Pinball Museum, Budapest

Budapest is probably my favourite European city to visit. There is something about Hungarian people that I absolutely adore; their directness in communication, their unwillingness to take any shit from people, and their terrifying driving skills – all attributes which I find admirable in abundance. Not to mention that Budapest is an absolutely beautiful city, choc full of fascinating history, culture, and incredible food. 

It’s also a very reasonably priced city to visit – two of us went for four days with £200 each, and struggled to spend it all. And we tried, we really did. When you consider that pints cost little more than 70p and you can have a very decent slap up meal for less than a tenner, you can maybe see why.

Whenever I hear that people are plotting a trip to Budapest, at the very top of my recommendations list for them has to be The Pinball Museum (or as it’s colloquially known, the Flippermuzeum).

The last time I visited the Pinball Museum was in April of 2016, but I can’t see how it would have changed a huge deal since then. Looking at their website, the entry fee is still 3000HUF, which is roughly £7.80 – perhaps the best money you will spend whilst in the city.


It’s a huge vaulted cavern filled back-to-back with pinball machines. That’s basically it. Your entry fee gets you as many free plays on as many pinball machines as you want. 

It’s a cathedral of flashing lights and cacophonous noise, and it’s incredible. 

Even if you’re not hugely into pinball, there is something very comforting in being around these ancient clanking machines in a dark basement; we accidentally spent far too long playing pinball and eventually emerged, blinking, into the sunlight about 3 hours later.

My favourite was a very sticky and clunky Addams Family machine, terrible to play but full of pleasing nostalgic noises. 

Sadly, it’s not cheap to buy a pinball machine to install at home, so until then, I’m going to have to just plot a return visit to the Pinball Museum.