A Buttermilk & Maple Brunch

brunch at buttermilk and maple bristol

exterior of buttermilk and maple bristol

A couple of weekends ago, I was invited down to Buttermilk & Maple to sample their brunch offering.

Buttermilk & Maple opens at 7am everyday, even on Sundays. I thought that getting there at 10am would mean I’d be nicely settled with the mid-Sunday morning crowd; I pictured a relaxed breakkie in an empty restaurant away from all the people. Heaven.

menu of buttermilk and maple bristol

It was mayhem, I tells ya! Let’s not forget that Buttermilk & Maple is attached to the Mercure hotel and slap bang in the centre, but I soon found a nice quiet little spot outside and settled down with my cuppa and weekend paper.

It was lovely to be sitting in the warm rays of the autumn sunshine, just peeking through the canopy of a nearby tree, sipping a pot of tea and watching people whizz by on bikes.

view from buttermilk and maple bristol of welsh back

pastrami eggs benedict buttermilk and maple

I decided to try the pastrami eggs benedict. Every element of it was wonderful – massive slices of thick pastrami, perfectly poached eggs, thick and plentiful hollandaise with a sprinkling of spicy jalapeños. The only thing which let it down slightly is that it seemed to go cold very quickly, but then again I was sitting outdoors.

All in all, I was pleasantly surprised that a hotel restaurant was serving this high quality a brunch, and adored soaking up some autumnal sunshine outdoors.

I was invited along for purpose of this review, in exchange for a complimentary meal.

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