Friends Don’t Lie: Stranger Things Costume DIY

I mean, it was inevitable, wasn’t it? There was only one character I could dress up as this Halloween.

Ever since shaving my head back in June, I’ve felt an affinity with fellow females with buzzcuts, and when Stranger Things graced our screens a few months ago, I completely fell in love with Eleven.

El’s got a few signature looks to choose from, but I went with the old pink dress/blue jacket combo, with a box of Eggos to complete the look, obvs. I even put real waffles inside and was handing them out to people all night (turns out some people will love you forever, and others will be highly suspicious of free food).

eleven stranger things costume diy

It doesn’t take much to dress as everyone’s favourite telekinetic murderous 12-year old, you only need a few things:

Eleven’s pink dress with white collar

In the show, El wears a spectacularly tacky 1980s puffball dress with a ruched front and white peter pan collar. I scoured charity shops for a month looking for something similar, with no such luck. In the end I opted for wearing two dresses – the darker pink dress was from a vintage kilo sale and the paler pink one on top I got off eBay. Layer up anything pale pink you have and pop a shirt collar underneath. Boom – Eleven dress.
Total spent so far: £6.

Blue windbreaker jacket

This is another eBay special and set me back less than a tenner. Initally I bought a blue harrington but decided the colour was too dark so sent it back. This is similar to a flight jacket, but any blue bomber will do.
Total spent so far: £14.

White striped socks and white shoes

In Stranger Things, Eleven wears striped American Apparel socks in gold and green and white hi top Converse. I bought some socks off eBay for £1.50 and coupled them with my white Keds which were already in my wardrobe.
Total spent so far: £15.50.

eggo waffles box diy

A box of Eggo waffles

Eleven is obsessed with Eggos, and no Stranger Things costume is complete without a box of these waffles. Unfortunately they are not sold in the UK, which made sourcing an authentic box a nightmare. I had just about given up hope until I discovered that Eggo have created a free printable on their website for you to stick onto any box big enough. I found a yellow-ish box of breakfast biscuits in Aldi which fitted the bill – a few minutes with some sellotape and hey presto, Eggo waffle box.
Total spent so far: £16.50.

Bleeding nose

I can’t think of anywhere that doesn’t sell fake blood in the run up to Halloween. If you can’t find any then there are loads of ‘recipes’ for fake blood on the internet.
Total spent so far: £17.50.

eleven stranger things costume diy

A shaved head

Shaving my head is one of the best things I have ever done, but I can perfectly understand if you don’t want to go to that level of commitment. I was quite surprised at the amount of people asking me on the night if I’d shaved my head specifically for the costume (to which I said yes, obviously). Eleven wears a blonde wig for a while, so pick up a cheap one from a fancy dress shop, or if you’ve got blonde hair already, job’s a good’un.


eleven stranger things costume diy

This is by far my favourite Halloween costume I have ever done, even more so because it meant I didn’t have to smile for photos all night. I could just frown and be done with it (note to self: dress as Wednesday Addams next year).

So there you have it – all it takes are a few eBay bargains for an Eleven costume DIY. Go forth and start flipping vans with your mind. Just remember: friends don’t lie.

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  1. This is AMAZING! Even though I didn’t have anything to dress up for this Halloween, I desperately wanted to get an Eleven costume together. Now I know I could recreate her look without breaking the bank, I definitely think I’ll be doing so next year! That’s so rad you can download the printable from Eggo! I also love that you handed out waffles, haha 🙂

    • Lily

      Aw thanks Sian! I’d happily just dress like Eleven every day haha 🙂 She might have a different outfit next year – series 2, wooo! x

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