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Name your two favourite things in the whole wide world. For me, numero uno on that list would be pizza. The second would probably be a tie between my bed (aka the comfiest place in the universe) and ale. Let’s be completely honest with ourselves though… beer > bed.

As luck would have it, the stars have aligned and the gods decreed that this Friday those two cibarious pleasures are to come together in an almighty party; the kings of the Bristol pop-up pizza scene Mission Pizza will be trailing their hot slice wagon to Left Handed Giant to sling some pies and have a couple of cold ones with the lads.

I’m going to be completely honest with you all – I think Mission are my favourite pizza people in Bristol. I don’t want to look a gift horse in the mouth an’ all that (I still love you heartily Pizzarova), but Mission Pizza are blazing a fantastic trail for vegetarian and vegan fodder in the city, plus their Instagram makes me want to bite tasty chunks out of my phone screen every time a new photo pops up.

(Not to mention their SUBLIME merchandise pictured above, plus the fact that they are some of the nicest chaps you will meet on the planet.)

I first became aware of their wares at the fabled Pizzafest back in November 2016, when their absolute beaut of a pie completely overshadowed every other slice I sampled that afternoon. Half ‘fun guy’ mushroom, half New Yorker, complete with home-made spicy fennel ‘sausage’ which fooled even the meatiest of carnivores.

Since then I have bumped into them on a couple of other occasions, including last spring at another pop-up at LHG’s brewery tap in St Philips. The ales were flowing, tunes were spinning, and there was even a makeshift basketball court for people to badly shoot hoops. I can’t imagine a better way to spend an afternoon, to be quite honest.

left handed giant bristol brewery
left handed giant bristol brewery
misson pizza at left handed giant bristol

Mission Pizza are going to be doing it all again this weekend, so sod the diet and pop along to get some tasty carbs down your neck.

If you can’t make it for bevs and slices this Friday then don’t fret, they’ll be stationed at the equally awesome Bristol Spirit throughout February. How about treating that special guy or gal in your life to a Valentine’s Day treat? Nothing says I love you more than a pizza pie.

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  1. Brilliant write up of Mission! I loved them at the pizzafest in 2016 too and bought the t-shirt that I wear with pride! If only I could make it tonight……..

    • Lily

      Same! It was my plan to pop along this evening but not sure if I can make it now 🙁

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