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Korres Guava Body Butter Review

This is my third and final collaboration with those lovely chaps at Bath & Unwind – read on to see how you can soothe your chapped winter skin.

korres guava body butter

If there’s one thing I dislike about when the weather takes a turn, is that I’m constantly questioning myself as to whether or not it’s too early to turn the heating on or not. I’ve already had a couple of fires (one of the joys of living in a Victorian house – open fireplace!) but, I don’t know, it just seems like too much of a luxury to put the heating on when we’re only in October.

The first thing the chilly weather takes a toll on is my skin. I never seem to have a problem for 8 months out of the year, but as soon as the mornings and evenings start getting darker I notice the prickly tightening of my poor parched skin calling out for some much needed moisture.

korres guava body butter

This Korres guava body butter (*) was kindly sent to me to review by those lovely Bath & Unwind peeps, and has been doing wonders at soothing my chapped winter skin. It’s got a thick dreamy creamy consistency, which some may find a little too… ‘buttery’, but I absolutely adore it. It’s especially good when slathered on right after you have a nice hot bath, which I’ve been indulging in of late.

Not just for knobbly knees and chapped elbows, this versatile stuff is made of rich shea butter, as well as avocado, sunflower and almond oils to help improve skin elasticity, so perfect for particularly dry skin. Guava is also packed full of vitamin C, so you can be sure you’re doing your skin some nourishing goodness as well.

I wasn’t so sure when I opened it up that I would get on with the smell, as I’m not usually a fan of fruity smelling things. Plus, I had no idea what a guava actually smelt like when it was at home. Turns out, it smells absolutely bloody heavenly – a tropical scent which immediately transports you to a paradise of sun soaked beaches and makes you long for hot summer days again.

If that doesn’t cheer you up in the middle of a bleak English winter, I don’t know what will!

This product was sent to me for purpose of this review, but all words and opinions are my own. A massive thanks to lovely local folks Bath & Unwind for this ongoing collaboration!

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January Favourites

(No, this is not Soviet Russia, this is Bristol. I took this snap on my way to work crossing the ‘banana bridge’ in Redcliff, in case you were wondering!)

January is OVER! Hooray! Everyone’s least favourite month has gone; we are now waving a hearty hello to lighter evenings, warmer mornings, and finally getting over our fear of it snowing. My car still has ice on the inside of the windscreen, but I can let that one slide after getting up to all sorts of lovely things in the month of January, including…

Lily Doughball Bristol Lifestyle Blog | January 2015 Favourites
This glittery bad boy from Paperchase // A beautifully picturesque and frosty evening along Bristol Harbour // Easter chocolate cornflake cakes, a few months early // Fancy lunch at Cosy Club Bristol
Lily Doughball Bristol Lifestyle Blog | January 2015 Favourites
Tom bought me a belated Christmas present – tickets to see Mariachi El Bronx! // These lovely prints for sale at the Victoria Park // A new crabby jumper // Wolf cuddles with Emily‘s beautiful direwolf Logan
Lily Doughball Bristol Lifestyle Blog | January 2015 Favourites
This very odd sticker I found in the Cube // The best skirt ever from the Whitepepper // The park looked absolutely stunning in the frost // I messed around with the world’s cutest handbag
Lily Doughball Bristol Lifestyle Blog | January 2015 Favourites
I #tbt’d back to when I could grow stuff in my garden 🙁 // Tom is the best at Saturday brunches – he made shakshouka! // Went home to see the family pooch (and the family, of course) // I got a new bike! 😀

There’s lots of things to look forward to in February – as well as the aforementioned gig it’s also Tom’s birthday, which I’d been hoping we could go on a little weekend break for. Sadly, neither of us have passports, and seeing as his birthday is the day after Valentine’s it’s making it a little tricky to find anywhere last minute! Oh well.

Did you get up to anything fun in January?

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A Few of my Favourite Things


Ah, winter. I adore it when the weather gets proper cold; every morning this week I’ve left my house to find the park at the bottom of my road is coated in a beautiful layer of freezing cold mist, to the woe of the early-morning joggers and dog walkers. Of course, all this deliciously cold weather has been the perfect excuse to road test my brand new winter coat, which I picked up for a bargainous £10 at a charity shop on North St t’other week. All my best coats have come from charity shops – this beautiful vintage camel coat has joined its sister, my 50s faux fur coat which I picked up for £20 last winter. Gotta love a bit of vintage!

{ Coat & scarf – vintage // Dress – vintage (from Beyond Retro) // Bag – BritStitch Half Pint // Boots – DUO Abel in Black Glitter(*) // Glasses – London Retro ‘Fitzrovia’ }

I’ve teamed my new favourite coat with my current favourite dress – this long jumper number I got from Beyond Retro with pearl detailing on the shoulders. As well as being ricidulously comfortable it’s also toasty warm, and you can team it with everything. I’ve partnered it with a vintage scarf I picked up at a festival this summer, my new favourite Brit Stitch bag, and my superbly glittery new boots from DUO(*).



Lily Doughball UK fashion blogger: Brit Stitch Half Pint and red nails

I am in love with this bag. I’m having an awkward dilemma in that I want to wear it with all the things, but at the same time don’t want to get it dirty or ruin it (does anyone else have this problem?!). I think it goes perfectly with my new fave camel coat, especially when teamed with the oranges and browns in my scarf.

Lily Doughball UK fashion blogger: DUO Abel boots black glitter
Lily Doughball UK fashion blogger: DUO Abel boots black glitter

Of course, this outfit is completed with my brand new glittery Abel boots from DUO(*), which I picked up at their event a few weeks ago. I love the cut of this boot, it’s so flattering, plus I think they are understated enough thanks to the black colour, but certainly glittery enough to jazz up any outfit. These will be a staple this winter!

Have you got any favourite new purchases for the cold weather?