the time really has flown by. Considering the last two places we lived in we only managed 6 months, I’d say we’re doing pretty well!

Much like the way I dress, I don’t think our house has a ‘style’. As much as I try to emulate a Beautiful Mess, it’s not quite there yet! The problem is that I like to pick up the odd bit here and there, and don’t really think about how it will fit with everything else. To be honest, I kind of like it that way – my cat picture doesn’t quite fit right next to my new driftwood photo frame (*), but somehow the two work together. Plus the postcard I got from Glastonbury not only reminds me of the festival, but makes me cheery just looking at it.

The frame is from the Other Duckling, who sell the most beautiful vintage style gifts and homewares. I’ve got my eye on a few other bits from their website (basically just all of their vintage stuff), and the whole site is stuffed full of beautiful treasures I’d like to fill my house with. I’m beginning to recognise the importance of surrounding yourself with nice things; it makes a huge difference to my mood when I’m all cosy in my front room with the dog lamp on and the fire going, with a mug of something warm and X Factor on’t telly. Lovely.

I’m really working on trying to make this house look nice, ’cause it looks like we’re sticking round for a while. Maybe if I get it tidy enough I might do a home tour post or video, you never know!

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Betty Rae Vintage


Y’all know I’m a big fan of vintage.

I’m always on the lookout for a new source of decent vintage, especially if it’s local. We’re pretty spoiled in Bristol for boutiques and charity shops, and there’s a few vintage shops here and there, but I buy most of my old lady clothes online. So when the lovely Eve over at Betty Rae got in touch, I was over the moon – a beautiful selection of vintage, online, and based in Bristol! Awesome.

(Y so serious?)
Dress – Betty Rae Vintage (*) // Coat – vintage (charity shop) // Boots – Duo (*)

I was very kindly offered a piece to keep and chose this beautiful floral dress, which I teamed with my trusty glitter boots from Duo and my camel coat. It was a gloriously sunny day out on the harbour, and I had a lovely time frolicking in my fancy (new) vintage get up.

There are so many treasures over on the Betty Rae website, and I love how each item is styled along with other pieces. Plus, it’s always good to keep things in Bristol and support local businesses! The photography is beautiful too.

If you fancy some Bristol-based vintage treasures for yourself, you can find Betty Rae on their website, on Facebook, Twitter, or some beautiful inspiration on Pinterest. There’s also a competition at the moment to ‘pin to win’ an item on vintage clothing, so get pinning!

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Keds Swing Dance Ball, Bristol [+ vlog!]

Do you ever have those surreal moments where you can’t stop thinking about something, then all of a sudden it presents itself right in front of you? I don’t think I’m explaining myself properly – me and my friend Jude keep going on about how we should take up swing dance lessons with the chaps over at Swing Dance Bristol, but never seem to find the time to do it. So when an email dropped into my inbox about a whole evening of glorious swing dancing merriment, I (quite literally) jumped for joy!

The Friday before last myself and Jude had the pleasure of attending the Bristol Swing Dance Ball, organised by those lovely folk Swing Patrol London, sponsored by Keds. The whole evening was a blur of swirly skirts, upbeat jazz music, gorgeous vintage hair-do’s, chaps in braces, popcorn, and really wishing I was as good at swing dancing as all the other awesome people.

And guess what? I only went and made my very first vlog about it!

Hey, it’s not perfect, but I thought a little video would sum up the feel of the evening perfectly, especially when it was almost too dark to get any photos whatsoever! The few I did manage to get turned out OK though…

Keds Swing Dance Ball Bristol photobooth
Keds Swing Dance Ball bristol
Keds Swing Dance Ball bristol
Keds Swing Dance Ball bristol
Keds Swing Dance Ball bristol

We started off the evening with a drink and a go in the photobooth (look at those props!) which was pretty hilarious – these photos are from the ‘Bloopers’ Photo Booth album on Facebook. Before we knew it, it was time for our swing dancing lesson, and let me tell you, I am not a natural. I really had no idea that I have such a hopeless grasp of rhythm, but to my credit I did start getting the hang of it towards the end. Jude was amazing at it, obviously, because she’s one of those people who is good at everything.

Keds Swing Dance Ball Bristol - Lily Doughball outfit post

We were very kindly each gifted a pair of Keds to attend the Swing Dance Ball in, which I teamed with my peach scuba skirt from ASOS (which was perfectly swishy for dancing in) crop top from H&M, and vintage chiffon scarf. I’ll be sharing a full outfit post in the next couple of weeks, so keep those eyes peeled.

Keds Swing Dance Ball Bristol popcorn cups
Keds Swing Dance Ball Bristol London Gay Big Band
Keds Swing Dance Ball Bristol swing dancers performing
Keds Swing Dance Ball Bristol audience cheering

The rest of the evening was spent munching popcorn, trying to dance with my two left feet and watching fantastic performances from proper good swing dancers, including a ‘speed shim sham’ – a group competition where the music gets faster and faster and if you make a mistake, then you forfeit. It was down to three chaps at the end, and the guy in the hat won a brand new pair of Keds!

If you fancy attending one of these events then they have one date left on this leg of the tour – 28th November (this Friday!) in Edinburgh. It’s definitely worth the trip up there, believe me (plus you get to see Edinburgh in winter).

Thanks so much to Keds for inviting me to the event, I’m not entirely sure I’ll be taking up swing dancing any time in the near future but a girl sure can dream!

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A Few of my Favourite Things


Ah, winter. I adore it when the weather gets proper cold; every morning this week I’ve left my house to find the park at the bottom of my road is coated in a beautiful layer of freezing cold mist, to the woe of the early-morning joggers and dog walkers. Of course, all this deliciously cold weather has been the perfect excuse to road test my brand new winter coat, which I picked up for a bargainous £10 at a charity shop on North St t’other week. All my best coats have come from charity shops – this beautiful vintage camel coat has joined its sister, my 50s faux fur coat which I picked up for £20 last winter. Gotta love a bit of vintage!

{ Coat & scarf – vintage // Dress – vintage (from Beyond Retro) // Bag – BritStitch Half Pint // Boots – DUO Abel in Black Glitter(*) // Glasses – London Retro ‘Fitzrovia’ }

I’ve teamed my new favourite coat with my current favourite dress – this long jumper number I got from Beyond Retro with pearl detailing on the shoulders. As well as being ricidulously comfortable it’s also toasty warm, and you can team it with everything. I’ve partnered it with a vintage scarf I picked up at a festival this summer, my new favourite Brit Stitch bag, and my superbly glittery new boots from DUO(*).



Lily Doughball UK fashion blogger: Brit Stitch Half Pint and red nails

I am in love with this bag. I’m having an awkward dilemma in that I want to wear it with all the things, but at the same time don’t want to get it dirty or ruin it (does anyone else have this problem?!). I think it goes perfectly with my new fave camel coat, especially when teamed with the oranges and browns in my scarf.

Lily Doughball UK fashion blogger: DUO Abel boots black glitter
Lily Doughball UK fashion blogger: DUO Abel boots black glitter

Of course, this outfit is completed with my brand new glittery Abel boots from DUO(*), which I picked up at their event a few weeks ago. I love the cut of this boot, it’s so flattering, plus I think they are understated enough thanks to the black colour, but certainly glittery enough to jazz up any outfit. These will be a staple this winter!

Have you got any favourite new purchases for the cold weather?

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Pretty Nostalgic Gathering

Photo courtesy of Wikipedia

Photo courtesy of Wikipedia

Yesterday I had the pleasure of attending the Pretty Nostalgic gathering at the very beautiful Kings Weston house in Bristol.

Pretty Nostalgic is an independent magazine which started in the summer of 2012, which celebrates a love of the beautiful, the thrifty, and the historical. Their motto is ‘Spend Wisely, Waste Less, Appreciate More’ and captures the make-do-and-mend ethic of post-war Britain.

The gathering was the first of its kind, and was a glorious celebration of this; a real family friendly day out full of music and dancing, rooms and rooms of beautiful things and a whole host of stalls offering handcrafted items from artisan makers. It really was all my favourite things in one place!

pretty nostalgic gathering

I started the day with fellow West Country blogger Duck in a Dress, who was the first friendly face I met when I walked through the door. We received our press packs (I cannot begin to tell you how excited I was about this, I’d never got one before) and headed on through to the first of the talks, held by magazine founder Nicole Burnett.

She talked us all through the beginnings of the magazine, and her background as museum curator. The magazine itself is much like a museum exhibition, full of timeless images and inspiration which you can pick up and flick through time and time again. She emphasised the fact that the writers are always passionate and knowledgable about their subjects, which really is apparent when you read it.

Pretty Nostalgic Pledge

The ethos of the magazine is to take inspiration from the past to live a simpler and happier life by buying less, creating, thrifting and recycling more, and buying things directly from the makers. One thing which really resonated me during the talk was when Nicole mentioned looking back when you’re sat in a nursing home at the age of 90 – the things you will remember will be the things which you have created, collected and surrounded yourself with, and not the items on your credit card bill.

The magazine is also working extensively with charities, and for every yearly subscription not only does the reader save £12 off the RRP price but Pretty Nostalgic will donate a further £12 to a selected charity. This month they are supporting Children in Need, with the idea that they will build up and eventually have an extensive list of charities which the reader will be able to choose from when they subscribe. If that’s not another reason to sign up I don’t know what is!

The next talk was by the lovely Annabelle Beeforth of Love my Dress blog, who was holding a Q&A session. She gave some really invaluable advice about blogging, especially the need to organise yourself, something which I think I’m lacking a bit at the moment! She has also just written a book in the Style Me Vintage series about weddings, which looks absolutely gorgeous. Even if you’re not planning a wedding it is lovely to flick through and find some inspiration.

kings weston house, beautiful chandelier vintage wedding cake vintage wedding dresses

I had a little wonder around and was able to take in the scale of the beautiful building, and also some of the makers who had set up stalls in the surrounding rooms. One was dedicated to vintage-styled weddings and was simply breathtaking – I’m probably not getting married any time soon, but all this talk of weddings isn’t half giving me ideas!


I was also quite excited to see that Pizza Monkey had set up outside! They did the catering at my work’s summer party and they make the most amazing handmade pizzas in their wood-fired oven. This was the ‘posh monkey’ – brie, mushrooms and truffle oil (plus loads of chilli flakes, because I cannot eat anything which isn’t smothered in something spicy), and needless to say it tasted as lush as it looks! I can’t quite believe I ate the whole thing.

vintage people

Whilst munching on said pizza, a rather dapper-looking group of people arrived, promoting an event happening next summer – the Dig for Victory Show in Somerset, which having a peek at their website, looks absolutely awesome! I’m always quite jealous of people in WWII-era attire, and these folks were no exception, they really looked the part. I’ll most definitely be attending their event, I’d better get cracking on my outfit!

business cards

Perhaps the most exciting part of the whole day for me was the bloggers networking hour, which took part in the cutest yurt I have ever seen, set up by the Wedding Yurts company. We all crammed in and began furiously exchanging business cards – it was such a nice experience, and so lovely to put faces to names of blogs I have been reading for a while. Everyone was so friendly and full of amazing advice, and I have plenty of new blogs to read!

All this has made me wonder if I should have a blogroll section. All the best blogs seem to do it, and I think it would be pretty awesome to share with you all the blogs which I have been reading over the last few months which have really inspired me and made me smile. Watch this space!

All that remains is to thank everyone at Pretty Nostalgic for such a wonderful event, and for allowing me to be a part of the blogger’s hour. I can’t wait for the next one!

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Vintage Fair Finds

vintage dress and ducks

Dress and shoes – vintage.

Be kind. This is my first outfit post… ever. I’m somewhat of a reluctant model, as you can probably tell.

Yesterday I attended the rather lovely Lou Lou’s Vintage Fair at the Passenger Shed, nextdoor to Temple Meads. I was immediately impressed at the modest entrance fee of £2, usually vintage fairs of this size are infinitely more expensive. The Passenger Shed isn’t exactly small, and yet the whole room was packed with treasures, and the lovely musky vintage smell reminiscent of your nana’s wardrobe.

I spend a good hour or so rummaging around by myself, and managed to pick up a few goodies, the first of which is this minty green dress, which I believe is an 80s M&S number. This isn’t exactly the kind of thing that I usually go for, but it was the first dress I picked up and when I saw it was still there on the way out, I had to have it.

vintage green dress bow



On my way back home I stopped off in town to pick up a few bits and walked past another vintage shop, Urban Fox, when I saw someone waving from inside. Turns out my friend from uni works in there now, and I picked up these awesome blue suede shoes (teehee) with a discount! They are originally from Clarks and they are something called ‘softwear’ which I have interpreted as ‘ridiculously comfortable’. What an awesome day of shopping this was turning out to be.



Other items noteworthy of a mention are this totally badass Tabasco apron which I will be wearing to do all of my cooking from now on, and this dark splodge which is actually a faux fur Russian-style hat, perfect for when it gets colder.

I’ve been reading far more fashion blogs recently, which is affecting the way which I look at clothes, and the way that I dress. I’ve always had an passing interest in fashion, but have never really thought about putting outfits together, until now. I’m still a fan of wearing whatever the hell I want, and have found the more I read other people’s blogs the more inspired and adventurous I become.

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