I made a big hat.

So I FINALLY got round to knitting a big version of the tiny hat I made a few weeks ago… and here it is!

chunky knitted hat

(I really dislike having my photo taken, as you can probably tell.)

I used exactly the same pattern found in 30 Minute Knits as I did for the tiny version, except this time I used 12mm needles and Rowan ‘Big’ Wool. It is the softest thing ever. I nearly went for a cheaper alternative but I’m so glad I didn’t, it makes a huge difference to the feel of it.

homemade hat

I usually have a problem with my cast on being too loose, resulting in a weird baggy looking first row of stitches. To counter this I researched different cast on methods and found this really useful page of tutorials.
I went for a cable cast on, as it was noted as the method which results in the tightest stitches, plus it gives a really nice twisty effect to the edge.

DIY craft hat

I’m not going to share the pattern for fear of being sued for breach of copyright (plus the book is only £6, and it’s awesome, so why not buy it?) plus there are a few little changes I would make if I were to knit another, which are as follows.

1. I began by casting on 38 stitches – whilst knitting it, this looked like not enough, and I was concerned it wasn’t going to fit on my head, but the wool has a bit of give and the end result fits fine. It would probably decrease this a little next time so it can ‘grip’ to my head a bit more.
2. The main body of the hat is 16 rows of a ribbed knit (alternating rows of K2, P2) with a hole pattern knitted throughout, which I did a tutorial for here. I’m thinking about making another for Tom; if I do I’d probably leave these holes out and go for a plain ribbed knit.
3. On the decrease there are 5 rows between the hole pattern and the end of the hat, which results in a little pixie point at the top. I’d probably do fewer of these, it’s a bit too pointy for my liking.

Also, as big as the pom pom is already, I would make it bigger. Ein UBER POM POM.

young lady

All in all, it probably took me a little under 2 hours to make, which is pretty good going for a whole finished hat.
I’m looking to make more of my own clothes this winter, this is (hopefully) just the starting point.

I’m pretty darn pleased with it, but haven’t had a chance to show it off yet.
Just need to wait for some cold weather now! Roll on winter.

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  1. That’s such a cute hat 🙂

  2. That’s such a cute hat 🙂

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