The Best Veggie Burger in Bristol? Say Hola to Asado

veggie burger at asado bristol

I have a confession to make. I am the world’s worst vegetarian. The word ‘flexitarian’ doesn’t even begin to cover it. Me and the boy stopped eating meat for the majority of last year, but to be honest there has been such a glut of amazing places opening recently that to not sample the full extent of the menu would be doing them a disservice.

Having said that, one of the newest establishments in town, Asado, are serving up the best veggie burger in Bristol, and quite possibly the best in the history of the universe.

asado bristol burgers

Taking their name from the Spanish word for ‘barbecue’, Asado have got a simple menu focusing on one thing, done incredibly well. Their menu consists of four burgers, covering all bases. From their signature Asado burger, to the smoky El Don, chicken classic El Pollo Libre and my personal highlight, the most amazing veggie burger I have ever sampled – Señor Veggie.

For all my carniverous activity over the last few months, I try to stick to veggie food wherever I can, including eating out. You can usually measure the calibre of the restaurant based on their veggie options, and whether or not they seem like an afterthought or if they’re an integral part of the menu. This particular veggie burger piqued my interest because it is about a million times more inventive than the usual soggy mushroom stuffed into a bun which vegetarians are regularly subjected to when accompanying meaties to a burger restaurant.

senor veggie at asado bristol
veggie burger asado bristol

Jesus wept, I was not disappointed. What I anticipated as a regular ol’ veggie patty spiked with red pepper turned out to be a blinkin’ DEEP FRIED cheesy monstrosity, in the best way possible. It was like a delicious pizza mess in a bun, crispy and gooey and far more satisifing than a portobello mushroom.

pollo libre chicken burger at asado bristol
courgette fries at asado bristol

We managed to order one of each burger on this particular trip, plus a selection of fried goods on the side. The Asado burger definitely does not disappoint either – served pink, glistening with chimichurri and homemade garlic mayo and smothered in cheese. Their chips are also spectacularly good – covered in rosemary salt and perfect for dipping in their home made mayo.

Special shout out to the courgette fries and hot wings too, which are accompanied with some amazing dipping sauces. Asado also have a mystery hot sauce on the table which is unlike any other I’ve tried – it has a fantastic kick and a kind of curry-jerk flavour which is amazing with their fries.

I’m sure this won’t be the last trip to this excellent new establishment, and I can’t recommend that veggie burger enough. Oh, and make sure you try one of their amazing negronis!

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  1. Argh I still need to try half the menu… soooooooon!

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