Cosmonauts Exhibition at the Science Museum, London

Hello friends, how have you been? I’ve been a bit lax at posting anything new ’round here, sorry about that. I’ve been up to a fair bit, including something I’ve been meaning to do for a while… last Friday myself and my good chum Jen popped down to London to take a goosey gander at the Cosmonauts exhibition at the Science Museum.

I have been DYING to go to this exhibition for months, but seeing as Tom has somewhat of an aversion to the capital, we don’t often make it down to the Big Smoke. Two of my absolute favourite things in the universe are geeking out on space-related things and geeking out on Soviet history, so this exhibition was basically what I had spent my whole life waiting for, tbh.

Apparently we weren’t allowed to take photos inside (there’s like, a sign or something) but I was completely oblivious to this, and along with everyone else merrily snapped away at everything and anything in sight. It was, as expected, completely breathtaking, awe-inspiring, and just downright bloody cool; I cannot recommend it highly enough. Want to see actual spacesuits that actual people went to actual space in? WELL YOU CAN.

If you want to pop down and see the show for yourself you’d better be quick mind, because the exhibition closes on the 13th March.


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