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Birthday Wishlist


It’s my birthday on Monday! Hoorayyyy! Yep, in just a few short days I will be turning the ripe old age of 26, and will be hurtling my way toward my late twenties… *gulp*. In honour of getting a little bit older and potentially a bit wiser, I’ve compiled a few bits and pieces which I’ve been eyeing up over the last few months, which I’m more than likely going to treat myself to this weekend (it’s mainly clothes and Etsy finds, to be perfectly honest). Read More

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Christmas Gift List for Tea Lovers

christmas gift guide for tea lovers

Ahh, tea. On a chilly day like we’ve had today, there’s nowt better for warming your cockles than a piping hot brew. If you’ve got a loved one or distant family member who is also a fan of a cuppa and you’re stumped as to what to get them for Christmas – don’t panic! Here I’ve compiled some of my favourite bits and bobs for that special someone who, like me, is a big fan of ol’ Rosy Lee. Read More

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Autumn Wedding Wishlist

autumn wedding guest wishlist - what to wear to an autumn wedding

Grenson ‘Rose’ Brogues in Silver // Alex Monroe Peacock Feather Earrings // Ted Baker Aretia Beaded Dress Black // ModCloth Diamond to Meet You Bag // Mac Lipstick in Russian Red

Ahh, weddings. I’m at that age now where everyone I know is getting married left, right and centre, which means I’ve got a lot of weddings to plan to attend, which is getting pretty stressful, I can tell ya! We’re popping off to one at the end of September for the evening, so I’m doing a little bit of outfit prep ready for some awesome dad-style moves on the dance floor.

First up, who says you can’t wear black to a wedding? It wasn’t just thrown, the rule book was pretty much LAUNCHED out of the window when I saw this Ted Baker beauty, which at £99 down from £400, is an absolute bargain! Plus black goes with pretty much everything, so this can be recycled at the next wedding to come along. Just planning ahead!

Unless you have feet of steel, absolutely no one can withstand a night of serious wedding dancing with high heels on. To add some pizazz to my outfit but still keeping my little toes comfy, it simply has to be these ultimate brogues from Grenson. The metallics trend is still going strong, so you can be sure that these will still be trendy and last for years to come. Again, just planning ahead.

Adding some sparkle to my outfit are these lush earrings from Alex Monroe, and this adorable beaded handbag from ModCloth, with an even more adorable name. I’ve been admiring Alex Monroe for what feels like forever, and it’s only a matter of time before I crack and splurge on a pair of his earrings. ModCloth can always be relied upon for accessories, of course, and this beaded beauty is just right for popping your Panadol in if the wine gets a bit too much at the end of the night.

Of course, no outfit would be complete without a slick of Mac lippy, and my current favourite shade is Russian Red, perfect for adding an autumnal feel to my wedding outfit.

Any tips on dressing up for an evening wedding do? Let me know!

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A Girl Can Dream

I’ve been doing some internet browsing. Of the expensive kind.

rich person wishlist ft kate spade shore projects watch dr martens and crosley turntable
Kate Spade Handbag // Shore Projects Salcombe Watch // Dr Martens Polley Shoe // Crosley Record Player and Stand

I’ve compiled a little list of those items on my wishlist which are just a little *too* expensive to buy on a whim, unless I want to be eating beans for a month. These are the bits and pieces that I’ve been dreaming about.

I’m definitely an impulse buyer, a habit I’m trying to curb with my Pinterest wishlist, where I’m trying to keep things for at least a month before buying them. The following things have caught my eye recently, however, and are promising to drain my bank balance imminently… I’d better start saving!

First up, a posh handbag. I never used to ‘get’ why people would spend hundreds of pounds on a handbag until recently. They are a proper investment, and I would treasure this Kate Spade creation – just look at that blue hue! I love how it’s the perfect size for carrying all your essentials without feeling too big or bulky.

I’ve also got my eye on another gorgeous Shore Projects watch. I bought their stunning Portland watch about a year ago and basically haven’t taken it off since, and get loads of compliments on it. This rose gold beauty caught my eye as soon as they launched their Project 2, and I really haven’t stopped thinking about it since.

I know, I know. I have enough pairs of Dr Martens to sink a small ship. But these lush T-bar shoes have been on my wishlist for absolutely aaaaaggeeeeessss, and I reckon next payday I may have to make the small (£90) investment. These shoes definitely last for years, after all!

Last but certainly not least is this stunning record player. Ever since my little friend Lyzi posted a pic of her Crosley teetering at the top of a stack of beautiful vintage suitcases I have been smitten, and when you add this delightful ‘Manchester’ record stand you’ve got the perfect combo… if a teeeny bit pricey. Hurry up, Christmas!

What’s on your wishlist?

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Festival Essentials Packing List

It’s June! Glastonbury kicks off next Wednesday! I can’t quite believe it’s been a whole year since I was frantically buying wellies and rain ponchos and enough sunscreen to sink a ship (and I STILL got sunburn!). Sadly I won’t be attending Glastonbury 2015 – I have to wait til End of the Road in September to do my festival-ing – but I’ve compiled a few bits and pieces which I can’t do without to help you lucky folk attending Glasto get through the weekend in style.

festival essentials packlist for glastonbury

Statement clothing

It just wouldn’t be a festival without some jazzy festival gear to wear! Upgrade your bumbag to this fruity little number from festival legends Merrimaking – because why not carry your suncream and loose change around in half a watermelon?! For all of those everyday festival fashion staples, turn to two of the best upcyclers in town – the awesome Duvet Days, and brilliant Bristol-based Fix Up Look Sharp, who are driving their festival bus to Glastonbury this coming week.

Duvet Days is a London-based clothing label run by my mate Emma, who upcycles your old 80s Rainbow Brite bedsheets into fabulous one-of-a-kind pieces, whose loose fit and comfortable style is perfect for strutting around any festival in. She fashioned a fugly 1960s duvet I had been carting around from house to house into the most awesome outfit – watch this space for an outfit post! These Mickey Mouse trousers were promised to someone else, but keep your eye on their Facebook page to see what might pop up.

A staple on the Bristol upcycling scene are the ever-brilliant Fix Up Look Sharp, who take your unwanted garments and fashion them into something new, all in the name of raising pennies for Clic Sergeant. Their bus full of treasures will be at Glastonbury, but if you’re heading to a different festival this summer, find more delights (such as these amazing floral dungarees) over on their website.

Toiletry essentials

Stay clean, peeps! Festival toilets are notoriously horrendous, and the beautiful long-drops at Glastonbury are no exception. Hand sanitiser is an absolute must, and my all time favourite is this gorgeous smelling Pink Grapefruit Hand Gel from the Body Shop. Keeps your mitts clean and smelling fruity fresh. It goes without saying that dry shampoo is another must-have in your festival survival kit, and everyone knows that Batiste are head and shoulders above the rest (ha!). My favourite scent is their tropical coconut, but they’ve got heaps of different flavours – take your pick!

I got pretty badly burnt in the queue on the way in to Glasto last year, don’t make the same mistake as me! To keep you protected plus perfectly smooth, soft, and dry, I love Lush’s Powdered Sunscreen. This clever little bottle is no ordinary talc – packed with soothing calamine powder it helps to mattify the skin and keep it protected all day long. It’s perfect for using as a setting powder on your face so you’ve not got suncream dripping in your eyes (yep, another fail – I had to go to the medical tent and everything) or for when you want to reduce that icky sticky feeling right after putting your cream all over your body.

Wet weather essentials

We all know the British summer weather can be reliably unpredictable, no more so than during Glasto. Last year it rained so much that our tent sank in the mud, and we had to spend the last two nights sleeping in a church. Moral of that story is pack a better tent, but it also helps to be prepared to be trudging around in the wet weather in the daytime too.

Y’all need to invest in a couple of things – firstly, some kind of poncho to protect you from the torrential downpours. These cheery numbers are known as Kigoules, and are made by the same people behind those adorable animal shaped onesies. My favourite is this duck fella – plus you can pack him down into a little bumbag-sized pouch for when the sun finally makes an appearance.

Secondly, you need to get your hands on a decent pair of waterproof shoes, and I mean something better than wellies. I have fallen head over heels for these Palladium Pampa ‘Puddles’ Boots in this awesome bright green colour. As well as being fabulously stylish, they are also lightweight and can keep your toes dry, like little anoraks for  your feet!

On a related note, these guys recently got in touch to let me know about their ace City Explorers series, where they’re travelling round 8 different Europe hot spots in a couple of months to see what makes each city tick. They’ve just released this achingly cool video about the music scene in Bristol (Stokes Croft in particular) so if you fancy it, give it a watch, or read their brilliant article here.

Palladium Boots sent me the video because they thought it would be nice to give a little shout out to my city, but all words and opinions in this post are entirely my own.

Have a gert lush time at Glastonbury, me babbers!

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Birthday Wishlist!

Birthdays, HOORAAAAAY!

At the beginning of next month I will hit the big old 2-5, and to mark the occasion of turning a quarter of a century I have very handily compiled a collection of items which I’ve had my eye on for a while, and although I probably don’t deserve any presents, I would be very grateful to receive these as gifts (*nudge nudge wink wink* family!).

Lily Doughball UK Lifestyle Blog Birthday Wishlist
The Night’s All Right Patch – Explorer’s Press
Monstera Notebook – Eastern Biological
Nadia Trousers – Monki
Casio Watch Rose Gold – Watchshop
Pearl Jelly Shoes – Sunjellies
Polka Dot Pleat Skirt Dress – The Whitepepper
Single Ladies Print – Draw Me a Song on Etsy

Clothes! I recently completely gutted my wardrobe, and have narrowed it down to a chest of drawers and a small rail. I love how freeing it feels to know exactly what you have to wear, but it still doesn’t make it easier to get dressed in the morning! Narrowing things down has brought up a couple of gaps which need to be filled – namely, summery trousers like these beauts from Monki, and floaty but smart dresses, like this polka dot number from The Whitepepper. In my quest to dress as weirdly as possible (one of my resolutions), I’ve been obsessing over these two, plus Lazy Oaf and Pull & Bear. If you know of any others which are similar, let me know!

A good summer staple wardrobe also needs some shiny new accessories, like this Casio watch in rose gold, the cheapest of which I’ve found at Watchshop for a mere £29 (compared to AA, where they were flogging them for £47!). My trusty ASOS jellies also died a death at Glastonbury last year, and so I’ve had my eye on these beautiful Sunjellies for a while now, the summeriest of which are this gorgeous shimmery pearly colour (they’ve got some awesome bags, too – check them out!). I also broke out my denim jacket a couple of weeks ago, and would love to adorn it with this awesome patch from Toronto-based Explorer’s Press, whose shop is packed full of fantastic treasures.

I’ve probably got enough notebooks in the house, but I could make room for this leaf print beauty. Eastern Biological are one of those shops which you cannot stop looking at once you’ve discovered them – I just want to fill my whole house with their animals and trinkets.
Lastly, No birthday would be complete without some Beyonce, and I’ve got just the spot for this awesome poster by Draw Me a Song on Etsy! I can picture it filling the space above the fireplace in our bedroom, showcasing our loyalty to Queen Bey.

Birthdays are the best <3

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Christmas Wishlist!

Christmas Wishlist | Lily Doughball Bristol Lifestyle Blog

Ok, so I’m beginning to get just a teeny tiny bit excited about Christmas now – today we spent the day Christmas shopping, and I’ve bought our first bottle of Baileys, which is the official sign for the festive season beginning.

With that in mind, and the fact that the big day is only 32 DAYS AWAY, I’ve made a shortlist of beautiful treasures that I hope Father Christmas will be popping in my stocking this year.

1. Twin Peaks Colouring Book
2. AllSaints ‘Hawks’ Leather Jacket
3. Bill Murray T-Shirt
4. Dr Martens Joyce Brogues
5. imo ‘Sunrise’ Camera Strap
6. Lush Rosie Gift Set

The first item on my list needs no introduction, nor explanation. It’s a Twin Peaks colouring book, from one of my favourite illustrators on Etsy. It’s a Twin. Peaks. COLOURING. BOOK. It’s like someone has read my mind and smushed my two favourite things together. Just remember to get me some crayons, too, Santa.

With this next item I am totally dreaming. I can most definitely not afford it, that’s for sure, but I’ve been searching for the perfect leather biker jacket for some time now and this ticks all the boxes. It’s from AllSaints new collection, which is all absolutely stunning, but this one definitely stood out for me for its classic style but little details like the texture on the shoulders.

If somehow that beautiful jacket ends up under the tree this year, I reckon this Bill Murray T-Shirt would go rather nicely with it. I imagine having Bill Murray emblazoned across your entire upper body has the same effect as wearing a poncho – we all know it’s impossible to be unhappy in that situation.

My Dr Martens collection definitely needs expanding. These beautiful brogues caught my eye because they kind of resemble Audrey’s (from Twin Peaks, obvs), plus I can just picture them jazzing up a cute floral dress or even teamed with a nice pair of jeans (Pssst – don’t forget, you can get 15% off until the 30th at the Bristol store – 16 Broadmead, Bristol BS1 6HH. More details here).

I really hate having the strap attached to my camera – it’s ugly, awkward, and I can’t help feeling that I’m ever-so-slightly gloating having ‘CANON’ emblazoned around my neck. The thing is, I am very afraid of smashing it. I think this adorable camera strap from ‘imo’ on Etsy might make me less reluctant to properly look after my belongings.

You can’t have Christmas without a bit of Lush, or I certainly can’t anyway. I can’t think of a more perfect gift set from Lush this year – this Rosie set not only has the best Lush product of all time, Rose Jam shower gel, it also has its namesake bubbleroon bubble bar and Ro’s Argan with the same amazing smell, plus a whole host of other rosy-scented goodies. Yes please!

What treats are on your Christmas list this year?

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Autumn Wishlist

A/W Wishlist | Lily Doughball UK Lifestyle Blog

1 // Dr Martens ‘Spirit of 69’ Leroy Loafers

2 // Casio Rose Gold Bracelet Watch

3 // Brit-Stitch Half Pint in Caramel

4 // Coco Fennell ‘Silence of the Lambs’ Bee Collar Dress

5 // Sterling Silver Antler Ring

The nights are drawing in, the mornings are getting chillier, and autumn is finally here! I am beyond excited about Autumn this year, I have a mental list of things which I am aiming to tick off, of which I have already done a few – drink a Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte (check!), make cinnamon rolls, go to Westonbirt and look at all the leaves, and fill my wardrobe with brown and black and orange clothes ready for the new season.

With this in mind, I’ve compiled an autumnal wishlist, with items off my shiny new Pinterest board. I’ve been reading a lot into minimising and streamlining your wardrobe, and one of the top tips that most articles give is to keep a wishlist, and keep it updated. Try to avoid on-a-whim purchases by pinning the item straight to your board and keeping it there for a week. If you still want it, and have a genuine need for it, then go for it. By resisting the urge to splurge your money at once you’ll feel less guilty, plus having items next to one another makes you realise which ones are of the most importance to you. This article is particularly useful for some more info on the subject.

First up on my wishlist are a pair of shoes I have fallen head over heels for (no pun intended). Me and Tom practically live in Dr Martens. I have three pairs already, so you could argue that I have enough, and this would only be adding to my problem. However, I like to think of it as ‘all bases covered’ – 16 eyelet black boots, short practical brown chelsea boots, classic black shoes, and now these tasselled loafer beauties, in a beautiful oxblood vintage leather finish. These are absolutely perfect for the change in weather, and I can just picture them on my hooves kicking through golden leaves. I’m going to have to do some saving up, though, and these might be on my wishlist for a while!

I’ve never been much of a watch person. I’ve often noticed beautiful timepieces adorning the wrists of the most fashionable and wondered what it is which is so appealing about them – to me, they were just another unnessecary piece of jewellery. However, I recently took the plunge and bought a rather stunning watch from Shore Projects (post to follow) and have now got used to wearing it so much my wrist feels naked without it. Since I’ve gone over to the dark side I’ve been eyeing up watches left right and centre, and this rose gold Casio beauty from ASOS is pretty special, plus its classic style isn’t likely to fall out of fashion in a hurry.

I have a bit of a confession to make with this next one. I broke the rules I laid out in the beginning of this post by splurging and purchasing this one as soon as I saw it. In my defence, it was half price (HALF PRICE!) in a one-day LFW special that Brit Stitch were having last week, and my spur-of-the-moment decision was egged on by the fact that the website told me that there were only 4 left in stock! I panicked. Since its arrival I haven’t taken it on an outing yet, merely staring at it sat in its box and cooing at its beauty. The colour is absolutely gorgeous – a little less vibrant than the above picture, but a beautiful warm orange colour which sums up the essence of autumn.

This next one is a dress which I have seen doing the rounds on Pinterest for a while, but sadly I had no idea where it was from. Imagine my delight when I discovered that this beautiful little bee embroidered dress is from eccentric London designer Coco Fennell, whose shop is stuffed with other delightful whimsical treasures. This Silence of the Lambs inspired dress features embroidered bees on the lapels of the oversized collars, which I absolutely adore; bees are probably my favourite animal, ever since I got a book about beekeeping a few years back… (such a nerd). Do you reckon I could get away with wearing this to a winter wedding?

ALast but by no means least is this sterling silver antler shaped ring which I found on the Lost Lanes, made by Aether Design. Taking inspiration from the natural world, designer and jeweller Amber Tenzin-Dolma creates beautiful pieces using precious metals and stones. I have been looking for an animal-inspired piece of jewellery for a while and instantly fell in love with this one, plus I think the modest price tag means it won’t be on my list for long.

What’s been taking your fancy this autumn?

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Birthday Wishlist

I am well aware of how much of a blogging cliche it is to harp on about how the time has flown, and “is it May already?! I hadn’t noticed!” etc. etc., but this time I really have lost a grip of the weeks, hence the radio silence on the blog. Truth be told, a large majority of it was spent in the sunshine, snaffling burgers at Burger Joint, meeting up with old friends, drinking beer, and I even managed to sneak a shift in at the Cube on Tuesday (I saw The Double – I highly recommend it)!

All this talk of time passing, plus the birthday of dear Bristolian blog friend Lyzi today has made me realise that it is only 3 short weeks until my birthday! I feel I deserve to get just a little bit excited about it in a childish manner, and so I have compiled a list of things which I am going to treat myself to next payday:


1 // 2 // 3 (image here) // 4 (image here) // 5

The first item on my list is Ren Glycolactic Radiance Renewal Mask. It has been in a previous wishlist post, about a year ago. The reason it’s come around again isn’t because I bought it and have run out, but simply because I haven’t got round to buying it yet. I feel pretty ashamed that I’ve allowed a whole year to pass me by with the vague notion of wanting it in the back of my head that I haven’t got round to fulfilling yet. Truthfully, it’s the price that puts me off every time – it’s £30 of the Queens, but it’s worth every penny. My friend lent me a sample a while back and it left my skin feeling absolutely incredible.

The next is a Lush favourite – this shampoo bar is called ‘New’, and is without fail a request every single Christmas and birthday. There is something about the cinnamon smell which is so incredibly addictive, plus it makes your hair super shiny and soft, while soothing your scalp. It worked wonders when I had red hair. Item number 3 is this cheerful rainbow film for my Instax Mini, better than boring old white any day! I really want to try and take my instant camera on more adventures this summer, and I think this will give me more of an incentive to do so.

Number four probably warrants some explaining. A couple of weeks ago I had a text off my brother telling me he is moving to Germany this coming Saturday, and that I should go and visit him. We’ve been wanting to visit Germany for a couple of years now, and so now that I have a legitimate excuse, how can I not go?! Trouble is, my passport expired in 2010, and it costs around £90 for a new one. Yet again one of those expensive purchases I have put off in favour of cheaper (and arguably crappier) useless items. This year, I will leave the UK!

Lastly, is this rather stunning Pashley Britannia bike. Oh, a girl can dream! All these weeks in the sunshine has made me vision cycling down the towpath to Bath, stopping off at all the cafes and pubs along the way, with a massive picnic basket of treats (ie BEER) to have when we get there. My little 1977 Raleigh bike is a bit of a stunner, but boy is he heavy, and not the most comfortable thing to ride. It’s time to upgrade from a kids bike to a grown up bike. There is no way I would be able to afford this, but hey, it is a wishlist, after all!

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Five Crafty Things


1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5

So, we are 9 days into the new year and my Twitter feed is already full of people saddened by the fact that they have broken their resolutions early! One of my new year’s resolutions was to do more craft, so for the past week I’ve been trawling Pinterest for some crafty DIY ideas to kickstart me back into the swing of things.
I love pinning things on Pinterest, particularly craft projects, but usually just pin and think nothing of it, as if the very act of pinning it is enough; if I look at it and wish hard enough it will make itself, right? I am fed up of being lazy, though, and most of these have been knocking about on my Craft & DIY board for over a year now.

First up is these cat shoes – how simple does this look?! When I was at school I had a pair of canvas shoes which I embroidered, I got so many surprised looks when I said I made them myself. All these cat shoes require is a few store cupboard essentials and voila, a lovely pair of customised shoes, bound to attract compliments. Too cute.
Another simple customisation is this little plant pot with a painted face; I’d love to have some more plants in the house, but have a bit of a death-touch when it comes to anything green. I reckon even a dead plant would look cheery with a painted face. You could probably do this on the cheap with an Ikea pot and a Sharpie (but remember to bake it to ‘seal’ the design!).

Another resolution is to work on more embroidery. I adore freehand embroidery, as I’ve been gushing about on here before, and found this genius embroidery on Etsy, quoting lyrics from my favourite 80s song ever. I love the blocky lettering and shading; I could do a whole series of lyrics! My mind is unravelling so fast!
My knitting and wool-work have been neglected recently, and I reckon this cute little pom-pom town is enough incentive to get anyone working with woolly things again. I didn’t even know these shapes were even possible to be sculpted out of wool, if you can make a whole town, who knows what else you can make?!

Living in Bristol, approximately 70% of my home furniture is from Ikea. I love Ikea, when I was at uni I lived down the road and would regularly go to just walk around, I found it a very soothing experience. A few months ago I discovered Ikea Hackers, and was amazed at what you can achieve with bland furniture and a little imagination. These clever little pinboards on the bottom right are made from heatproof mats and some scraps of fabric – both of which I have knocking around on the boat.

So, I think that’s enough to keep me occupied for a few months! Have you got any craft projects lined up for the new year?

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Belated Christmas Wishlist



Happy Christmas Eve Eve! I cant believe it’s so close to Christmas, where is the snow?! I think I’ve used up all my festive cheer in the last few weeks and now I’m sitting in a cold boat being blown around by the horrendous weather outside, and passing the time by peeking at things which I’m hoping to get for Christmas Day.

When I was younger I hated the 23rd December, it would feel like a trick day, designed by calendar companies to make you wait even longer for the big day. How many crap films can you squeeze into one afternoon? Why can’t they just get rid of the 23rd, and then Christmas will always be a day early?

Anyway, there have been a few wishlist posts floating around on my favourite blogs in the last few weeks, and instead of creating mine in the weeks leading up to Christmas I have, like everything else in my life, left it to the last minute. I’ve chosen a few bits off my Amazon wish list to share with you all, with the false optimism that these will be waiting under the tree the day after tomorrow. I can hope!

Number one is a book which I’ve been after for quite some time. I first discovered The Selby is in Your Place whilst browsing Pinterest for boat design inspiration, as one of the homes photographed by Todd Selby for the book is a young lady living aboard on a beautiful boat in London. It seems to be a regular feature on the Guardian website too, for seemingly obvious reasons – from the looks of things it seems to be quite an interesting insight into the lives of others that I can only aspire to.

Secondly are these absolutely adorable plushie balloons from Etsy. I stumbled upon these during one of my late-night Etsy trawls, and fell in love instantly. You can buy them ready-made, or if you are looking for something a little challenging, like me, you can buy the printed cotton and assemble them yourself. I spy a new year craft project coming on…

Third up is another pair of Dr Martens. I don’t think a month goes by when I’m not lamenting over another pair of DM’s I can’t afford – Tom has just bought these shoes but in their waxy brown ‘gaucho’ finish. Being somewhat of a Doc Marten traditionalist however, I prefer these guys, with a smooth black leather finish and vibrant yellow z-welt stitching. Perfect.

Finally, a Christmas wishlist wouldn’t be complete without a novelty gift or two. In search of stocking fillers to beef up my Christmas list I went over to dotcomgiftshop, the kings of affordable, charming and quirky gifts. I found this little guy, who I’ve also seen pop up on Tattooed Tealady’s Instagram quite frequently, and I think he would look very proud sat up next to our telly.

So, it only remains for me to wish you all a very merry Christmas, I hope you all drink too much, eat too much, and get everything you wished for this year. See you in a week or so!

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Winter is Coming…


1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6

Hasn’t the weather changed?! I can’t believe that 2 weeks ago it was blazing sunshine, and when I woke up this morning the first thing I did was put the heating on. This post was originally going to be titled ‘Autumn is Coming’ but by the looks of the pouring rain outside it has most definitely already upon us.

Autumn is my favourite season, no doubt about it. Despite having a summer birthday, I’m not one for warm weather, much preferring the cold (but maybe not so much the rain!). I’ve been planning for winter for months, and now that the A/W wardrobes have finally arrived in the shops it’s time to do some serious spending, and some serious knitting!

First up is this ‘Nicola’ knitted cardigan by All of my current knitwear is a bit knackered, and I have been after a giant chunky cardigan for ages. This one is a bit of a bargain, too, being only £20. But when I last checked on their website it had sold out in my size, gutted!

Of course when planning for winter you have to sneak some knitting projects in there too. I’ve been aware of Tiny Owl Knits for a while, discovering it when I first joined Ravelry, and always do a little ‘squee’ when I see what delights she comes up with next. This little fox stole has been on my knit list for a while, and I must get round to making it before the weather changes!

Tom owns a spectacular Howick duffle coat which he gets out every winter, and I’m a little bit jealous. This beige beauty off ASOS doesn’t break the bank, and looks pretty damn comfortable.  I love the checked lining, and because of the colour I reckon it could go with pretty much everything.

Next up is this lovely little scalloped bag which is also off ASOS, and also a bargain at a mere £30. I love satchels, but some of the bigger brands can be quite pricey. I took the plunge and bought a Zatchels bag over the summer, and as much as I adore it I can’t seem to fit much in it. This seems a little bigger, at least. Enough for me iPad and boat key, which happens to have a massive inconvenient cork float attached to it!

Oh man, do I love my DM‘s. I already own a couple of pairs, and bought their brown Chelsea boots for last winter, just before the massive snows hit us, and was a little bit smug stomping around when other people were sliding down the street. However, I’m trying to be a bit more of a lady nowadays, and these bloody gorgeous Casey boots will go nicely with all the dresses I wear to work.

Speaking of, I spotted a beautiful twinkly nail polish on my friend at work, and when she told me it was from Butter, I took one look at their website and was hooked. I’m quite a fan of my nail art, and am recently coveting shiny and metallic shades. This one, ‘Thames’, seems to be the best of all worlds – metallic shinyness, and in my favourite shade of green. My nails will look like an Aston Martin.

Despite all my dreaming, though, this is all going to have to wait til the end of the month. Hurry up, payday!

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New House Wishlist


1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5

I’m currently in the middle of my week off, and instead of what I should be doing, which is sorting out the new house to live in and trying to clear all of my crap out of the old house, I’m day dreaming of stuff I want to buy and places I’m going to put it in my new abode.

They are all primarily from two websites, Quince Living and Howkapow. I quite simply typed ‘quirky homewares’ into Google and was rewarded by discovering these two sites, and have picked a few of my favourite products from each.

First up is this Caramel Wafer cushion (#1). I have a bit of an obsession with cushions at the moment, and should probably not be looking into buying more, but how awesome is this?! I can just see it perched atop my sofa. The second item from Quince Living is this cute little birdbox key holder (#2) – the little sparrow is a keyring, which you pop safely into the birdbox when you get home. How cute.

Howkapow have more of an odd and humourous selection – like the ‘Dishes I’d Rather Be Doing’ teatowel (#4), which lists Hollywood hunks and the reasons for their appeal (Johnny Depp, for example – apparently ‘his cheekbones are so high you can see them from space’). This little fox jug (#3) is also rather nice, I have a bit of an orange theme (not as hideous as it sounds) in my front room which this would complement perfectly.

Whilst at Cribbs last weekend we popped into John Lewis in search of kettles and other such boring bits of homeware when I spotted these beauties (#5). I don’t think I have ever made a margarita in my life, but I’m pretty fond of cocktails, and even if I weren’t sipping something alcoholic it would be a nice treat to drink out of something so beautiful.

It’s going to be a long wait til next payday!
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Summer Wishlist

How warm is it?! I can’t cope with the heat, I’ve been retreating into the cold cave of my front room and cooling off in the only way I know how – freezer-cold lager.

So anyway, I know I promised this wasn’t going to be a fashion and beauty blog, but considering that the vast majority of blogs I read are lifestyle-related, I felt inspired to follow in the footsteps of these individuals and make a wishlist of stuff which I want need this summer.

I am due to come into some extra cash at the end of this month and have been daydreaming for most of my working days on what I am going to spend it on.


From left to right, top to bottom.

1. The first is a pair of adorable little wooden earrings made by illustrator Kate Rowland, which I have been meaning to buy for weeks. Have a look at her Etsy shop, I dare you not to fall in love with something. It’s all awesome.

2. I have been in two minds about whether or not to buy a pair of Juju Jellies for the summer, and have decided after much debating that they are more awesome than ugly looking, and I would like to transport my feet back in time to 1997.

3. I love Game of Thrones. My housemate was recently sporting a shirt made by the excellent Fencing & Archery printing company, and I need this grey Stark shirt in my life.

4. One of my most recent discoveries was Photojojo. I don’t quite know how I managed to not know of  it for so long, but amongst all the wonderment is this contraption which scans 35mm negatives onto your smartphone. I know, right.

5. Another Etsy find! Just look at this shop. I sucked so badly at cross stitch at school but this gives me an itchin’ to pick up a needle and thread again.

6. Finally is a treat for my skin. It’s so bad. Recently a friend lent me this gentle glycolic peel from Ren and it made my skin look amazing. It’s pricey, but for a once a week treat which makes that much of a difference I reckon it’s worth it.

It’s pretty bad that the money hasn’t even hit my account and it’s already been spent, albeit in a mental capacity. Perhaps I should save my money, but where is the fun in that?

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