A Peek at the New Lush Cribbs Causeway

Oh Lush. Who doesn’t love Lush?! Bloggers are forever swooning and fawning at their awesome seasonal collections, and rightly so, in my humble opinion. I remember saving up all my money as a kid to splurge it all at once in Lush, buying slabs of Fluffy Blue Clouds bubble bath and the biggest bits of Alkmaar soap that my little pennies could afford.

My habits haven’t changed much since then, and a few weeks ago, shortly before Christmas, myself and a handful of other lucky bloggers were invited up to have a sneaky peek at the brand new Lush Cribbs Causeway store.



The new Lush Cribbs Causeway shop sits next door to the old one, at the Marks & Spencer’s end – so you don’t have to do too much intrepid exploring after picking up yer meal deal to find it. Walking through the doors of their brand new, shiny abode, the first thing I noticed that it’s much, MUCH bigger!

It seems Lush have turned their backs on their make-every-single-store-as-small-as-humanly-possible and created this cavernous shrine to cleanliness; a heaven-sent cathedral to bathing, topped to the rafters with glittering treats I couldn’t wait to throw money at.


Lush have clearly taken inspiration from their wonderful spas around the country (of which there is one right here in the South West, in the beautiful spa town of Bath, where else?) for the decor, with glistening white subway tiles adorning the walls, and ginormous sinks that the staff encourage you to toss bath bombs in to with gay abandon. “There’s a surprise in the middle!”

I even tried my hand at making my own bath bomb with a middle surprise – a beautiful snowy white Stardust bomb with a bright blue centre, which made my bathroom smell like vanilla for weeks afterwards. It was heaven.


All the other usual Christmas favourites were there, of course, and I took this opportunity to stock up on my favourite Lush product of all time – a while kilo of Rose Jam shower gel! I can’t quite remember the last time I sunk nearly £30 bar on a bottle of shower gel, but I consoled myself (and the horrified boyfriend) with the fact that this bad boy will probably last me a good 6 months.

It’s only a matter of time before I am lured back by the enchanting scent of a thousand bath bombs, although I should probably get around to actually booking a treatment at their Bath spa …

I was invited along to Lush and given a small gift, but all words and opinions are my own. And yes, I did really spend £30 on a bottle of shower gel.

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