One For Sorrow, Two For Joy

As some of you may well know, I have been downsizing for a couple of years now. Since Konmari-ing, I feel my personal style has developed, and I am much happier for having a wardrobe full of staples rather than a mismatch of vintage clothes like I had before. I feel like I have nailed my personal style and it’s giving me a lot more confidence.

Funnily enough, the only time I’ve ever been remotely interested in buying and curating my closet is now that I have two-thirds less ‘stuff’ than what I had before. I used to just see clothes as another commodity; my aim was to buy cheap clothes in bright colours and just sling on any old thing in the morning. By clearing out and getting rid, it’s given me a very clear colour palette to work with, which I know I will feel and look my best in. This includes black (lots of black, I love black) and dark blue, denim blues, earthy greens, mustard yellow and orange. I would never have chosen orange in a million years a few short months ago but it is fast becoming my favourite colour to wear.

As well as these obvious and immediate benefits, it’s also helped to hone my sustainability radar when it comes to choosing new pieces. With cotton production some of the most polluting business on the planet (I won’t go into it again), our obsession with fast fashion has to end. I would much rather stick to a clean and simple wardrobe and update it every now and then with key pieces which are going to last me a lifetime, not just a season.

So, you can imagine my joy (pun wholly intended) when Two For Joy got in touch. Their entire ethos is build around this notion of classic pieces which will flatter any shape, all made out of sustainably sourced materials. Their Forever Fair policy means that the producer of the clothing will always get a fair price, and you as a buyer know exactly where every penny is being spent.

After a lot of debating over what to choose from the array of beautiful pieces on their site, I finally settled on this – a pleat back cardigan in my new favourite colour.

Jacket – Levi’s (here it is in a different colour) // Top – vintage // Cardigan – Two For Joy(*) // Trousers – Lucy & Yak // Shoes – Ottowin

Just a li’l bit about the other pieces that I’m wearing – this jacket is another addition to my wardrobe, and I was over the moon when I found it in the Levi’s outlet shop, as it’s finally going to replace my beaten up old harrington which I have worn to death. The stripey top is from a kilo sale, and my trousers are from another UK company, the brilliant Lucy & Yak. Finally, on this slightly-too-cold-to-be-wearing-sandals day, I plumped for my fave Ottowins, which truly are a shoe which will last decades.

Let’s talk about this cardi, then; I’ve been searching for something like this for what feels like months, if not years. I used to have a beaten up old black vintage cardigan in my wardrobe, but it just wasn’t *right*, and layered on top of an already entirely black ensemble just looked a bit sad.

This chap injects a bit of vibrancy into an outfit, and is structured enough to hold its own but light enough to be layered underneath a jacket like this. I’ve already worn it to death to try and jazz up those all-black days, and can already tell it’s going to be a staple coming into the warmer months in spring.

So, whether you’re following the capsule wardrobe method, Project 333 or are just looking to inject some classic style into your wardrobe, I can heartily recommend taking a peep at Two For Joy.

This post was written for the purpose of review, and I was kindly gifted my item. However all words and opinions are my own.

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