#BlogClub at Trunki Towers

Blog Club is back! After a summer hiatus the much-loved and world-renowned (probably) Bristol bloggers collective returned for a special meet up at the HQ of colourful children’s luggage brand Trunki, with the promise of some excellent guest speakers, lots of cake, and a turn on the office slide (yes, Trunki have a slide in their office!)

Bristol #BlogClub September 2014 | Lily Doughball UK Lifestyle Blog
Bristol #BlogClub September 2014 | Lily Doughball UK Lifestyle Blog
Bristol #BlogClub September 2014 | Lily Doughball UK Lifestyle Blog
Bristol #BlogClub September 2014 | Lily Doughball UK Lifestyle Blog

I travelled down with Emily, and was amazed when we walked through the door to see so many faces, and a few new ones as well! I love meeting new bloggers, especially from Bristol and the surrounding area. Naturally we all share a love for the city in which we live, and each interpret it in a brand new way in the content we create for our blogs. I’ve updated my blog roll page with everyone who attended this month’s blog club, go take a peek!

As well as Emily from Mermaid Gossip, I was pleased to see SJ, Lyzi, Megan, Jo, and of course Sophie and Hayley, the wizards behind the fabulous concept of Blog Club itself. After binging on treats, and eating my own bodyweight in Skittles, it was the turn of our first guest speaker, Charlotte from Black Heart Creatives.

The emphasis this time around was on successfully running your own business, and it was really fascinating hearing Charlotte’s story, and the success she has had with BHC in little over a year. She runs her business from her home office, and makes the most unique personalised laser cut jewellery, including my personal favourite, a dancing emoji lady necklace. She’s also nominated for an award, which she totally deserves to win! Vote for her here (Best Accessories Range).

After Charlotte spoke it was time for Fritha of Tigerlilly Quinn, a hugely successful parenting and personal style blog, which I didn’t know was based in Bristol! I’ve been following Fritha for a while now, her outfit and weekend snapshot posts are beautiful, plus her little’un Wilf is adorable! She spoke about running a shop alongside the blog, how to balance the time between the two and make an income out of both, all very interesting, and fantastically helpful.

Next it was Mel from Trunki, who gave us bloggers some really valuable advice about how to be approachable and appealing for brands to collaborate with you. She spoke of how the layout and content of your blog are both really important for making a first impression, and if you have some epic photography skills then this is going to be appealing from a brand perspective. They want their product to look good, after all! Best of all, the said, was to be creative with the product you are working with; brands thrive off being given feedback, and if you have a great idea and want to execute it, don’t be afraid to get in contact and pitch it to them.

All that remains is to say thank you to Hayley and Sophie for organising, Charlotte, Fritha and Mel for speaking and offering some really useful advice, and Trunki for the use of their amazing space and letting us have a go on their slide!

Until next time, Blog Club.

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  1. so sorry we didn’t get to chat! thanks for saying such lovely things and your blog is a beaut! x

    • lilydoble@gmail.com

      Aw, thank you! x

  2. One day, I will actually make it to a Blog Club evening! I thought I might have been able to make some of the autumn dates but now it’s going to have to wait til next year after my fractured ankle has healed and I can actually walk again! boo hiss 🙁 xx

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