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It’s nearly been two whole months since I came back from Tokyo… sigh. I’ve been far too distracted by the toils of modern life to even think about looking back at the thousands of photos I took over there, let alone assimilating them into some kind of photo diary I can publish on here for your perusal.

One slice of Japan I have been reliving on a daily basis, however, are these exceptionally comfy baggy pants I picked up whilst I was out there, which have been getting a wearing nearly on the daily. I took them for a spin on a grey Sunday down Tom’s parents cul-de-sac. Fashion!

lily doughball bristol fashion blog tokyo style
lily doughball bristol fashion blog tokyo style backpack

Trousers (or ‘sukantsu’)- Gu // Top – New Look // Cardigan – New Look // Shoes – Clarks Originals (*) // Backpack – Baggu // Sunglasses – Paris Kids Tokyo

The ladies of Tokyo are very fond of this type of trouser, I noticed, whilst rushing around in the city’s sticky humidity in black skinny jeans. Whether they dress them down with trainers and a backpack, or up with kitten heels and pretty blouse, everywhere I looked, women both young and old were sporting this variety of trouser in some way or form.

These beauties I picked up from a shop called Gu in the downtown shopping district of Ginza, which is also home to the world’s largest Uniqlo. I was in cheap fashion heaven. The general vibe I got from Tokyo style was either understated cool – plain, simple, functional style – or Harajuku kawaii madness.

lily doughball bristol fashion blog tokyo style
lily doughball bristol fashion blog tokyo style
lily doughball bristol fashion blog clarks sandals baggu backpack

I am attempting to emulate the former Tokyo style here; I’ve paired my baggy culottes with this turtle neck from New Look which has been getting a lot of love recently, a kimono-esque cardigan, also from New Look, and my fab new Clarks Originals sandals (*), which would have been getting a lot more action had it not been raining constantly for the last week or so!

My patch collection on my beloved Baggu backpack is coming along nicely, but there’s always room for some more.

lily doughball bristol fashion blog cat sunglasses
lily doughball bristol fashion blog milky kawaii phone case

My new phone case is also a little piece of Japan to remember – Milky is the name of my favourite Japanese sweets, ‘like what Wether’s Originals would taste like if they were made of milk’, as Tom so eloquently put it. The cheeky little girl on the front is Peko-Chan, whose statues adorn the shop fronts of Tokyo, which was a little confusing at first until we realised who it was. This case is a Depop £5 special; we found one in Japan but it was nearly £20! The cheapskate in me could not justify buying it, no matter how cute.

My cat sunglasses are from a shop in Harajuku called Paris Kids, which is stuffed to the gills with cheap accessories, from pom-pom earrings to fried egg keychains (both brought home with me) for just a few hundred yen, or a couple of quid to you and I. Maybe those pom-pom earrings might make it into an upcoming outfit post, who knows.

lily doughball bristol fashion blog

I’d just like to point out that this post wasn’t always going to include outfit photos taken on a cul-de-sac, hence the name. This is one of the few original photos I was able to snap of my intended location before a) it began to rain and b) I got dodgy looks off passers by, so decided to scarper.

If you’ve got any tips on taking outfit photos by yourself, send them my way!

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  1. Love these trousers – I saw a lot of people wearing similar in Singapore and they definitely looked cooler in the heat and humidity than I did! x

    • Thank you! Ah I’d love to go to Singapore – too much planet, too little time! x


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