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My relationship with glasses-wearing has been a long and tumultuous time; after wearing them solidly for working with at a desk for 5 years I gave up a short while ago, and settled on merely squinting at my spreadsheets.

Concerned about the furrow that was forming between my brows, I decided something needed to be done. The lovely folk at Ollie Quinn invited me in to have an eye test and pick out some brand new specs just before Christmas*.

Situated towards the top of Park Street, Ollie Quinn is a beautiful shrine to metal wire and glass, with their unisex frames sitting on antique teak sideboards and floating wooden shelves, plants tastefully dangling from the ceiling. It doesn’t feel as intimidating or sterile as your regular high street optometrists – the staff are on hand to help out without feeling overly pushy or sales-y, chatting away to folks trying on glasses like they’d known them for years.

I was invited to the launch party of Ollie Quinn back in the summer, and fell in love with the first pair of specs my eyes landed on – a pair of delicate black Harry Potter style frames which seemed to set off my semi-ironic hipster aesthetic perfectly. Plus, all of their glasses are set at the bargainous price of just £98.

My first eye test seemed to go splendidly well, but there was some confusion when I came to pick up my specs, and my prescription wasn’t quite 100%. After chatting to the lovely ladies at Ollie Quinn HQ in London, they booked me in for another eye test to see what was going on.

Turns out the prescription I’d been given was slightly off in my left eye (note: always take an old pair of specs to an eye test, so they have something to work off!) so off they went to the lab to be amended. They arrived in mid-December and haven’t left my mush since.

I just want to say a massive thank you to Ollie Quinn firstly for offering me a chance to pick out my own glasses, but also for dealing with my problem in such a fantastic and professional way. I was proper wigging out about the prospect of having to go back in and admit there was a problem, but they dealt with it all so smoothly. I’ve never been particularly loyal to an optometrists, but I think I’ve found the one for me.

If you like the look of Ollie Quinn then pop in and pay them a visit in Bristol, or find them at www.olliequinn.co.uk.

I was gifted these glasses for the purpose of this review but all words and opinions are my own.

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  1. I loooove the pair you picked! Can you believe I’ve never had an eye test? Ha! These guys seem like the coolest, my work colleague got a super sweet pair too. Just love the interior!

    • Lily

      Whaaaat? I guess if you have never needed one then you wouldn’t have had one? But then how do you know you don’t need glasses? Hmm…

      I LOVE their interior. I want my house to be that stylish and clean.

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