Bristol’s Best Bits: St Werburgh’s City Farm

graffiti bristol st werburghs city farm

Tom has an unhealthy aversion to the barbers. Every time he needs a haircut he makes me do it for him, something which every time I agree to I am quite vocally adamant that I will never do again. There’s always a condition to me cutting his hair – usually some kind of food treat – but this time it was a trip up to the St Werburgh’s City Farm to see their new baby piglets. Squee!


I do love the Bristolian institution of a city farm. There is something so intrinsically West Country about the whole thing, as if we can just about manage to live in a city but only if we can have a small corner dedicated to pigs and sheep and ducks, right next to a rumbling train track. If you’ve never ventured up to St Werburgh’s before it’s worth a visit just for a wander around – there’s a sleepy, hippy-ish vibe to the whole place which just seems to resonate nicely with me. I could easily live here if I could afford to buy a house.

The St Werburgh’s city farm is undergoing some renovation at the moment, but that didn’t stop the 10:30am buggy brigade, who were out in full force. The farm is, as you would expect, popular with families with young children (or the perpetually immature, such as myself). If you’ve got a sprog or two then it’s pretty well geared up for kiddos, but seeing as it is free to get in and runs entirely on the kind nature of the supporting public, don’t be expecting chrome handrails or an air-conditioned gift shop. Be prepared for a rustic adventure.

Tiny baby piglets did not disappoint – at the moment you can peep through a window to see them snuggling up with the mama pig; I imagine as the weather improves and they get bigger they will let them loose to trot about unhindered.


Part of the me-cutting-Tom’s-hair deal was inevitably going to be food based, and so on’t way back we stopped off at our all-time, hands-down favourite brunch stop in Bristol, Bakers and Co on Gloucester Road. This drool-worthy beauty is their ‘morning toast’ – basically an orange-scented, cinnamon-crusted stack of french toast with caramelised banana, toasted almonds and creme fraiche. It was probably one of the most delicious things I have ever eaten, but I did feel like I was going to have a coronary when I finished.

All in all, a Saturday well spent I think!

If you want to know more about the farm, check them out on Facebook or take a peep at their website.

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