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eatchu japanese gyoza bristol

Ever since we returned from Japan, I have been massively craving proper decent Japanese food. For a lot of people, Japanese food immediately means one thing – sushi. But truth be told, we didn’t eat any sushi when we were in Japan. At all.

What I’ve been hankering after since our plane landed in Bristol is the tasty bits of street food in the winding alleyways of Shinjuku – sticks of grilled yakitori, homemade fishcakes, slabs of marinated tofu, egg-topped bowls of sticky rice, and most importantly… GYOZA.

These little parcels of deliciousness are a Japanese street food staple, and there is only one place to head in Bristol to get your fix – to the lovely folks at Eatchu!


Eatchu is the brain-child of the lovely Guy and Victoria, who serve up authentic Japanese gyoza to the fair people of this city inspired by their own travels to Japan.

Shortly after they opened I took a stroll on a sunny afternoon down to St Nick’s to see what Eatchu were all about, and to stuff myself silly with gyoza. Excellent.

eatchu restaurant bristol st nicks
eatchu bristol st nicks market
eatchu restaurant paper cranes

How amazing are all those paper cranes?! Tucked away in St Nick’s market on Exchange Avenue, they occupy a lovely little patch which they have furnished deliciously with bits and pieces of memorabilia from Japan. This particular afternoon the sun was streaming in through those beautiful Edwardian windows, so I took a pew to peruse the menu and get some grub.

Eatchu serve up  gyoza stuffed with your choice of pork, chicken, beef, mushroom or tofu, the latter two being 100% completely totally VEGAN! Yay! I plumped for tofu (classic, innit), topped with delicate little enoki mushrooms and kenko mayo because I wasn’t paying much attention to my veganism at this particular moment in time. I even opted for one of their legendary pickled shoyu eggs on the side because I am an animal and I cannot be stopped.

japanese gyoza in bristol
gyoza from eatchu bristol


Wellity, wellity, wellity. If these ain’t the best darn dumplings I have eaten this side of the world. Just look at those crispy bottoms. Imagine biting through that crackly shell to get a mouthful of soft, perfectly seasoned tofu, with just a hint of that rich Japanese mayo and teeny tiny mushroom tickling your tastebuds. Absolute heaven.

Also, let’s talk about THAT EGG. I am certain that they must be pickling these eggs in the tears of tiny baby angels, because I have never in my 26 years tasted something so delicious. That is the only logical explanation for the dimension-shifting taste that you experience when you take a bite of one of these bad boys.

Eatchu have just opened up after a brief hiatus, during which they refurbished their wee little patch of St Nick’s, and are fully back in business for 2017! If you haven’t been to pay them a visit yet then you should get down there pronto; say hello to Guy & Victoria, and don’t eat all those eggs – save one for me!

I was given my dumplings and a damn tasty egg in exchange for this review but all words and opinions are my own. Eatchu are h*ckin great.

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