Korres Echinacea Shampoo Review

korres echinacea and laurel dry scalp shampoo

I’ve teamed up with Bath & Unwind for this review of a new Korres favourite – read on to find out how to banish a dry scalp forever!

korres echinacea and laurel dry scalp shampoo
korres echinacea and laurel dry scalp shampoo
Korres Laurel and Echinacea Dry Scalp Shampoo (*) – buy here.

Let’s not pretend or be squeamish about the matter – we all suffer with a dry scalp at some point in our lives. As gross as it may be, dandruff is something we all come across, but it doesn’t have to be something you need to put up with. Oh no!

After years and years of ravaging my hair with home colour, my scalp is really suffering at the moment. I’ve tried pretty much every formulated shampoo under the sun, and for a while was getting along nicely with the Body Shop’s Ginger shampoo, but that too stopped working as soon as my scalp got ‘used’ to its formulation.

Luckily, in steps the lovely folk at Bath & Unwind, who kindly sent me this shampoo(*) from Korres, which promises to banish a flaky scalp with a gentle herby formulation. Sitting in a beautifully sleek bottle, this powerful potion contains a potent mixture of laurel, echinacea, salicylic acid and fennel exctracts.
Both laurel and echinacea are antiseptic, and along with salicylic acid to exfoliate and remove dead cells (bleurgh), plus fennel to soothe itching, it soon banishes flaky itchy scalps and leaves you with beautifully scented flake-free hair.

I’ve been using it for a couple of weeks now, and it has done wonders for my scalp. After the first wash my hair did fight back somewhat, but after a few more washes it’s really helped my scalp calm down. You can definitely tell it’s a ‘medicated’ shampoo straight out of the bottle – it’s got that slightly thicker texture and dark colour – but what I love is that it doesn’t have the harsh smell that most have, and leaves your hair delicately scented, plus flake free! Yay.

Korres is fast becoming my new favourite beauty brand! Have you got one?

This post is in collaboration with Bath & Unwind. The product was gifted for the purpose of this review but all opinions are my own.

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  1. Love Korres! I’m on the lookout for a new shampoo and this one looks wonderful!

    XO Amie


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