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The Little Things


We’ve been in our little terraced house for nearly 2 years now, which for us is a pretty big achievement; since moving to Bristol we’ve never lived in the same place for longer than about 10 months! Making our little abode feel like home has been a steady process, and for me the nicest touches are always the little things.

House Network recently got in touch about their #HNHomestyling campaign which they’ve currently got going on, to prove that you can make a homely space with just a few finishing touches. Whether it’s clearing your clutter into a handsome storage box, investing in a coffee table book or lighting a few scented candles, you can create a welcoming atmosphere without breaking the bank.

For me, my favourite way to make my house feel homely is the ‘curated clutter’ approach. Some of my favourite pieces have been things I’ve picked up from charity shops and jumble sales, which bring a certain ‘old lady chic’ into my abode. The above pieces, for example, didn’t exactly cost much – the porcelain dog was £1 from the Ashton Gate flea market and that handsome raisins jar was discovered left out for the bin man as I wandered through Totterdown on my way back from work one day. Win!

Daffodils are also fast becoming my favourite flower. There is just something so cheery about them that you can’t help but crack a smile when a bloom finally peeps through. I’ve become more open to the idea of spending money on bringing fresh flowers into the house, it makes a huge difference! Plus at £1 a bunch, daffs don’t exactly cost a fortune.

Of course, that’s just my style – you might not be fond of the granny couture look. What’s your favourite way of adding a homely feel to your house?

This post is in collaboration with House Network.

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