& other stories, an unboxing ceremony.

Hey! I thought you said this wasn’t going to be a beauty and fashion blog?

I know, and I’m sorry. But I finally got round to ordering the handbag I had been eyeing up for weeks on &otherstories. And when it arrived, I was unable to contain my excitement. So I thought I would do a little unboxing ceremony for all to see.


Firstly, this is one of the most beautiful boxes I have ever seen. You may think I am a little odd to consider something as ordinary as a box to be beautiful but honestly, I was impressed by this box. I sat there and stared at it for a good 10 minutes before I decided to open it.


It was taped up with really pretty branded tape, which I did my best to not destroy completely. I think my fixation with this box may have something to do with that shade of green; it’s my favourite colour. It’s the little things, you know?


It came in a bag.

My new bag came inside another bag. I sat for a while longer and pondered this fact. I’ve never owned anything posh enough to come inside it’s own little bag before.

Also the receipt and returns label came in a little envelope with a sachet of body lotion, which I thought was a nice touch. It smelt pretty good.


Here he is!

Ew, that bag is pretty fugly, Lily.

No it isn’t. I think it’s pretty darn good looking. The bottom is a rubber-y PVC material, and it came in either blue or pink. While I really don’t consider myself to be a ‘pink person’ I thought this colour complimented the wood a lot more, which was the main thing which drew my attention to it.

The handle opens up like a snap clasp, and is magnetised to keep it shut. I don’t think I’ll be able to fit much in it, and will have to invest in (or make) a handsome little purse to nest inside to keep my shrapnel in.

I’ve never had a clutch bag before; I dislike their awkwardness and distrust their lack of handle. But it was one of those purchases where if I didn’t buy it, I would be sad if I no longer could, and sometimes it’s good to buy things for their beauty alone.

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