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After years of flitting from one skincare brand to the next, I finally feel that I’ve met my perfect match. I was first introduced to Korres at Blog Club back in July, at the Bath and Unwind HQ up on the Clifton Triangle. This Athens-based natural skincare brand is just the right blend of science-y tech and beautiful product design to tick all the right boxes for me, and I may have gone just a tad overboard with buying their brilliant products lately…

korres guava body butter

You might have seen Korres cropping up on the blog before – since that fateful July evening when the lovely BAU ladies introduced me to my new love, I did a couple of reviews of some choice products, the first of which was their heavenly Guava Body Butter. The thick texture and beautiful scent of this has made it a firm favourite since it found its way into my bathroom cabinet back in October.

korres water lily shower gel

Heavenly smells seem to be a recurring theme with Korres products – their Water Lily shower gel is almost indescribably delicious – a fresh floral scent which is perfect for spring. This is my second bottle of probably many – I think I will be buying this until the end of time (or until they stop making it).

korres sunflower mountain tea shampoo

I tested out the Laurel and Echinacea shampoo for Bath & Unwind back in August and despite getting on with it swimmingly for a few weeks, it was quite a strong formula for my poor overworked hair. I’ve since switched to the mild and delicious Sunflower and Mountain Tea, of which I’m on my second bottle, Mrs Greedy McCreedy. It leaves my hair super soft and of course, the smell is summin’ else.

korres mascara and moisturiser

I’m forever changing up my skincare. One thing I’m sticking with for the time being, though, is their brilliant Pomegranate Moisturiser, which my lovely pal Lyzi did an awesome review of. I still haven’t grown out of my teenage unbalanced skin, and this does a lovely job of calming it down.

The White Tea Fluid Cleanser is another fave – it’s got a really mild formula which cleanses without stripping all the moisture from your skin. I use it in the shower in the morning to make my mush squeaky clean for the day and it leaves my skin beautifully soft.

I’ve also been testing out their Wild Rose eye cream and, despite being quite a thicker consistency than I’m used to, sinks in nicely and has done wonders for improving my dark circles. Their mascara is wonderfully pigmented and does a nice job at volumising without clumping, but I’ve noticed it makes my overly-sensitive eyes water on occasion. Boo.

My absolute favourite Korres product of the moment is, hands down, their Wild Rose Lip Butter. This little pot has not left my handbag since I bought it a few months ago. It deposits a really rich, beautiful colour on my lips and the thick texture has been protecting my poor chapped lips from the winter cold.

Have you tested any Korres products before? I’d love to hear what you think of them! Leave me a comment 🙂

This isn’t a sponsored post, I just really like Korres.


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